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Empire – S1E7 – Our Dancing Days

Previously on Empire, ‘Out, Damned Spot’

The Lyons family comes together for a night of performances to woo potential investors. Jamal loses Michael just in time to gain a daughter. Cookies saves the day when Lucious is too ill to present to the investors. Lucious comes clean about his health.

Cookie Saves the Day

Cookie’s Best Line: “Lucious and I had three sons… before he dumped me.” Cookie keeps it real, even when talking to investors.

Lucious B. Lyings: Lucious has sex with Cookie in the bed he shares with Anika.

Number of times you wanted to slap Hakeem: When he let Cougar Camilla have him panting after her like a damn puppy.

Most triflin’ character: Boo Boo Kitty. Slipping drugs to a recovering addict is just wrong on every level. Fuck her.

Health check-up: Fed up with everyone in his face, and stressed over the upcoming investors showcase, Lucious passes the fuck out in his office. Turns out, Lucious has been taking some “breakthrough” un-proven meds from a doctor with no damn license.

Who should jump the line for relationship counseling: Lucious and Boo Boo Kitty. Propose to a woman on a Wednesday, sleep with your ex-wife two weeks later.

Elle DallasBest minor character moment: Becky tries to get her flirt on with Malcolm, the new Empire head of security. Later, she has the best “if you say so” face when Jamal’s might-be daughter looks at him and says, “That’s my daddy.”

Best cameo: Courtney Love returns as the recovering addict/superstar, Elle Dallas.

The BET award goes to: Money For Nothing by Jamal and Hakeem Lyons


Most unbelievable moment: When Elle Dallas said she’s on CP Time and not one black person jumped up that ass.

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