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Review: Doctor Who – New Adventures w/ the 10th Doctor #6

Previously in Issue #5

Doctor Who 10th Cover #6

This issue kicks off a whole new storyline, and if the beginning is an indication of even half the action we’ll see, we are in for a treat.

The Doctor and Gabby are taken to WWI Belgium after Gabby fiddles with some knobs in the TARDIS. Nearby, two soldiers are on patrol, and one comes face-to-face with a Weeping Angel.

War Banter

Weeping Angel

Gabby and the Doctor are caught in the crossfire and when the smoke from the explosion clears, Gabby finds the TARDIS gone and the Doctor knocked out. Searching for help, she finds soldiers in a trench and they immediately mistake her and the unconscious Doctor for spies.

Knocked Out

But the Doctor has bigger things than explaining his two hearts to worry about: a German has been found with his eyelids sewn open.

Dont Blink

Score | 9/10Thoughts & Questions:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. The art was gritty and really captured the war-torn landscape well. And the “letter home” narrative so often used in war stories worked for me.
  • The Weeping Angels are probably my favorite Who “bad guy,” so I’m excited for this arc.
  • The ending was everything! Could you imagine them pulling off sewn open eyelids in a Weeping Angel episode of Doctor Who? Maybe too gory for the show, but just right here.
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