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Empire – S1E3 – The Devil Quotes Scripture

Previously on Empire, ‘The Outspoken King’

Lucious’ rivalry with Baretti heats up when Kid Fo-Fo signs with Lucious’ ex-manager. Anika has a private eye follow Cookie, which leads Lucious to question his ex about the company she keeps. Cookie pressures Jamal to let a hit maker write his next song, but he insists on creating his own music. The police question Lucious and a possible witness to Bunkie’s murder. Lucious hosts a dinner for new couple Hakeem and Tiana.

Andre and Hakeem

Cookie’s Best Line: “I don’t know what he knows or how he knows it, but Lucious knows something. He’s on some Darth Vader ish.”

Lucious B. Lyings: Every damn word out of his mouth at Bunkie’s funeral. With his raggedy ass.

Number of times you wanted to slap Hakeem: His loud lip-smacking with Naomi Campbell was gross and him calling her mama had me dry heaving. The good thing to come out of this is a deeper understanding of his mommy and daddy issues.

Most triflin’ character: This week it goes to Lucious for standing up there at the podium, crying those fake-ass tears for the man he murdered.

Health check-up: Lucious starts experiencing cramps earlier than his doctor said he would. Later, Cookie walks in on him struggling to open his pill bottle. He won’t tell her what’s wrong, but she knows him well enough to know he’s hiding something – something he can’t hide from her.


Who should jump the line for relationship counseling: Andre and Rhonda. Andre bends the deputy mayor over her desk to get information on the possible witness in Bunkie’s murder. When Rhonda asks how he got her to talk, he bends her over as well, and she demands he call her by the deputy mayor’s name.

Best Minor Character moments: Mel, Veronica’s doughnut-eating manager/cousin, jumped bad at Lucious and got beat with a cane for his troubles.

The BET award goes to: Bad Girl by Tiana (Seraya)

Most unbelievable moment: When Lucious used the non-word ‘irregardless’ in a sentence, as if it’s an actual word. And when we were expected to believe that Gladys Knight would sing at Bunkie’s funeral.



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