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Falling Skies – S5E7 – Everybody Has Their Reasons

Previously on Falling Skies, ‘Respite’

Starring: Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Colin Cunningham, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Connor Jessup, Doug Jones, Maxim Knight, Mpho Koalo, Treva Etienne

“Everybody Has Their Reasons” starts off simple enough as two formidable battle groups break bread and revel in the prospect of unity. Of course, it all goes to shit in no time flat… because it’s Falling Skies! When does it ever work out?!

falling skies s5e7 tom

Colonel Dan Weaver is front and center during this episode as he is not only the one contact the opposing group recognizes, but he has a history with its leader, Captain Katie Marshall (Melora Hardin). The two apparently had a history during a tour in Fallujah – one that Weaver eventually dismissed once home and Marshall wished to continue. What better time to rekindle that old flame that during a crucial moment in the war for humankind, am I right?

While Weaver becomes increasingly enamored with Captain Marshall (again), the painfully recurring love QUADRANGLE between Ben, Maggie, Hal and newcomer Isabella (Catalina Sandino Moreno) has actually made some progress. Hal attempts to extend an olive branch towards Maggie, who isn’t taking it well that he has shown considerable interest in the mysterious rogue. Thankfully, both women eventually come to rely one another during the episode’s runtime – albeit under a very disturbing scene – and could surely becoming an imposing duo. That is, if either one survives to the end.

One very welcome sight during the episode was seeing young Matt finally sharing some downtime with dear ol’ dad. Having the least amount of screen time out of all the main cast this season, Maxim Knight made the most of his few minutes in the spotlight. The foreshadowing cast in “Everybody” hints at the importance Matt will play in the final episodes, and in the restoration of humanity well after the series ends.

falling skies s5e7 matt

Meanwhile the Cochese team-ups continue, with Dingaan (Treva Etienne) being this week’s partner-in-crime. The two attempt to relocate the Espheni communications hub and decipher its disruptive telepathic signal. While getting to know more of his human counterparts, Cochese has provided some of the more lighter and humorous sides of Falling Skies, which is especially needed given the dark turn the series has taken in the last four episodes.

While everyone has their guard down and Weaver is going gaga for Marshall, the paranoia few of the soldiers in the 14th Virginia exhibit grows to eerily sinister conduct around the 2nd Mass. Their utter disdain for all things alien eventually comes to a head with the abduction and torture of Ben – who didn’t turn into a jerk towards Maggie as many of us expected. Believing Ben to be an Espheni spy, one soldier tries to assist him in rejoining the human race with a rusty pair of pliers.

In those particular scenes, it’s a bit frustrating to see Ben unable to free himself given the outrageous feats of strength and agility he’s displayed in previous episodes. One minute he’s tossing three goons around like rag dolls, the next he can’t get out of leather straps. C’mon now.

falling skies s5e7 marshall

It all avalanches with the 14th detaining key members of the 2nd due to their collaboration with the Volm and exposure to the Espheni. Weaver has but one chance to stop this crucible before it irreparably damages relations between both parties. Whatever Dan sees in Katie is unclear because she ultimately appears to be nothing more than a deserter and coward, according to her backstory. Now Marshall has a heavily fortified base manned by dozens of military where she can easily hide behind the auspices of her rank and influence. However it’s clear something occurred to Captain Marshall during her last skirmish with the Skitters; be it PTSD or an alteration that made her a pawn of Overlords themselves. hmm… HMM…

Although Pope, Anthony and their new marauders haven’t been seen in the last two episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pop up as soon as next week, either reluctantly saving the 2nd Mass while taking the fight against the 14th, or running into Matt as he races to get reinforcements. With three episodes remaining, Falling Skies continues to stack the tension that’ll hopefully culminate in a rewarding final battle.

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