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Review: New Adventures with the 12th Doctor – #2

Previously in issue #1

Doctor Who #12 Cover

At the start of the issue we get some background on the Hyperions of Hyperios. They were once a peaceful and benevolent race of sentient suns who traveled to enlighten and help advance lesser races. In the final stages of their evolution; the Hyperions went mad and began to destroy the same lesser beings that they once tried to help. This, in turn, drove the most powerful races in the universe to form an alliance led by the President Lord of the Time Lords and war ensued. The war destroyed the Hyperions and their homeworld.


From the previous issue we would know that One has once again risen. If you thought that he was pissed at the end of issue one; just wait until he hears from the Doctor how the Time Lords extinguished the Hyperions a millennium ago. This issue has fun dialog, a wedding (kind of), a villain that I hope to see again, fencing with a ski pole and, of course, the TARDIS.

Clara Fencing

Score | 8/10I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. The dialogue is very much like watching an episode. When the Doctor speaks I can definitely hear Capaldi’s voice. Clara is much the same; throwing in her two cents and at least one moment that was quite fun. Robbie Morrison captures the characters that we know and love and makes them as believable on page as they are on the show. The only thing that I would find fault with in this is that Doctor and Clara look like people other than Capaldi and Coleman. Still, this did not detract from the story for me and I look forward to reading future issues.

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