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Empire – S1E8 – Lyon’s Roar

We’re a little late covering one of the hottest shows on TV. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding reviews of the first 7 episodes. In the meantime, read what ProFan Nikki had to say about last night’s episode and make sure you leave your feedback here or on Facebook, and we’ll read it on our all-new Empire podcast, recording every Thursday night. 

Cookie’s Best Line: “You want Cookie’s nookie, ditch the bitch.” But alas, she couldn’t even make it 48 hours.

Lucious B. Lyings: “I’ve been with a lot of women, Cookie, but I was always looking for you in them.”

Number of times you wanted to slap Hakeem: Hakeem only deserved one slap this episode. He got mad at one little piece of feedback from Cookie and threw his expensive headphones at the window. You already used incorrect grammar while talking to your lord and savior, Hakeem, and now this? On the plus side, an Iyanla moment with his mom led Hakeem to tell Camilla that he didn’t want to call her Mama anymore. Then he congratulated Jamal on coming out. Good job, Hakeem.


Most triflin’ character: Andre tried to pimp out his wife to become the de facto CEO of Empire. Did you see how interested he was in the course of Stephen Hawking’s ALS? Interesting indeed.

Health check-up: Lucious faked ALS symptoms to get more of Cookie’s nookie. Andre threw caution to the wind and drank alcohol, which is counter-indicated for his mental health medications. Later in the episode, he played Russian roulette while sitting in the studio. That kind of low would take much more than one night of drinking, so let’s just say he needs to revisit his psychiatrist to adjust that dosage.


Who should jump the line for relationship counseling: Lucious continues to need counseling to be a supportive father. No he didn’t say, “That lyric doesn’t really suit him,” when he heard Jamal singing about a man loving a woman! He berated Andre for marrying a white woman and got all Nation of Islam about keeping the Lyon money in the Black community. Does Empire manufacture gourmet bean pies?

Lee Daniels Extraness: The green mask kiss had it until Jamal came out. Then we were treated to a flashback of Jamal putting on high heels (we remember!). The montage of international news reports on Jamal’s coming out – as Lucius walked into the office like a weary man about to arrange his own funeral service – was giving me Denzel in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X.

Best Minor Character moments: Camilla and Cookie’s standoff was epic. Ryan (Australian cutie Eka Darville) went on one date with Jamal and changed Jamal’s mind about everything. Did you see how low Jamal’s shirt was unbuttoned on that date? I did.


The BET award goes to: This week, we don’t really have any choices besides “You’re So Beautiful,” so the award would have to go to who sang it best. I’ll go with Cookie singing in that abandoned prison at the end of the episode. I really liked the song that played as Cookie and Hakeem walked into Empire arm-in-arm but haven’t been able to identify it.

Most unbelievable moment: Boo Boo Kitty/Fake-ass Halle Berry/Fake Lena Horne pulled off her engagement ring at the end of the episode and went to see Baretti. You might remember Barretti is Lucious’ music mogul rival. He threatened Lucious in the fourth episode. Is Anika switching teams?

Honorable mention: The outfits Jamal and Lucious were wearing to the white party. Nobody said it was a cultural appropriation party.


The legacy album is dead! Now what song are all the beautiful women going to “shake it, shake it” to? Oh dear. What did you all think of this episode?

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9 Comments on Empire – S1E8 – Lyon’s Roar

  1. I was having a plumbing emergency, among other things last night, so I have to rewatch it. I missed quite a bit. But what I did see was awesome!

    I love me some Cookie!! I can’t say that enough! She’s too good for Lucious! That man is just evil! He’s all about his family legacy but he’s the one tearing them apart! Putting down Jamal & Andre. Pitting all 3 brothers against each other. Playing the women in his life like fools. Just damn man!

    I like Jamal’s new bf. I’m sure it’ll end badly but he’s a cutie with an accent. I ain’t mad at Jamal for that. Tho how long has it been since Michael left?

    And how adorable were the scenes with Jamal & his little girl! She’s so adorable! But have they gotten that DNA test yet?

    I missed some if the episode but it seems the only time Hakeem acted a fool was in the recording booth. Actual growth, wow!

    I’m so pissed I missed the Cookie vs. Camilla showdown! I’ll catch it later.

    So Miss Boo Boo Kitty is out there messing with business yet again. Smh. You knew what dude was like. Why are you surprised he slept with Cookie? Seriously? This bitch!

    Andre’s wife Rhonda had me dying last night! The look on her face when old dude rolled up was everything! And when he started talking about erections, well, her reaction was very appropriate. But she & Andre play too many games. All this scheming & whatnot will backfire. And what was with the gun last night. Whoa. Btw, have you guys ever heard him sing? He has a nice voice. I’m surprised they don’t have him performing on the show.

    That’s all I can think of. Can’t wait to hear y’all discussing Empire! I know it’s gonna be great!! So glad you added this & The Flash.

    • Hey Shelita! I feel like I know you by now from hearing you every week on Sistah Speak. Anyway, Jamal was definitely cute with his daughter. It’s so sad that her mother has abandoned her, but yes, they need to get a DNA test just to be sure. I haven’t heard Andre sing, but I thought that’s where they were going when he was sitting in the studio. I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up making music by Season 2.

  2. Thank god you dropped the slap and picked up empire because this show is sooo much better. Luscious is the fucking devil I don’t even think he really has a problem with Andres wife being white he just realized he has no power over Jamal and his sexuality and he is really fucking petty so andre is the easiest son 2 attack. Just when I think I am over hakeem they have scenes like the one he has with Jamal at the end that gives me hope for his character. (watching him make out with Naomi Campbell makes me nauseous, how old is he suppose 2 be anywayz? Is this legal?) Boo boo kitty is triflin and only cares about lucsious’s money because there is no way you gonna catch your man cheating In your bed and your solution is 2 marry him. Cookie is EVERY.FUCKING.THING that comment she made about Naomi being her prison bitch because she looks like she has a long tongue had me dying, I just love her character and taraji is just killing it every episode. Now for Jamal, Jamal is my favorite character for obvious reasons, there is nothing harder then being a gay black man with a family that hates or wants 2 ignore that part of you, Jamal is luckier than me because he has a mother and a brother who supports him no matter what but that doesn’t mean its going 2 be easy. As soon as luscious told him 2 tell your truth I knew exactly were this was going and it was so fucking emotional (or as Nina would say someone started cutting onions) and the best part was no one in that room cared except for stupid ass luscious (I’m only giving them one more time with these trash can flashbacks before I am done with it) do you guys think Micheal ( jamals ex) is going 2 come back or is the British guy his new love interest because I like the British guy better. I also love that the show is dealing with mental health In the black community because that is also a very taboo subject ( not everything can be fixed with Jesus) it seems that the other family members aren’t aware or care about what’s going on with andre because none of them has ever really brought it up the only person that seems 2 give a shit is his wife. That’s my feedback for today can’t wait 2 hear your podcast.

    • Hi Christopher! You are right on so many points. I love the conversation Jamal and love interest Ryan had about Black fathers disapproving of their gay sons. Of course the issue is bigger than that, but I like that the conversation related to our community and its own inner struggles. I’m not fully on board with the way they’ve portrayed Andre’s mental illness. It’s like they’re showing symptoms of many different mental illnesses, wrapping it in a “crazy is crazy” blanket. Bipolar disorder has specific symptoms and I don’t feel like Andre is exhibiting those symptoms. It seems that most of his family doesn’t know about his mental illness – only his wife and Vernon. We’ll see how they respond when they find out, because they will.

    • PS I like “The Slap”!

  3. How was Cookie’s eyebrows on fleek when she was sitting in her prison cell singing?

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