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Review: Doctor Who – New Adventures w/ the 11th Doctor #5

Previously in Issue #4

11th Doctor #5 Cover

First things first: Alice decides to stay! Sorry to ruin the end of this issue up front, but if you read my review of issue #4, you know that I was not feeling Alice’s desire to stop traveling with The Doctor.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much movement on any of the other storylines. We still don’t know what SERVEYOU, Inc. is up to or what that creature is they’re holding at their HQ, and we don’t know what’s going on with the Time Lord The Doctor has been seeing.

Arc Attacks

The Doctor figures out that the alien last seen about to attack John was being held against its will and experimented on… or as he calls it, tortured. When the creature approaches the TARDIS, Hart decides he’ll let The Doctor handle it because Hart is an asshole.

The creature, ARC, is a Mind, and all minds want to learn. It didn’t put those people in comas to harm them, it was just an unfortunate side effect from trying to absorb their knowledge. Through its few encounters with The Doctor, Alice, and John, it learns to speak and gather information the old fashion way: by talking.

The Doctor's Promise

ARC learns

Score | 7/10Much to Hart’s dismay, The Doctor leaves with ARC, setting it free from SERVEYOU,Inc’s experiments.

Again, we still don’t know what they’re up to, and that’s frustrating. And while John is kind of amusing to have around – he’s like a lovable stoner without the contact high – I’m curious to see what purpose he serves going forward.

Not an amazing issue, but not altogether terrible.

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