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Fauxbook: Anne Hathaway

It’s awards season in Hollywood; while there are plenty of actors out there who are on pins and needles waiting to hear all the nominations that continue to trickle out for a solid two months, there are the other actors out there who just like to have a little bit more fun with themselves.

Fauxbook Anne Hathaway-PF

“That’s a bingo!”

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6 Comments on Fauxbook: Anne Hathaway

  1. This is awesome!! the Oscar nominations make ME crazy!!! I am such a movie buff I have my beliefs as to who NEEDS to win, which doesn’t always jive with the academy. This year is tough for me cause I like so many of the nominees.

  2. Oh and Ben Afflect and Kathryn Bigelow were robbed!

    • I would have liked Tom Hooper to be nominated because I feel like Les Miserables is the best film musical I’ve ever seen, and it wouldn’t be that without Hooper.

      I’d also like to have seen Tarantino nominated. I’d like for 10 directors to be nominated, to match the ten best film nominees; if that was the case, I’m sure Tom Hooper, Quentin Tarantino, Ben Affleck, and Kathryn Bigelow would have all been nominated.

  3. Affleck that is

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