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Dominion – S1E4 – The Flood

Previously on Dominion, ‘Broken Places’

We left Michael at the hospital with half of Furiad’s blade buried in his guts. As the doctors and nurses work on the archangel, Alex is arrested and throws a fit to get thrown in the hole before he’s exposed as the Chosen One.

Later in Michael’s hospital room, a mysterious figure in black heals Michael’s wound with liquid from an angel feather, and Becca hangs all over his arm like relationship secrecy doesn’t matter despite being blackmailed over it. Back at his loft, after a lover’s quarrel about continuing on, they tumble into bed, only to be awoken later by ANOTHER mysterious figure, this time with a double blade. It’s Uriel, a blond huntress archangel, who claims to be coming out of 25 years of hiding to mediate the argument between Michael and Gabriel. In the end, she’s really just here to manipulate them both into action, secretly promising each one her sword if only they will get their butts in gear and kill some folk. Nice.



In solitary, Alex has a dream of water pouring over his tattoos, washing the ink off to say “She died for you,” pouring over him, drowning him. When he wakes, a trench coat-wearing Claire visits him. Just me, or did everyone else think she was going to flash him? He’s wallowing, saying it’s safer for everyone if he’s in prison. “Why don’t you just write [Bixby] a letter, Alex. You know, like your father did for you?” Then she orders him released. I like her more and more.



Still recovering in the hospital, Bixby inadvertently spills the beans about Alex, which snarky Senator Frost overhears. After Whele blows him off time and again in the Senate chambers, Frost traps himself, Whele, and Riesen in an agri-tower and demands an audience with the Chosen One OR ELSE he’ll flood the tower, killing them and destroying all the food. He’s not about to let two people control humanity’s destiny.

Riesen sticks to his story that the Chosen One is just a myth, while Whele pours on the televangelism schmaltz with, “The Chosen One, it’s us!” He even busts out the Let’s Be Reasonable ploy, but Frost, who is, in fact, totally reasonable, shoots him in the leg. Whele and Riesen then bond adorably over being old, injury-ridden men while they wait for someone to do something.



Back in the squabbling Senate, Senator Thorn appoints Claire as Lady of the City, pro tempore, to guide the debate on using force to break up the hostage situation and save the crops. When William protests actually sending Alex in to talk to Frost for safety reasons, Claire gives him her proxy and, determined to do what she wants anyway, hustles out, grabbing Alex from the mustering SWAT team and pulling rank to get him inside with 5 minutes to spare. They blow the door and Alex strips off his shirt, saying he’s the one.



Frost gets panicky that it’s a trick and hits the flood button, commanding him to prove it. As the tower fills with rushing water, Alex has a flash of his dream. “She died for you,” he repeats. This resonates with Frost whose daughter, he says, died in the initial attack to save him, allowing him to begin his work with the city. He monologues that they can change things together by telling everyone he’s here to save them. Alex agrees if he’ll only turn off the water. “Thank you, Savior,” he concedes, kneeling and tossing away his gun. As everyone except Frost and Alex now expects, Riesen grabs it and shoots Frost in the head. “Put your shirt on,” Riesen orders.



Claire finds Alex at an outdoor Chosen One shrine, where he frets that Frost will be branded a madman after his years of service. Not to worry, she assures him, her father has already painted Frost as a hero saving the agritowers. They agree that they need to figure out what “this all” means. Cue Michael floating down after his “family emergency.” Alex whines that he could’ve used his help, and Michael, tired of being jerked around, says, listen dude, I can only help you if you WANT to be helped. Alex finally agrees to stop being a weenie. Not really, but in summary.

Back with Bixby in the hospital, Whele watches her sleep from the shadows. “You won’t feel a thing,” he murmurs. He fiddles with her IV. The monitors start going off and she flatlines as he holds her hand. OH NO HE DI’INT.



Minor Plot Points:

Arika tries to recruit Alex’s buddy Noma for future body guard duty in Helena after her impending coup. Noma has gorgeous eyes. That’s not a plot point, but I’m just saying.

Thorn runs a composition analysis on Furiad’s blood-covered blade: nickel, manganese, vanadium, and 67% unknown alloy. Angelinium? Holiness? Scowling? Stay tuned.



Ridiculous things:

Michael declaring Furian’s blade was Empyrian steel. Really? You couldn’t find Valyrian steel? Is it named Oathkeeper or Longclaw? Pardon me while my eyes roll down the street.

Michael asking Becca, “What makes you think I’m capable of love?” Oh, I don’t know. The saying that God is Love? Your love for humanity? You know, sensical things.

The idea that his “fatal” wound could be healed with an angel feather. Doesn’t he have a whole back full of those?

The fact that Michael hasn’t installed a perimeter alarm on his loft despite this being the second time someone has broken into it.



Funny things:

Whele putting Frost off in a Senate meeting by claiming hilariously that he’s the Chosen One and that the Tooth Fairy might help with the budget.

Whele and Riesen griping about their respective health problems.
Whele: “What are you taking for [your heart]?”
Riesen: “If I could pronounce the name, don’t you think I would have damn well said it?!”

Claire’s trenchcoat. Girlfriend wore that thing the entire episode. I kept thinking she was going to flash everyone, but no. Does she think it’s a dress?



Next time:

Michael teaches Alex badassery lessons. FINALLY. And Riesen’s 8 Ball hooker un-forgets she’s not a human.

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