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Drifters – Act 6: Men Of Destiny

Previously on Drifters, “Bring Back Love”

It seems to be a growing trend in anime that the episodes alternate between action and exposition episodes. It can be infuriating at times (shout out to Tokyo Ghoul) but, when they put a little work into in, the show can make it work. Men of Destiny wasn’t a classic, but my lack of annoyance was a pleasant surprise. The battle of wills between Toyohisa and Nobunaga leads the elves to victory, sending shockwaves through Orte and beyond.


Don’t Get It Twisted

If it wasn’t for Toyohisa’s nobility, he would be the petulant child to Nobunaga’s twisted, yet well meaning father figure. However, Toyohisa’s drive is only for justice, a pursuit that too easily paves the way to a throne, but he refuses. Unfortunately for him, Nobunaga has other plans. While raiding Orte’s files with his group of elves, he stumbles upon a portrait of “the Father of Orte.” 60 years ago, the man appeared from nowhere, and in no time his compelling speeches and charisma led an uprising against the government, establishing Orte. Adolf Hitler had finally achieved his dream, with Orte slowly exterminating anyone not part of his race not by the old Nazi camps, but the good ole fashioned American way of slavery. At the height of his power, Hitler suddenly committed suicide, leaving no note or reason. Before Nobunaga can dig too deep, he learns of Toyohisa’s firing squad.

Nobunaga is the hardened veteran that has almost seen and done it all. He had already figured there’d be a rape dungeon and can’t believe Toyohisa would act brand new about it. However, more importantly, he can’t let Toyohisa’s hands get too dirty. That’s his job, and he relishes it. So much so, he knocks Toyohisa out so he can make the call.


Only one survivor was spared since he was a virgin who had just transferred in. Unfortunately, a pleased Nobunaga hadn’t planned on Toyohisa waking up so soon, or the punch and speech he got afterwards. Nobunaga’s notions don’t matter to him, he is only about doing what’s right and being respected as an equal. Only Nobunaga’s father and tutor had ever treated him that way, giving Toyohisa +10 respect. 

I’ll Just Be Over Here, Not With You

The elf women return to their villages (not unlike the kids at the end of Temple of Doom) with letters from Nobunaga. It was a call to arms in the name of their women and land along with proof Orte was crumbling. Not only did more revolts arise, but elves begin to flock to Toyohisa’s village. Locked in over 40 years of war, Orte is crumbling as its resources run dry. Thanks to Hitler’s ideals, they refuse to consider any peaceful options. A fact that doesn’t escape Count Saint Germi.


Count Saint Germi was the first aristocrat to defect to Hitler’s cause. He’s allowed to move untouched since his betrayal is the only reason Orte exists, though he’s never lifted a finger in their wars. Owning a quarter of the empire allows him to live as flamboyant as he pleases, even being referred to as “princess.” Interestingly, regardless of looking like a 20 year old, his defection happened over 50 years ago. Originally he arrives to notify them they lost their naval fleet on  a new trade route to the west. Riding giant explosives dropping hawks, the Merchant Guild of Gu Binnen make short work of the convoy yelling “Tora, Tora, Tora,” a rallying cry from their new leader, World War II Japanese Navy Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi and his battleship.


With defeat looming, Germi sets out to have a chat with the Drifters responsible.

Getting Ready For Company

Regardless of the vote of confidence from Toyohisa’s elves, the elves flocking to the war effort are wary of the Drifters. They follow anyway, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by Toyo. Rather than be a king, he opts for a village head council system, which Nobunaga is furious about. He is dead set on making Toyohisa a king, however, Toyo knows it would only be a matter of time before the elves would turn on him. Toyohisa recognizes that Nobu is an expert manipulator, being able to figure out and guide people’s way of thinking, but he isn’t as skilled with people’s emotions. Facts Nobunaga knows from the countless revolts he dealt with on Earth, but he’s stubborn and will get his way one way or another. What Toyohisa doesn’t realize is that his simplistic code, integrity, and underrated intelligence might be characteristics that serve him well as a king.

The incoming elves are trained and prepared for the battles to come, just as the core group was before them. And, as before, breakout star shit makes an appearance as Nobunaga begins teaching the elves the art of making gun powder.


The only problem being that their blacksmiths can’t recreate his guns. Begrudgingly, they suggest their classic rivals might have blacksmiths that can do the job, the dwarves.

The subsequent revolts, coupled with Toyo’s victory reaches Easy (whose name is actually an acronym) and Murasake. Easy takes it exceptionally hard. That night, they sense an enemy force  incoming, Joan of Arc flanked by a few riders and sadistic, serial child murdering French commander Gilles de Rais.


Drifters S1E6
  • 8.5/10
    Plot - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Action - 7/10


Despite a dip during our time with Orte, Men of Destiny was solid. As I said before, the dynamic between Toyohisa and Nobunaga may be the best thing this show has going for it. As much as Toyo tries to resist, Nobunaga or not, there’s no way he won’t end up ruling, but not wanting the power only makes him a better candidate. Especially in the face of taking on Orte. Finding out they were born from Hitler makes complete sense. The unforeseen suicide is equal parts hilarious and intriguing. On the one hand, I love the idea he gets to a certain height, realizes it’s too hard to maintain, or wants to go out on a high note, and kills himself. On the flip side, maybe he thought there would be an existence past this one he could take over, making him the equivalent of a tyrannical hitter and quitter. I smell a spinoff…, but I digress. The real question is if his work is the wrong that Murasake seeks to right or is it the Black King? Either way, we’re on the road to meeting the dwarves, which brings us a step closer to hobbits. We’ve already got our elves, dragons, and goblins. Dwarves aren’t hard to nail, but are these hobbits going to be fighters too? They’re typically known for being fun loving foodies, so I’m curious to see what they bring to the table. At the very least, all that eating definitely makes them shit factories.

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