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Review: Doctor Who: New Adventures with the Twelfth Doctor #3

Previously in issue #2

Doctor Who Comic 12th #3 Cover

The latest issue of starts off much like some of my favorite kinds of Doctor Who episodes: Characters you have never met are already in trouble before the opening credits. That’s exactly how The Swords of Kali begins.

It is India 1825, and a loving couple are being kind enough to share some food and fire with a gentleman they met in the jungle. The man soon reveals that he means to kill them with a little help from his friends. Before they can kill the couple, a mysterious woman named Rani Jhulka stops the assault. Upon being thanked, Rani warns the couple to stay off the road lest they meet death. As it just so happens that is exactly what Rani is looking for and her quest leads her to a fortress. You guessed it, she runs into the Doctor.

The Doctor and Clara travel from Florence Italy in 1505, where Clara is getting her portrait painted, to India 2314. Then back to 1825. Also included in this issue: a four dimension fortress, a photograph of Tom Baker, a flashback with Jelly Babies, a little bit of running and India’s solution to the overpopulation crisis in the way of an orbiting city called Haven.

Doctor Who Florence Italy

Doctor Who Mumbai

Score | 7.5/10I am so very much looking forward to the second half of this story. Since Tom Baker was my first Doctor, it was wonderful to see a brief flashback with the fourth Doctor and Tiger’s Daughter. I hope that Robbie Morrison continues to write the Twelfth Doctor adventures for a long time to come. He continues to capture the brusque personality of Capaldi’s Doctor. Hopefully in future issues Williams will do the same for Clara who seems a little flat in issue three. Dave Taylor, on the other hand, does not quite capture Capaldi’s image as well. My predecessor compared his likeness to John Kerry and that is all I see now when I see him on the page. Brian Williamson’s cover is fantastic and Luis Guerrero’s colors jump off the page.

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