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Falling Skies – S5E4 – Pope Breaks Bad

Previously on Falling Skies, ‘Hatchlings’

Starring: Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Colin Cunningham, Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, Sarah Carter, Doug Jones, Maxim Knight, Mpho Kaolo, Treva Etienne | Director: Peter Leto

In the latest turnaround in Falling Skies what’s old is new as Pope reaches new depths in his enmity towards Tom Mason. Severely distraught by Sara’s terrible demise, Tom doesn’t help matters by trying to lend support to Pope. His bereavement is short lived and quickly replaced with a clandestine plot to eliminate Mason and potentially the entire leadership. A completely sound and logical plan considering they are IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL WAR WITH AN ALIEN FORCE. *sigh* Friggin’ Pope.

Falling Skies s5e4 a

The most overt and prevailing theme in “Pope Breaks Bad” is sacrifice. Pope may be the latest person to lose a significant other on Falling Skies, but his narrow, typically selfish view of the world has marginalized the experiences of the entire 2nd Mass. Everyone has suffered considerable losses since the arrival of the Espheni. What Pope fails to acknowledge is those who he believed died for nothing under Mason’s command accepted the risk for the survival of the resistance. It’s understandable why he and Anthony are frustrated since their lady loves were violently taken away from them.

What is most surprising is how quickly Anthony (Mpho Kaolo) sided with Pope knowing he’s brought more and more trouble to the 2nd Mass over the seasons. I can understand suffering a deep trauma after seeing your girl being torn to shreds by skitters. I also am on the side of Weaver for putting Anthony on the bench after displaying violent mood swings, nearly fucking up a mission and “accidentally” making swiss cheese of a captive Overlord. They take away his guns away so he has a hissy fit and says the 2nd Mass is complete bullshit? C’mon, son. It’s difficult to have any sympathy for Anthony now.

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On the flipside, Cochise and Anne’s rapport throughout the episode showcased the most humane example of accepting loss and moving forward. In fact, both have grown leaps and bounds between episodes. First off, Cochise conveniently suffers a fatal ailment that he didn’t care to mention the entire time he’s been on earth. Secondly, Anne suddenly has all the medical expertise of “Bones” McCoy when it comes to alien organ transplants. Makes sense to me!

In the span of the episode dives head first in the deep pool of emotions he’s only dipped his giant gray toe in since collaborating with the 2nd Mass. There was a particularly sentimental moment shared between the two when completing a Volm ritual, as both were able to say their goodbyes to Waschak-cha’ab and Alexis respectively.

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Score | 7/10It’s very possible viewers may see another character or two sign off Falling Skies next week. The usual pattern of the Masons coming out of situations relatively unscathed could be thrown out the window. If anything, the final season has proven no characters are safe. Few have continually displayed a high level of integrity like Hal Mason, who was kidnapped by Pope and his gang. If John accomplishes what he claims he’ll do, Tom’s domineering “warrior” will be absolute. Everything will come undone for all; the writers of Falling Skies have scribed themselves into a corner that’ll be fairly interesting (and hopefully, brutally entertaining) to watch.

The 2nd Mass go on the offensive once more next Sunday in “Non-Essential Personnel” at 10pm on TNT.

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