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Episode 272: Fear the Walking Dead – S1E3 – The Dog

FTWD - S1E3 - Madison Inside

In this week’s Fear the Walking Dead podcast: Donny tries to create an illicit past for Mr. Salazar, Travis acts brand new, and Alicia runs through a zombie obstacle course.

Also, we want to give a special thank you to those who donated to the Cradles to Crayson fundraiser in honor of our departed Meghan. If you’ve not yet done so, and would like to, here’s a link to the fundraiser.

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3 Comments on Episode 272: Fear the Walking Dead – S1E3 – The Dog

  1. Listening now, I don’t consider Donnie’s comments that bad, but then again I’m petty as hell lol. Mr. Salazar has street cred for days.

  2. Loved listening to this . Am I the only one that thinks Nina and Imani Gandy from Twib are voice twins? I always have to look at what show I’m listening to.

  3. Also in the car Travis was the one asking where he can drop of the Salazars after they just went through all of that to escape, so I don’t blame him for the pettiness. It’s like we just escaped from my barber shop/probably house and you’re trying to ditch me?!?! Pettiness activated

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