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Review: Doctor Who – New Adventures with the 12th Doctor #1

Doctor Who 12th #1 Cover

After reviewing a few issues of Titan Comics for the 10th and 11th Doctors, I was curious to see how they’d work in a series dedicated to the 12th. Peter Capaldi only just debuted in the role two months ago and we’re still getting a bead on what kind of Doctor he is and the dynamics of his relationship with Clara. With this first issue, Terrorformer, they’ve so far managed to capture Capaldi’s brusque nature and Clara’s affection for him buried under exasperation… buried way deep down.

No Bow Ties No Fezes

The events in this issue seem to take place right after the most recent episode in season 8 (episode 8) as there are mentions of foes the duo faced in the season and Clara is already heavily involved with Danny Pink. In fact, she has agreed to chaperone a school ski trip in order to spend some time with Danny. The only problem is: She doesn’t know how to ski. The Doctor agrees to take her to an ice planet, Isen VI, home to the crispiest, snowiest snow in the universe so he can teach her.

They’re both shocked to find that the planet is now a tropical paradise and after some investigating, The Doctor realizes the changes are man made – by a very rich man.

The Colors of Isen Vi

Kano Dollar shot terraforming missiles at Isen VI three years ago in order to manufacture a tropical setting in which to marry his young bride in front of some of the richest and most influential people in the galaxy. He is unconcerned that the planet has now become unstable with seismic activity suggesting the whole thing will be destroyed.

Isen VI

Isen VI 2

Of course, it’s not a complete coincidence that The Doctor has shown up at this point in time. The TARDIS had detected a faint Gallifreyan signal coming from the planet. Whether it’s a good or bad signal, he couldn’t tell. It’s probably the later considering they find an ancient ship  hidden deep beneath the planet’s surface, and the ship has fused with the terrasphere creating a whole new entity. And it is pissed.

Terrasphere Ship

Score | 8/10This is a pretty solid start to the series. The dialogue and actions felt true to onscreen The Doctor and Clara, particularly their bickering. The art was fantastic especially in the first frames on Isen VI – lots of rich color. I would have liked it if The Doctor and Clara looked more like themselves. Instead of Capaldi, comic book Doctor looked like John Kerry and Clara here doesn’t look like Jenna Louise Coleman at all. The cliffhanger was a good one and I’m looking forward to seeing what it means for Hyperios to rise and how that is connected to Galllifrey.

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