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Review: Doctor Who – New Adventures w/ the 11th Doctor #7

Previously, in Issue #5

This will be a quick and dirty review as I’ve been sick and wasn’t able to review issue #6.

Doctor Who 11th #7

This issue was great. Period. Here are the highlights:

  • The Doctor drops Alice off at home so she can deal with her mother’s belongings, her apartment issues, and her grief. But there’s a problem – two waring alien species have decided to set up a battlefield right above Earth. Once they promise not to harm humans, and they keep their fighting out of the Earth’s atmosphere, people actually look to the fighting in the sky as entertainment… like fireworks. Of course, The Doctor can’t have that so he leaves in the TARDIS with Jones and Arc, determined to find a way to stop the war.
  • After the Doctor leaves, Alice is surprised to find someone whose silhouette looks very much like a Time Lord in her bedroom.
  • Score | 10/10The Doctor and crew sneak their way into one of the species’ law library, trying to find a loophole to make them stop fighting. Along the way, Jones gets sick and we don’t know if it’s alien or that doughnut he was eating – apparently he’s developed a bit of a eating problem and gained a lot of weight. Either way, he feels as if something is growing inside of him. Also acting weird – Arc, who swooped up some soldiers and wouldn’t spit them out when the Doctor told him to. He eventually snapped out of it, but he’s still getting a side-eye.
  • But the big news is that Alice appears, with her mother! And mom is alive!
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