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Falling Skies – S5E9 – Reunion

Previously on Falling Skies, ‘Stalag 14th Virginia’

Starring: Noah Wyle, Will Patton, Moon Bloodgood, Colin Cunningham, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Catalina Sandina Moreno, Connor Jessup, Maxim Knight, Doug Jones, Treva Etienne, Mpho Koalo | Director: Brad Turner

After a palpable episode in “Stalag 14th Virginia”, the 2nd Mass and their new allies appear ready to roll out and take the fight to the Espheni at the nation’s capital. Keyword: appears. The tenseness and excitement of the has been stalled for more minutia that gives hints of what’s to come but actually muddles things further by spontaneously altering plot lines too close to the finish line.

falling skies reunion a

The adventures of the 2nd Mass have an air of finality to them as Tom and Company are rallying all the militias across the globe for a concentrated assault on Espheni forces. Although the other freedom fighters have only been featured via radio communication, the gravity of what the 2nd Mass is attempting weighs heavily on all of them. Ben in particular has taken it upon himself to risk his life in acquiring as much intel on the Overlords. With the arrival of the Espheni Queen looming over them like a dark cloud, no one – particularly the Masons – plans to play it safe any longer. All appeared well and good until, coincidentally enough, the black sheep of the family is discovered snoozing behind a mossy log.

falling skies lexi

Yep. She’s back. Again. …for the last time?

It was awfully weird to see Lexi again, who was suffering the same effects Tom exhibited after his return to Earth. Her homecoming was definitely not well received as Weaver lead the charge to blackbag her and identify Lexi as an extreme threat. This subplot in “Reunion” lost a bit of punch because of its immediacy after the reveal and death of not-Captain Marshall. The introduction of another suspected Espheni cloned spy – in the form of a character instinctively detested by the 2nd Mass – right after the failure of the cleverly planted Marshall feels forced and far too convenient.

Considering Tom Mason was saved from his dreadful fate, the Dornian could be responsible for Lexi’s reappearance as well. Anything is possible on Falling Skies! Nowhere is it written that the hybrid alien doombringer can’t be brought back from the dead. Now that Pope’s a maniac, Hal has two women after him and Cochese discovered his soul… why the hell not? Balls to the wall, I say! Sadly, Scarlett Byrne’s return as Lexi was short and bittersweet, offering very little story progression. In the end, Tom’s daughter turned out as most of us suspected, ultimately becoming a glorified lab rat for the new secret weapon against the Espheni.

falling skies reunion b

As for this volatile Dornian device, it only provides more questions than answers. Anne, Cochise and Marty – who’ve somehow become wunderkind in the fields of genetics, biochemistry and thoracic surgery – had to find a means to differentiate their DNA from the lethal reckoning the organism unleashes on its intended targets. Could the Dornian’s revenge be so intense, it doesn’t care about saving humans from the annihilation its people suffered? Is the Dornian the “Great Enemy” of not only the Espheni, but all that doesn’t suit its needs? Tom Mason isn’t the Kwisach Haderach after all and is a mere delivery boy? C’mon now, son. We’re an episode away from the end and viewers are getting more intrigue in one episode than they have all season.

A faint silver lining in “Reunion” was the reawakening of Anthony (Mpho Koalo). Although it was a welcome sight to see him come to his senses (where have you been, sanity?), his sudden change of heart and excuse he gave Weaver for his actions felt hollow, distrustful and borderline ridiculous. Anthony was out there in the sticks with Pope and his roving band of cutthroats for a good while. If he was going to be by Pope’s side, it would have nice to see Anthony attempt to revive some of Pope’s humanity and remind him of their secondary mission of forming their own fighting force. But nope, he stands there and watches him bust caps in his own dudes. MAKES SENSE.

As for Pope, he pulls a trojan horse on the renewed 2nd Mass, underestimates their moxy and gets a good sized chunk of building dropped on him for his efforts. Unlike Lexi, I’m certain we haven’t seen the last of John Pope just yet. The man’s part cockroach, I swear.

falling skies reunion c

Score | 5/10The $64,000 question is how all of this stuff is going to be wrapped up in 48 minutes next week. With plenty of loose ends still flapping in the breeze, a few of them will be ignored in order to effectively resolve the big picture. What’s strange and mildly hilarious is the 2nd Mass could potentially fail. It’s nearly assured that they won’t, not after years of building up this moment. However, given the sheer craziness they’ve had to contend with during the final season, it would be damn funny to see Tom seconds away from destroying the Espheni and Pope stops him because he’s so obsessed with killing Mason over saving the world. Ugh. Humans.

Falling Skies’ final episode, “Reborn” airs next Sunday at 10, on TNT.

Be there or get eye-wormed, or possibly killed and replaced with your evil clone. Whatever’s clever.

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