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Extant – S1E5 – What on Earth Is Wrong?

Previously on Extant, ‘Shelter’

After spending some time in jail – the whole night, maybe? – John is back out with the police, searching for his wife and son. I guess they’re willing to actually do their jobs now that there’s a real live human at risk. Molly and Ethan are found unconscious in the woods. John quickly assesses that Ethan’s hard drive has been tampered with much to the shock of the EMTs. At the hospital, it’s revealed that Molly is no longer pregnant. In fact, she never was pregnant.

Even after the doctor tries to make John believe Molly was either lying or having some kind psychological break, he listens to Molly and they go to visit Dr. Barton, the one person who can corroborate Molly’s story. Of course, she lies and says she doesn’t know what Molly is talking about it. Halle Berry really delivers here when she gets up in Cameron Manheim’s face with, “They better have a gun to your head.”

Molly getting all up in Sam's grill.

Molly getting all up in Sam’s grill.

Once Molly obtains proof that the she was pregnant and the fetus was removed, they also learn that the baby was not theirs. Molly decides to play along with their story that she was having some kind of meltdown and returns to work. Sparks is skeptical and watches her closely. Later, Molly and John watch footage of what happened to Molly in space. While she thought she was being kissed by her ex, she was actually surrounded by these bright blue rays of light.

John had his own “jump in someone’s ass” moment this week. While they try to repair Ethan, Julie expresses her frustration that John keeps doing things with Ethan without consulting her, including the decision to take Ethan home to be his son after they were the ones to create him. He quickly reminds her that she works for him, Ethan is his, and he doesn’t need her permission to do a damn thing. Welp. Have some seats, Julie.

Questions and Observations:
  1. Julie has robotic legs. Did we know that? What’s up with that?
  2. So, Yasumoto and crew have the fetus, which actually looks a human baby and not the Olympic rings (go figure), and are able to “grow” it in a lab? Huh.
  3. Where the hell is Harmon?
  4. Will Molly’s daddy be back? I hope so.

Extant S1E5 Julie

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