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Dominion – S1E7 – Ouroboros

Previously, on Dominion: “Black Eyes Blue


Alex has been honing his eviction skills with trapped 8 Balls. Today’s fare is Dirge, an 8 Ball caught pillaging Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s trailer on Tatooine. He’s deposited in a glass stripper box and openly mocks Alex’s “sanctify this vessel” until he gets a bullet in the head. The strip club floor is littered with failed eviction Driver’s Licenses. Because angels carry identification?

Dominion | Strip club

Alex is also super sulky about whether they really know Michael or not, so Noma uses the weak moment. Apparently slapping Alex both cheers him up and turns him on, because after a hot shower, they tumble very nakedly into the supply closet. Later, he tells her that his tattoo warned him to beware of those closest to you, saying it has to mean Michael. Clearly he missed grammar in the V1 classroom because THOSE is plural. THOSE, Alex.

Dominion | Noma locker

The Wheles:

David chafes against his recovery/captivity and won’t accept food or William’s fervent exhortations on the benefits of allying with Gabriel. Claire drops in with the news that she’d like to move the wedding up, like to next week, and William is confused but isn’t about to argue. When David MacGyvers his way out of the bedroom with a lamp shade wire, the guard turns on him and deposits him in the lion den downstairs, where William is perched to observe and a box with a gun and single bullet waits on the table. The lion roars while William monologues about the Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, compelled by an uncontrollable hunger. He says keeping the king of the jungle captive is self-deification and, to change, David needs to break before he devours himself. David speechifies that he’d rather be torn apart than bow, but like any hypocrite, he’s a big fat liar because he shoots the lion to save himself. What has the MGM lion done to you, William?! Broken, David zones out back at the palace with red, crazy eyes as William feeds him. The dangers of keeping a live representation of your favorite metaphor in the basement are real.

Dominion | Whele

The Archangels

Gabriel is done tired of people wasting time, so he tries possessing a higher angel. “Little pig, little pig, let me in…” he sing songs. Enter Louis, the shopkeeper and Neutral Higher Angels of Vega spokesperson. Louis struts around barely keeping the evil contained and nobody picks it up, because stupid. He visits one of the nurses we’ve seen before, prodding him to pick sides. When the nurse calls Gabriel a maniac, he sleazes, “Gabriel’s not so bad once you get to know him.” Nurse, you in danger, boy.

Dominion | Snack

And he is, because Becca tramples through a puddle of his blood on her morning run, looking up to find 3 angels impaled and swinging from the parking garage. Michael naturally won’t say boo before huffing off to slam Alex against the wall and ridiculously accuses him of doing it before enlisting his help in warning the angels not to try escaping the city because the anti-air guns are armed. Who does he recommend talking to? Why Louis/Gabriel of course. When Alex gives Louis/Gabriel the warning, Gabriel tosses him a Bible and reveals that the Flood was only a metaphor and that Noah had actually built a bunker to protect mankind from vengeful angels. Like Michael.

Michael tries to warn Uriel that Gabriel is on the warpath, but finds her drunk and her treasures trashed. Being the Nosy Nelly that she is, she knew who all the neutral Vega angels were and gave him the list under duress. She assumed it was for recruitment and thinks he can’t possess them. Nope and nope.

Dominion | Uriel

Louis/Gabriel puts his game in overdrive by luring Alex to the Stratosphere, where Michael has stubbornly refused my advice on ADDING A FREAKING ALARM AND LOCKS. Noma shows up, looking a little too familiar with Louis, and scolds that he shouldn’t be there. He responds by tossing her out the window to Alex’s horror turned WTFx10 when she flies away.

Michael shows up just in time for one of Alex’s ingrate lectures but explains that someone had to chaperone the “reckless mess” that is Alex. When Alex Oprah’s that this is all about Michael’s guilt, Louis bubbles in evil laughter and Michael FINALLY hears Gabriel’s voice.

Dominion | Gabriel eviction

As they argue over whether the neutral angels were pacifists or sacrifices, Alex whips out his new Eviction Skilz. Gabriel laughs at first, but Alex really, really means it. Gabriel wakes up back in his palace to Uriel snarking at him. Did she trash her own stuff? He thinks it was a success because Michael was provoked, and when Michael gets provoked, people die.

Guess Michael didn’t realize Louis/Gabriel never delivered his message, because all the higher angels minus Noma were gunned down fleeing Vega. As Alex and Michael stand amidst at least 15 winged bodies, Alex confronts him about the Flood, asking if it’s true. Alex breaks out the parental, “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” but Michael is all, “Bish, please, my dad is GOD,” and growls, “Don’t listen to my brother!” before stalking away. Seems legit.

Dominion | Bodybags

BTW, it’s true. In the cold open, we get a hint to Michael’s darker past with a Babylonian battle scene. Bodies are strewn everywhere and only a single child survives. Michael swoops down, splattered in blood, and tells the child not to be afraid. He seems like the Michael we know, but it isn’t, because in the final scene, Gabriel, wearing an Afghan Hound on his head, and Uriel flutter down to stop him from “finishing his chores.” Mankind’s unforgiveable sin? Worshipping angels. Isn’t that what Gabriel is perpetuating today? Annoyingly for us, they’re playing the long game on being petulant jerks.

Dominion | Babylon

Score | 7/10Next Week: In the season finale, Gabriel re-starts the war, and everyone hates Michael.

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