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Falling Skies – S3E3 – Badlands


Falling Skies | Badlands


Previously, on Falling Skies: “Collateral Damage

The settlement is on high alert, tensely awaiting the impending Espheni attack. Matt, running supplies to the Berserkers, is using his newfound powers of teenage angst to grumble-bond with Pope and his gang. President Tom is wrestling with naming his VP, and Weaver’s daughter Jeanne is building a large tree sculpture in the middle of town to give everyone something to look at.

Just as everyone is agreeing on the uselessness of being constantly on watch, a reason for vigilance conveniently arrives in the form of sniper-fire. As the conflict progresses, it becomes clear that the attackers are not only human, but adults, in military garb, nonetheless. In the heat of battle, Crazy Lee, the only female Berserker, goes down. The attack is thwarted, and one of the attackers is captured.

After the battle, we discover that Crazy Lee, though saved from the bullet by her armor, has managed to fall and IMPALE HERSELF THROUGH THE HEAD! Pope and Matt manage to save her from even this calamity, and thusly subject us to a series of sappy bedside platitudes and remembrances that may have even been somewhat effective if this tragedy had happened to a character that we cared anything about…

George R.R. Martin
Hal is now convinced that he is the mole, even though we know in fact that he isn’t. He and Maggie fight some more, but, showing some sense no one knew he had, he actually tells her everything. He is determined to turn himself in, but Maggie is determined that he shouldn’t.

In more interesting news, Baby Satan continues her reign of terror, acting generally creepy whenever only Mommy is around, but playing the angel when anyone else shows. Anne is starting to crack over this, and relays her fears to Lourdes, who relays them to Tom, who confronts her. Now the rifts are open between Anne and everyone else, and the crazy mommy storyline I predicted is in full effect. I’d also like to remind everyone of the kiss that Overlord Karen laid on Anne at the end of last season, so as to make clear that it’s entirely possible that Alexis is infected in some way. (Dear God, please let this storyline get crazier! Did I mention I love terrible horror movies?)

Falling Skies | Badlands baby

So, yeah, we captured a sniper, remember? And it’s a girl! Katherine, who is obviously military in origin, as we can tell from her drab green wife-beater (and doesn’t give off a Starbuck vibe at all…), gets interrogated by Tom. Tom infers that she attacked them based on observing their interaction with the rebel skitters and the Volm, and explains to her that they are allies against the Espheni. She questions his authority, and when informed that she is speaking to the President of the New United States, she laughs, because she works for the President of the United States, Benjamin Hathaway. DUN-dun-DUN! (I assume that this is the name of the acting President before the invasion, because everyone is suitably awed, though I don’t really remember any reference to him before now.)

Crazy Lee finally succumbs to her injuries, prompting Pope to blame Tom for her death. Tom is sad, so he gives a speech inaugurating Jeanne’s tree sculpture as a tribute to the fallen. In a quick aside, he names his assistant, Marina, as VP.

Hal makes up his mind to confess his believed mole-ness to his father, but just as he is making his move… KA-BLOOEY!!! The Espheni beamers begin to rain holy hell on Charleston as the much-dreaded attack begins.

See ya next week, kids!


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