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Review: Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

The Griffin family has joined the Tapped Out genre with Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. It is a free-to-play app for the iOS and Android platforms released by TinyCo. If you’re not familiar with either game, it’s what you’d call a “mobile city simulator”. Sort of like Cityville, only better.

Family Guy Quest For Stuff


The game begins with the Giant Chicken destroying Quahog. You must then rebuild Quahog one building at a time. Or sometimes two. Once you save enough money, you can build more buildings and unlock other areas of the map. Each building will give you a certain amount of coins every so many hours.

Most of the main buildings come with a character you must unlock after the building is complete. For example, building the police station gives you Joe Swanson, but in order to unlock Joe Swanson you have to collect several different items. There are multiple actions for each character, with time lengths to complete them ranging from 1 minute to a whole day. You get coins and XP for each action and sometimes the actions drop the items that help you unlock characters. They’re all designed to fit that particular character and most of them are pretty amusing. You can have Lois skank it up or rub suntan lotion on Bonnie Swanson. You can have Peter surf the bird or dance the Shipoopi. You can have Herbert be a Peeping Tom or have Cleveland call things nasty. You can even have Jerome “do black guy stuff”.

Family Guy Bonnie Swanson


You also have the ability to craft different outfits for the characters. Such as Rollerblading Bikini Peter.

Family Guy Rollarblading Bikini Peter


Decorating your town is fun, too, as you can use things like the Hindenpeter. And let’s not forget the hillbilly ATM.

Family Guy Hillbilly ATM


Most stuff in the game is free, though you need to use clams to buy some special buildings or decorations, and those you’d actually have to buy. Clams drop every time you’re visiting a friend’s town, but I have yet to get the game to actually connect to Facebook and let me add friends.

Score | 5/10

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