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Extant – S1E4 – Shelter

Previously on Extant, ‘Wish You Were Here’

On The Run

Molly and John are like Beyonce and Jay Z: on the run. They head for Molly’s father’s house. Even though John has turned off Ethan’s tracker, he figures it will be about 24 hours before Sparks and crew find them. It seems Molly didn’t completely buy Sparks’ story because she says she only wants to stay gone long enough to have a DNA test done on the fetus.

Extant S1E4

Daddy Issues

Molly’s dad, Quinn (played by Louis Gossett Jr.), has a tense relationship with his daughter, probably due to his drinking problem. Even though he claims to be clean for a few years, he later can’t resist the pressure to go to a bar with Ethan at the urging of his friends. (They were supposed to just go out for dinner so that John and Molly could tinker with the DNA kit.) He uses his humanic grandson to gamble (and win) at a few bar games, but eventually loses when Ethan remembers his earlier words that “no one is perfect” and purposely throws the game. Grandpa gets inappropriately upset with Ethan, which causes Ethan to run off.

Extant S1E4 Ethan

Sparks and Yasumoto

Yasumoto warns Sparks that he needs to do whatever it takes to get Molly back. Sparks may not be all bad, even though he gets a little pushy with Dr. Barton when she is busted destroying Molly’s blood sample – he threatens to harm her brother if she doesn’t help with Molly, but it’s clear that Yasumoto is straight up bad news. He visits two of his lab workers and insists that one handle an unstable substance without his protection gear. The substance is supposed to eventually help Yasumoto live longer so when the worker immediately starts bleeding from the eyes and dies, it’s safe to say it’s not there yet.

Sparks sends men to Quinn’s and they find and disable Ethan after he’s run off. When the police refuse to look for a humanic – it’s not like he will starve out in the elements – John reacts by punching a cop in the face, which lands him where you’d expect – in jail. This leaves Molly to look for their son alone. She finds his prone body and is immediately snatched up by Sparks’ men. The episode ends with them preparing to cut her open with a laser in an operating room aboard a ship at sea.

Interesting Bits:
  • Quinn’s dog was not feeling Molly, or at least whatever the hell it is inside of her. He growls at her and later bites her on the hand. As if we needed further confirmation that the “baby” inside her isn’t a baby at all.
  • While John draws Molly’s blood for the DNA test, she sees her dead fiancĂ© again. He asks her not to leave him.
  • Sparks is the only one there when the DNA test is ready. That can’t be good.
  • We learns that Molly and John really want this baby despite how they believe it was conceived. It’s going to be super sad when they realize she’s carrying an alien.

Extant S1E4 John and Molly

Extant airs Wednesdays on CBS, and is available on demand the next day through Amazon Instant Video.

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