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Falling Skies – S4E2 – The Eye

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Tom’s antics as the Ghost continue to irritate the Espheni. In hopes of flushing the Ghost out, the Espheni release the “most ruthless criminals” (read: Tom and Weaver) into gen pop, witholding food from all until he is handed over. This allows them to coordinate their escape plan with Hal, Tector, and their new friend, Dingaan Botha. Botha’s plan turns out to be a Farraday suit, which is only useful for one person to escape. Needing some extra intel, Tom decides to do what he always does in times of crisis… allow the Espheni to capture him and tell him all their plans.



In Jonestown, Dr. Kadar reveals to Ben that Lexi is dying, but that Lourdes has forbidden him access to her, labeling him a nonbeliever. It seems that Lourdes is using her influence over Lexi to control the rest of the camp. It quickly becomes apparent that Maggie, as well, is not content with the state of things, and the two task Ben with setting things right. Ben fairly quickly manages to get Lexi to see Dr. Kadar, but Lourdes is none too happy about it. Lourdes freaks out, causing Lexi to freak out, which turns out to be very painful for all involved. Afterwards, Lourdes is subdued and Lexi takes a nap.



As Matt’s romance with his new recruit is just beginning to spring, he is given reason to sweat over the secrecy of Dumbledore’s Army. One of his other recruits “graduates” mysteriously, and the Boss Nazi catches him looking for him. However, it is left unclear as to whether they are on to him just yet, as Boss Nazi only heaps him with creepy praise this time.



Meanwhile, Anne is running the 2nd 2nd Mass ragged on the trail of the child convoys, in hopes of finding Lexi. They are jumped by a lone skitter, which they quickly subdue, and aided by Denny (Ben’s ex-harnessed girlfriend from last season), they interrogate it. It tells them about the reeducation camp, but then makes the mistake of mentioning “the hybrid”. Upon hearing her daughter mentioned, Anne goes all horror-film crazy and stabs its face in while Denny is still mentally linked.



After revealing himself as the Ghost, the Espheni take Tom into the giant ship from which they monitor the camp. Using yet another harnessed kid, the Head-Fish-In-Charge informs Tom that they need him to join their war effort, claiming that yet another alien race is coming to destroy them all, and that this is why the Espheni take over worlds and harvest their resources. Tom is also told that in 24 hours, the Espheni intend to take adult humans and genetically modify them into an elite fighting force. They demand that Tom decide, but just then, the ship is struck by makeshift firebombs from the camp below. This causes the fishhead to leave Tom in its control room with no supervision, allowing him to garner all the intel he needed. After the fracas, Tom agrees to the Espheni plan, and they release him to proceed with breaking his word.



Anne apologizes to Denny for psychically facestabbing her, and Denny remembers the skitter’s last cryptic thoughts of blackness and fear to the west. Anne takes this to mean that west is where they will find Lexi.

Checking in one last time on Lexi, Ben finds her missing. Tracking her to her garden, he finds her speaking to a crouched figure, which then rises to full height, revealing itself as a fishhead!

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