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Empire – S2E2 – Without a Country

Previously on Empire, ‘The Devils Are Here’

Exiled from Empire, Cookie, Hakeem, and Andre attempt to start their own label. This brings Tiana, Veronica, and Ghetto-Ass Studios back in the mix. Meanwhile, in prison, Lucious gets on the wrong side of an authority-abusing guard, McKnight (Ludacris), and struggles with the symptoms of his disease.

Lucious’ new attorney, Thirsty (Andre Royo), uses the skills he learned at the University of Guam to get Lucious a new bail hearing, and eventually released. Cookie better hurry up and get her label, Lyon Dynasty, off the ground because Daddy’s coming home.

Episode 202, Without A Country

Cookie’s best line: 

“Did your Daddy drop you on yo head?”

Number of times you wanted to slap Hakeem: 3

When he leaked his entire album online and brushed off warnings why that was about 50 kinds of illegal from Andre, who has a ton of business degrees – and has heard of a hostile takeover, if you were wondering.

And when he decided to hold auditions for an all-girl group about 43 minutes after they decided to start their own label.

And “I’m gonna call them Rainbow Sensation. BOOM.”

Most triflin’ character:

Lucious. Andre comes to him, hat in hand, and apologizes for trying to take Empire away from Jamal. He is willing to prove himself to earn his father’s trust. Lucious tells him to trust in the God he loves so much because Lucious is the devil.

Health check-up:

Lucious non-ALS really flares up when he’s denied his medication in prison. McKnight insinuates he’ll get his meds if he cooperates with the district attorney, Roxanne Ford.

Empire S2E2 - Lucious and McKnight

Who should jump the line for relationship counseling: 

Lucious and Andre. Lucious is still struggling to accept his son’s mental illness and shows zero compassion for him. Andre, like most children (even adults), just wants his father’s acceptance.

How Sway?:

So, they just recorded albums in jail now? Okay.

Runner-up: Why does Roxanne have her titties out in court?

Best Family Moments: 

Andre begs Cookie to let him go because he’s not ’bout that Ghetto-Ass Studios life. Rhonda pleads with Jamal to let Andre back into Empire and reveals she’s pregnant. I couldn’t tell if she was being manipulative for shady reasons or truly looking out for her husband.

Episode 202, Without A Country

Best minor character moments:

Everything involving Thirsty and his purple-ass suit.

Best Cameo:

Kelly Rowland as Lucious’ mother with the voice of an angel and mental illness demons.

Empire S2E2 - Young Lucious

The BET award goes to: 

“Get No Betta 2.0” by Tiana (Serayah McNeill)

Episode 202, Without A Country


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14 Comments on Empire – S2E2 – Without a Country

  1. I found that I enjoyed this episode far better than the season 2 premier. I was entertained the whole time, I thought there was pretty decent amount of character and plot development. Lee Daniels was still pulling his stunts but I wasn’t as distracted by it. I laughed so hard at Lucious and his prison song lol. Snitch Bitch…snitchn Ass Bitch is stuck in my head. And why were Hakeem and Becky G making out in the tub lol, so random . Overall, I enjoyed the episode.

  2. 1. Hakeem needed to be slapped like 12 times this episode, but scene at the end with him and cookie was real sweet. 2. Becky G looks 2 young to be doing naked bathtub scenes with Hakeem. 3. Can somebody please tell me the name of the song Tiana was singing Because that song had me moving my waist in ways I didn’t think were possible. 4. Jamal used to be a character that i loved and now I just wanna punch him in the mouth every time he is on screen. 5. So it looks like luscious mom (ms kelly Rowland AKA not Beyonce) was Bi polar like Andre. 6. Speaking of Andre, that boy was acting the hell out of that scene with him and cookie. 7. Luda needs to just collect those fast and furious cheques and stay away from Empire please and thank you. 8. Triflin ass Rhonda is up to something I just know it. Did they ever talk about what happened to J Hud and her blow job prayers? I’m not complaining just wondering. 9. Snitch ass Bitch is gonna be my new ringtone, That song was hot. 10. how the hell does that lady got her titties hanging all out in the courtroom like that? Is there not a dress code? Could Bubbles AKA Thirsty show up in a wife beater? That’s all my feedback for today, can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  3. Ludacris came in like that racist black cop in boyz in the hood …..”you think you tuff ” really digging the show my only issue is that Hakeems acting is still isn’t up to parr. I don’t like how Anita’s character has changed from season one. They never explained why she’s still dealing with them. Wasn’t the whole Hakeem relationship a setup? The first season she seemed like a more capable in charge person, now she seems directionless going with what ever plan that’s been put in front of her.
    Also always good to see Andre Royo .You know he handed that judge a packet pictures of him in leather with a dog collar around his neck. And Why does this prosecutor have her breast popping out. I’m all for cleavage….but it seems so out of place

    All in all this was allot better then the premier

  4. This episode was way better than the first and I know this season will bring all the fun I felt from last season. Sorry for the length!

    So I am not going to go in order. I’ll start with Baby Wipes. He cannot rap. Let’s use some of that fox budget to help him out just a little bit. Autotune that voice. Would it be ridiculous to hear that? Yes, but it certainly would be better than hearing his watery ass rap (and it aint the lack of meds!). Petey Pablo was surprising good and of Luda was too. White guy was tapping on those instruments like Emily was tapping on the keyboard on the Flash. Like why? At least try to make it seem real!

    Guam Homie fighting over Baby Wipes music? Guam Homie need to keep that to himself and never release it. He is so dirty for those pics. And now that Baby Wipes is out of jail, it’s going down. Do you think Baby Wipes will immediately screw Jamal over or later?

    I am glad they put Dre in one less tight shirt. And he is such a good actor. Any clue as to why Baby Wipes keeps treating Dre like shit?

    I am glad we are back to music! I enjoyed Jamal’s song. I really enjoyed Tiana’s song (it was very early rihanna). And Baby Wipes song was blah. My hitter? Get the fuck out of here.

    I was screaming “Hakeem dont believe Jamal!” Half of Jamal’s face in the car was in the shadows! That’s some ominous shit! And speaking of Hakeem, Baby trainer? Jamal is bogus for that name and I love it. So now Baby Wipes youngest son has taken on his first name. I dig it. I think I will call him that when he pisses me off.

    Cookie don’t give a fuck! She will walk into any place and you will adjust accordingly! And that means Anika! HA! Cookie’s the best.

    What did you guys think of the Latina that came into Hakeem’s auditions? I didn’t like her voice when she sang. It was very sing-talky and I can only deal with so much of that. When she was acting, it was not convincing because of her baby voice. I am hoping that was a fluke with the acting and that they actually have her sing! Overall, great episode.

  5. Empire can be so corny sometimes. Really, that scene with them carrying out the quintessential one box of belongings after being severed from the company.? Did you notice what was inside? Andre had his diplomas, of course, from college and B School, where he learned about hostile takeovers. Cookie had picture frames and a flower, which at first I swore was one of those toy flowers that dances when music is playing. And in Hakeem’s box? Looked like an X-Box. So funny. But seriously, why did Hakeem even have a box? He’s just an artist. Did daddy actually give that child an office?

    Ja-maaaaaal. Hey, boo!

    Dudes, did you catch that sound effect when the elevator doors closed on Cookie after she told Jamal that she was starting a new company? It was soooo Dynasty. I swear; you must go back and listen.

    Lucious freestyling. Really? Better not let My Cousin Vinny hear that awful rapping. She’ll pull her gay money out of the company!

    Rainbow Sensation? Oh honey, that’s not the name of an all-girl R&B group that’s the name of a drag act in NYC’s Greenwich Village. That’s a horrible name, even *for* a drag act in NYC’s Greenwich Village. Hakeem is so adorably stupid though. Everything he says, he says confidently. “Do you know what a hostile takeover is?”

    Meanwhile back in jail, “No qualms from Guam” in the purple zoot suit makes a play to be Lucious’ new lawyer. Who is that actor? And Ellen, don’t tell me that it’s Magic Johnson’s son. 😉

    And sweet lord, Tiana. Swoon! She needs to be dyking it up again! Speaking of which, where was My Cousin Vinny?

    Is it me or was Jamal eating a lot of nuts this episode, and no that wasn’t a euphemism. It just seems strange and an “all of a sudden” quirk, along with his increased drinking.

    And wait, now Hakeem, isn’t going back to Empire? He’s making dizzy. He needs to figure shit out and stop flip flopping – flip flop, flip flippity flop…

    OMG, Dynasty! I *knew* it. I went back to listen to all the outro music for each act… totally Dynasty-like music. The crescendo-ing at the end. The trill-y music. Totally brilliant! Empire peeps, I hear you, I hear you!

    So, what’s the deal with the cut away to baby Luscious with Mama Kelly Rowland after Andre asks “Pop” why he hates him? That totally confused me. I’m guessing we are going to start to get more Lucious childhood backstory? That would be cool.

    Anyway, another interesting Empire episode. Can’t wait to hear the podcast and your thoughts. It was great having you back last week.

    Shit, I need to make these shorter…. (sorry)

  6. Is it me or does it seem like Lee Daniels keeps retreading thru the same old plot lines? Where did all the off the hook camp, shocks, surprises, and hilarity go? We need more character development and scenes with the characters that we care about and can act. I adore the characters so I hope that things improve as we go along. But so far the magic from last year hasn’t resurfaced. It’s still fun but it was a roller coaster ride last year. At least the second episode had more music. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Damn these comments below are better than the show hahaha!

  7. Hey girl!

    Is this the “Everybody Hates Chris” season? First Chris Rock…now Ludacris (Chris Bridges)?? Lee Daniels must have a vendetta. Ludacris is another one I can’t really see as a proper villain. Move, bitch. Get out the way.

    Lucious and his new “Whoop That Trick” song did me in! And the British guy from Suits on the beat machine was hilarious! It will be interesting to see how he acts once he’s back out on the street without his meds.

    Hakeem is still the little shit we know and hate. He’s singlehandedly going to ruin Empire 2.0. Or Dynasty. Whatever. That “Rainbow Sensation” name is the worst name since ever. Andre’s fine ass was right.

    Speaking of Andre…notice how once he grew a mustache…he’s been more trustworthy!! My theory lives on!! I feel really bad for him and want to know why Lucious is treating him so badly compared to the others. I also want to know what white she-devil’s aim is.

    Love this podcast, and here’s hoping we get more Lucious imitations from John!

  8. This episode was so much better than last week’s!

    1) the music was back and it was actually good. Really enjoyed Jamal’s song. Tiana’s was good too but I was distracted trying to figure out what exactly she was or wasn’t wearing. Always good to see V Bozeman. And I didn’t hate Snitch Ass Bitch. Not fond of the lyrics but the beat was hot.

    2) Cookie is EVERYTHING!! As always. Hilarious when interrupting Jamal’s interview and throwing major shade at Boo Boo Kitty. Powerful in that scene with Andre. Love her!!

    3) I for one enjoy Andre’s tight ass shirts. Keep them coming! And he was so good in those scenes with his parents. He keeps bringing it.

    4) Luda got on my last nerve! You don’t keep someone’s meds from them like that! Fuck that shit! That’s gotta be illegal! I don’t care if this dude killed up everybody, unless a judge says he’s on death row or something, you don’t withhold medicine! That pissed me off! And why was he so pissed at Lucious? Did Boobs the Prosecutor promise him a peek at the titties (I really hate that word) if he did her dirty work? All their shit was unethical. I’d actually be on Lucious’ side if he sued them for that shit!

    4) Thirsty is the man! But you know he’s gonna try some way to double cross Lucious down the line. You know that dude is old school dirty.

    5) Hakeem needs to have several seats. And he needs to stop talking. Forming a girl group was a great idea. But everything he did after that was so stupid!!! Dude, you ain’t Beyoncé! You can’t just drop music on the net like that! I can’t wait for him to grow up and learn something, anything! Btw, y’all think he got a little nervous when he saw Cookie with that broom? Lol

    6) several people on Twitter had to explain that flashback to me. So apparently Lucious’ mom suffered from mental illness and whatever happened between her & her son has caused a problem between him and his oldest son. It breaks my heart that he won’t forgive him.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I hope that was a good length for a highlights podcast feedback.

  9. Whew, this show was so ratchet but I can’t stop won’t stop!!

    Gotta start with my bae Kelly!! She’s the best y’all already know!! I hope that’s not it! Maybe with tiana being byke, they will make her the kelly of rainbow sensation!! Bc she got a “Body like a weapon”

    Next are the women of the episode! I love cookie and her constant shade throwing! I know we all said amen when she said j lo can’t sing!! Then Kelly Ripa proved behind every successful black man is ❄️🐇 amirite?!?! Speaking of behinds they gotta stop playing wit 💩💩 kitty!! Lastly is the prosecutor, apparently she refuses to put them thangs away and at this point I’m not even mad!!

    Lastly is Dwight( his mama call em that so I gotta) this ninja is amazing!! Did anyone else think it was weird Jamal didn’t ask him why he was whispering and shit? And the scenes between him and Luda were delicious!! I was waiting for him to say “that’s what you get for beating my ass in a bathroom ninja!!” And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his fatherhood moment of gold, that ninja Andre was so ready to be accepted and Dwight hit em with nah son and dropped the mic on his ass!! I swore Andre was gonna pop his tight ass shirts all night!!

    That’s all I got sorry I was all over the place, but this got damn show does it to me!! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  10. I was so lost in the flashback scene with Kelly Rowland. I must have completely missed the previous ones with her in them. I was like, why is Kelly Rowland in here? And who is this little kid? And why was this scene even in here?

    But now it all makes sense!

  11. Can someone please tell me why it seems like Cookie can never keep all of her boys together. She can only really have one and for right now that’s Hakeem. Although I don’t know what Andra’s gonna do now that daddy basically said, nah you good where you at to him. And after Ronda snuck over to Jamal’s and told him he would be an uncle. Side bar, do you think Rhonda’s lying about the baby? I hope not that has been done so many times. Also Boo Boo Kitty was only in this episode to be tricked into thinking she was cool again. She’s so cute. I really wasn’t take out of anything with all the celebrities running around. I love seeing Luda and I knew he wouldn’t be staying that long. It kills me to my core everytime I see Petey Pablo tho. And why can’t I place the British fellow on the mix master? The DA is determined to have her boobs out, she has a new push-up bra and it is doing all it can. I am SO glad I finally got my hustle and flow moment, while that song was not as good as “whip that trick” I’ll take it. Hakeem’s girl group…that is all. I can’t he just feels the need to sleep with everything doesn’t he. Listen sweetie, that’s why we don’t have Danity Kane anymore, cause Diddh couldn’t keep his…pen out of company ink. That said, I liked this episode, really interested in the new Lawyer. Broke purple suit and all.

  12. I imagine Luda speaks that way to his baby mama, so his “acting” wasn’t really all that much of a stretch. Was I the only one yelling “”GITTEM!” when Thirsty’s goons beat him up?

    Anika literally serves NO purpose on the show anymore. They just keep her on because she’s pretty and serves as the light bearer for all of Cookie’s shady shade.

    Jamal, you done changed, bruh. Girl, bye!

    Andre can still get it, bipolar meds and all! I am sighing with relief for finally understanding why Lucious has that grudge.

    That Jailhouse Rap shit was wack (the rapping, not the beat). How these prison baes all of a sudden knew how to work all that studio recording equipment is beyond comprehension. Is this a prison for musicians and drug lords only?

    Fake Kelly Ripa is probably pregnant, but she will likely lose the baby in a car accident. Probably. I’m just pulling stuff out of thinly veiled plot air.

    I predict Thirsty will blackmail every body in a scenario that pulls the entire Lyon family back together. (Ugh.)

    I also predict Andre and Gabby will get it on in the back seat of Jamal’s car, she will end up pregnant with his love child, and Porscha will be the birth partner! 😝😝😝

  13. I’m not sure this makes it in but on a whole I loved the 2nd episode of Empire. From cookie staring down Jamal to Andres to tight cardigan. That bootleg studio session though was ridiculously bad. And Hakeem, don’t ever change. On the whole I was laughing for the entire hour and that’s what I call a show. Thanks for all you do and can’t wait to listen to the podcast!

  14. *Oops I responded to Kat and didn’t post it as its own coment: Things are picking up-this week was fun.
    Nice to see Ghetto Ass Studios and its owner back on the show. So V left Baretti; are we ever going to see Baretti again? Are they going to give V a bigger role besides a few bars here and there along with her nasty attitude?
    Loving Cookie’s new hair and she looked as good as ever. But this Cookie-Anika beef isn’t cute anymore. Cookie and Hakeem need Anika. Hakeem was really trying to put Tianna in her nude bodysuit and island beat/Rhianna dancing self into a girl group?! That made no sense.
    Back in the penitentiary we saw that both Ludacris and Petey Pablo can act better than Chris Rock! Baby Wipes ol’watery ass sing/rapping song was mildly hot. Terrance looked like he was enjoying himself and recalling his Hustle&Flow days.
    Poor Andre; as usual Lucious is unable to articulate his true pain and he just comes off as hateful. When Andre called the new record company “A scrappy little setup”, he meant that he had too much education and class for their broke-ass business. Although Jamal kept pumping iron, Andre was looking more muscular than ever. Take him out of those suits and he shines. As for his wife, Kelly Ripa was calculated and masterful when she met with Jamal.
    If they don’t put the DA’s chest back into her tops; what self-respecting DA where’s that to work? What is this Allie McBeal? Regardless, Ms. Ford was no match for Thirsty who is clearly the hood’s answer to Matlock. He is deceptively bumbling but plays the dirtiest of balls.
    Trivia-the cute white dude in Lucious’s crew is Max Beesley. A British actor and a real (jazz) musician who used to date Mel B back in the day. Nice to see him on here.

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