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Podcast Fandom Episode 194: Empire – S1E10 – Sins of the Father

Empire S1E10


We’re joined by Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips to discuss this week’s penultimate episode of Empire. We discuss baby Lola’s GrandpaDaddy, UncleBrothers, and DaddyBrother; Malcolm stealing the cookies, Camilla’s departure, and Andre’s prayer therapy.

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2 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episode 194: Empire – S1E10 – Sins of the Father

  1. Empire

    This was a solid episode, but it felt a little disjointed to me. It seemed as if this episode’s main purpose was to set up some story lines for the two hour finale. A lot of things came out of nowhere:
    – Vernon started using drugs after Luscious said that Empire wasn’t his company. I guess Luscious killing a childhood friend wasn’t that hurtful.
    -Malcolm couldn’t contain his love for Cookie
    -Jamal’s boyfriend could no longer date him because he was going to take an active role in raising his child.
    -Night of the horrible wigs. Jamal’s flashback hair and Olivia’s bob left me speechless

  2. OhMg, Rod Tbgwt talking about Lee Daniels’ shade at white Rhonda! So funny.

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