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Fear the Walking Dead – S1E3 – The Dog

Previously on Fear the Walking Dead, ‘So Close, Yet So Far’ 

Looters Gonna Loot

While all hell breaks loose outside, Travis and his family hunker down with the Salazars in the barber shop. Despite being told not to look outside, Chris is peeking and comes eye-to-eye with a walker. Then he asks his dad if they can just not go to Madison’s and leave because he’s an asshole.

Travis throws shade at the Salazar’s business when he says the looters won’t break in because all there is to steal are combs. Just ungrateful as fuck. But Mr. Salazar knows Travis is just trying to assure his son that everything will be okay. It’s not. Let’s not get it twisted. But he understands what Travis is trying to do.

When the fire next door begins to spread to the shop, the group prepares to leave and make a run for Travis’ truck. The door is open all of three seconds when looters storm inside and immediately start trashing the place.

The group runs through the streets, passing people getting eaten and beaten, but before making it to the car, Mrs. Salazar has a scaffold fall on her. They get her free and into Travis’ truck, which is miraculously still a) there and b) in one piece.

When they get to the hospital, they witness cops shooting a walker outside the front doors. So much for that. Mr. Salazar insists that they’ll have to go home with Travis, and he’ll call his cousin to come get them. Then they’ll be even. Travis remarks they don’t need to keep score and Mr. Salazar is all, “You started it!” So petty.

FTWD - S1E3 - Chris

Hey, Who’s the Crackhead Here?

When Nick isn’t hounding his mother for more drugs – and insisting on shooting up instead of swallowing pills – he’s insinuating that Travis isn’t coming back.

Madison tries to convince Alicia that the neighbor-on-neighbor violence she witnessed was no big deal. She breaks out the Monopoly for a little Family Game Night. It’s not long before the noises of the world outside remind them that shit is going down and Travis isn’t back yet.

Madison still tries to shield Alicia from the truth about what’s going on – so much so that she won’t even let the child look out the damn window. This doesn’t stop Nick from pulling back the curtains when they hear a noise outside the sliding door to the backyard. No worries! It’s just a bloody dog, which they let inside.

Musical Houses a.k.a Just Stay In One Fucking Place! 

The dog takes off and starts barking at the front door because a walker is shambling across the street towards the house. Nick gets the bright idea that they should all head out of the back door to break into the neighbor’s house to steal their shotgun. You know, closing the back door and hunkering down is an option, too, but do your plan. Of course, when they leave, no one closes the sliding door behind them.

In the neighbor’s house, Nick and Madison find the shotgun while Alicia keeps watch. She spots someone in their house! The nerve! How you gonna break into our house when we’re next door breaking into someone else’s house?

Oh, and whoever is in their house is totally eating that dog.

They decide to stay in the neighbor’s house, but then Travis pulls up. Note: Nick was still trying to pull the whole, “Maybe it ain’t him.” Pet-ty.

The three of them navigate through the labyrinth in their neighbor’s backyard (Why is that there?) to stop Travis from going inside the house. I should point out that Nick is calling out directions (“Left. Left. Now right.”) and this tells me he has totally broken into the neighbor’s house to steal shit. Meanwhile, Travis, Liza, and Chris find the walker eating the dog in the living room. The lights come on just in time for them to get a real good look at it, too.

In the backyard, Nick realizes they took the shotgun and not the extra shells so Alicia runs back through the jungle gym and over the monkey bars to get them. No, seriously. Why is this backyard so big and filled with these impossible things?

Inside, Travis is trying to talk to the walker despite Liza and Chris telling him to LET IT GO.

“Hey, Peter. You’re sick man. Stop eating that dog.”

Okay. Peter tries to eat Travis instead and Travis has the nerve to tell Madison to put the gun away when she arrives. Thank God for Mr. Salazar who shoots Peter right in his damn face. And when that doesn’t stop him, Mr. Salazar blows his damn head off.

Mr. Salazar is ’bout that life!

FTWD - S1E3 - Peter

Next door, Alicia finds the shells and spies some gnarly old lady walker legs wearing slippers. She’s smart enough to take the hell off before finding out what’s behind door number nope.

FTWD - S1E3 - Alicia

So, back through the obstacle course she goes (WHY?) and she’s gripped up by Susan, the walker neighbor in the bunny slippers. As Alicia tries to go over the fence to her own damn backyard, Susan grabs her leg. Chris, who was outside puking up his guts after witnessing Peter’s head go boom (Chris is NOT ’bout that life), grabs Alicia to help over the fence. They fall to the ground and Alicia starts swinging, catching Chris in the nose. Rightfully, Chris is like, “What the fuck, man? I was just trying to help.”

Everyone gets a good look at walker Susan in the moonlight as she reaches through a slat in the fence, growling and moaning. Liza says she’s sick, but Nick drops those junkie bars: “No. She’s dead.” Then Alicia FINALLY gets what the fuck is going on and knows her bae Matt is probably home eating someone’s dog right now. She freaks out.

FTWD - S1E3 - Alicia and Madison

Too Many Cooks

In the house, everyone has opinions on what their next move should be:

  • Mr. Salazar says he called his cousin and they’ll be picked up in the morning. I smell a lie.
  • Travis is cool with that since they’ll be leaving for the desert in the morning.
  • Madison is all, “The hell you say? We’re leaving now.”
  • Liza tries to agree with Travis, but Madison is all, “Ain’t nobody ask you.”
  • Alicia is still freaking the hell out and also wants to go now.
  • I don’t know where Nick is. Probably swiping more shit from Susan’s house.

Travis’ cooler head prevails and he convinces everyone to just chill the fuck out for the night.

Zombie Sleepover

Travis checks on Chris’ nose, which isn’t broken. Chris wants to know what the hell is going on with people eating cops and dogs. Travis explains it’s a sickness, but that they won’t get it. There Travis go. Writing checks his ass can’t cash.

Mrs. Salazar is settled in a bedroom and her daughter thinks they should stick with Travis and family. She calls out her father for his lie about a cousin. He insists the house is the safest place for them tonight, and he knows where to go tomorrow. Mrs. Salazar tells her to trust her father and that’s that.

In their bedroom, Travis commends Maddie on thinking to hit up the school for Nick’s drugs and he apologizes for what Mr. Salazar did in the living room. You know, saved everyone’s ass. Madison knows he did what needed doing. Travis better get with the program.

Madison watches walker Susan as she still tries to reach through the fence because zombies are dumb. She makes Liza promise that if she ever gets like Susan, Liza will kill her and not let Travis do it because it would break him. Madison just basically pissed a circle around Travis to remind Liza he’s hers now. Also, Liza might not wait for Madison to get sick since Madison being all cute with it.

Madison’s one condition for staying was that Travis had to take care of the dead Peter in their living room. As he prepares to bury him out back, Mr. Salazar tells him they should probably burn the body to stop whatever it is from spreading. Why do I feel like this wasn’t the first time Mr. Salazar shot someone in the face or disposed of a body? Anyway, Travis continues to bury the body because he and Mr. Salazar have this weird Alpha Male thing going on and neither can be bothered to acknowledge when the other is making good points.

Road Tripping

The next morning, Travis takes the trashcan to the curb like someone coming to pick that shit up. He makes eye contact with a neighbor doing the same. Notice that neighbor didn’t show his face ONCE when all that shooting and screaming was going on.

Inside, Mr. Salazar (Daniel – I’m just gonna call him Daniel from now on) is showing Chris how to use the shotgun. Travis puts a stop to that shit IMMEDIATELY, despite Madison saying she gave the okay. They’re all packed and ready to go, but Madison has one more thing to do.

She stands just out of Susan’s reach and tries talking to her. Why, girl? Why? Just use the hammer you brought with you! But Travis puts a stop to that, too, because he’s a party pooper. He tells Madison she doesn’t know for sure that Susan is dead. She looks pretty fucking dead and probably smells it, too, but okay. Madison lets him talk her out of doing what needs to be done.

In the car with Nick, Madison gives him two more pills and he freaks when he sees they don’t have a lot left. She gave some to Mrs. Salazar and Nick is not happy. Junkies tend to be selfish so I’m okay with this.

In the house, Daniel’s daughter tries again to convince him they should go with Travis and he refuses. They’re good people, she says.

“Good people are the first to die,” he responds.

How can this character be so right, yet so wrong at the same time?

Doesn’t matter, though. Madison and Travis take off in two separate cars with their families. Instead of following Travis, Madison doubles back to the house when she sees Patrick, Susan’s husband, returning from his trip. She wants to warn him that his wife is dead. And might eat him.

She and the kids arrive just as he’s about to give his zombie wife a hug. Look. I get that he doesn’t know what’s going on exactly, but ain’t no way in hell I’m hugging ANYONE who looks like that.

FTWD - S1E3 - Poor Husband

Before she can take a bite out of him, a Rainbow 6 team arrives and puts one in Susan’s head. Then they grip everyone up as they start quarantining the neighborhood.

Game-score-8Madison flexes her white privilege, asking the armed military men where they took Patrick, and learns he was whisked off because he was covered in blood. She’s smart enough to tell them the fresh grave in the backyard was for their dog and not the zombie neighbor who got shot in the face in her living room. Along those lines, Travis gives them everyone’s names (including the Salazars) as being residents in their home. He tries to reassure Madison everything will be okay now that the military’s involved, but his face says otherwise.

Meanwhile, Nick’s sketchy ass is trying to break into someone’s house and walking around in those saggy old man clothes, looking zombie as fuck.

FTWD - S1E3 - Nick

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15 Comments on Fear the Walking Dead – S1E3 – The Dog

  1. Interested in the travis/Madison/Eliza dynamic going 4ward-scene in kitchen Liza reaching out 2 Madison as parent-could sense tension (Liza mentioned how they didn’t always get along)-(earlier in ep when nick mentioned he was w/family she responded sternly he went to pick up his son

  2. I’m loving this show but my “black man yelling at the tv screen” levels were off the chart last night. I know these teens are kinda grown but the parents need to lay down the law. Mr. Salazar is the only parent who shut their kid up when they started with their ideas for a new plan. Nick saying he needs drugs not his mom, ok druggie. Alicia forgetting to pick up the shells for the shotgun, girl your iPhone music is gonna be there when you get back. Chris pushing Travis after being mad he took a punch, boy please. If Travis was my dad he would’ve whooped me in the back yard in front of everybody.

    I’m mad that Madison STILL won’t tell her daughter what’s going on and did yall see how she busts up on the soldiers doing their patrols with fully automatic rifles? The privilege is strong in this one. Travis needs to grow a pair yesterday because pretty soon everybody is going to need to know how to use a gun or a machete or a damn ice pick. All three of those weapons I’m sure Mr. Salazar has used in the past.

    I’m really interested to see what happens in the next episode because we saw the power grid go off and on again and obviously hospitals aren’t the best place to be right now. Do you guys think the military will begin creating rest areas for non-infected or just put the citizens on house arrest and patrol the streets? Love the podcast can’t wait to hear the recap.

  3. FUCK THESE FUCKERS, that dog didn’t have to die like that he came there to warn that family that there was some crazy shit going on outside and they repay him by leaving him in the house with the back door open UGH. Why the fuck did that women have a maze in her backyard? Is that a suburban thing? Daniel is a G who knows that this family is weak and dumb as fuck, I wouldn’t go with them either just so Travis can give me shit about having a gun when ppl are eating other ppl, Daniel can stay. Daniel’s wife on the other don’t look like she is long for this world. I’m actually really proud of Alicia, she doesn’t know what’s going on but still knew to GTFO when she saw those legs and do you think she elbowed Chris because she thought he was like Susan or because she just hates Chris? Either way I loved it because fuck Chris. I’m gonna need these ppl to get with the program by the end of the season because its starting to get frustrating and since Ive grown up watching zombie films I’m finding it really hard to put myself in the mindset of ppl who haven’t even heard of the word zombie. I can’t tell if this is how ppl who don’t know about zombies should act or if they are just acting dumb. For example I can not imagine my neighbour looking like how Susan looked and think hmm she must be sick, WHAT SICKNESS MAKES YOU ACT LIKE THAT? PLZ SOMEBODY NAME ONE. That’s my feedback for today, can’t wait to hear your podcast.

  4. What I appreciate about this show is the dawning of horror moments:
    The wallboard bubbling
    Driving by the hospital to find it under siege
    The iconic LA lights flickering out
    The Katrina-like house markings indicating survivors
    Madison asking where Peter is, only to be told vaguely that he was covered in carnage.

    I also really loved the contrast between Travis saying, “Everything will be ok now” as the military pulls up, while the barber says, “It’s already too late.” His experience with the military rolling up in his neighborhood is not a good one and foreshadows how this will go. I like that.

    There were a lot of awkward moments I didn’t care for and I’ll leave those to others to complain about, but I just have one thing to say:

  5. Shiiiit. I would have died in that barbershop because I would have stayed my scared ass in the seat the whole time until it was too late.

    Are you telling me no one wanted to steal or destroy that car? Not accurate! Not with all the mayhem that was going this whole time.

    Man she should have told Alicia. I need a no secrets type of show. This secret isn’t worth it because she needs to be prepared for her world.

    Great visual effects on fresh walker meat! And way to go man of color! He knew what time it was. Travis would have had them all killed. Such a silly man. He will learn and keep this Latino man on the show! He was dropping bars left and right.

    And yeah, it will take them some time to get it that it is the ZA, but after seeing people eat people and having to shoot people, sick wasn’t the right word to use for them.

    Overall, it is a good episode and I need to have someone slap the hell out of someone these kids (looking at your Chris) because they are talking out there asses. Also that dog didn’t need to die.

  6. This was an enjoyable episode. I’m quite curious about the damage the military is about to inflict.

    Do y’all think Mr. Salazar is an illegal immigrant or running from something in El Salvador? Either way, the barber be knowing. He can stay. But Travis gotta get outta here with that “you know how I feel about guns” bullshit! Your neighbor tried to eat you and already ate that cute doggie! GTFO with that pacifist bullshit!

    Nick is a total druggie but he knows dead. Shame when the crackhead is one of the smart ones.

    Alicia & Chris still got on my nerves but I can respect Alicia’s hustle in that house. But why did they leave the door open? It wasn’t even shut!

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Hopefully the subtitles will be larger next week. And they’ll tell us what made Travis’ beat up truck riot proof.

  7. GOT DAMN I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Every episode be having a ninja all up in my emotions and ion even care who knows it THIS SHOW IS BETTER than the walking dead!!!

    Let’s start with Nicky!! I love everything about this character!! From his pettiness about Travis and his real family, to his refusal to wash his ass, I even love his over all crackheaded tendencies!! I mean I can just imagine this ninja going through all they neighbors homes(except that violent looking dudes) looking for shit to sell and smoke!!

    Then there’s Travis!! Ugh I was on the fence about this character from the beginning bc my ninja senses were tingling that they making him waaaay too nice!! But now I just realize he just a simp and he gon cause somebody to lose they life!! All I kno is it better not be my new bunny bae Alicia!! Thank God she finally knows what the tick tock is!!!

    Lastly is barber bro!! I think you described him perfectly in your recap, and all I can add is he is flirting with being on the DTM( doin the most) team!! He does have bars, but where in the actual fuck are you gonna find a doctor?!? Must be at this desert resort that Travis and them are planning on visiting!!

    Anyways that’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! And I love the new layout!! 💯

  8. Why, if they know that things are a little “shady” outdoors, do they stand looking out the windows, with the blinds wide the hell open & the ALL the damn lights on (whenever they flicked on)? If it were me, i’m not trying to attract any unnecessary attention when shit is suspect outside. It IS still common sense to close the blinds & or curtains, cut down on the lighting, shut the hell up & stay the fuck away from the windows & doors when something ain’t right outside, right? Hell, most Black grandma’s made you do that even when it was storming outside. And even when the lights were off, they were still standing in them goddamn windows with flashlights!!! Wtf?? You don’t need all those lights to play Monopoly. Light a candle, roll the damn dice & try not to go directly to jail. The shit ain’t hard.

    Those scenes irritated me to no end as did the fact that there was no backdoor to the barber shop apartment. That’s a fire hazard papa Salazar & now you see why. AND when the one cop was being chomped on by another cop in the street & Chris is just standing there yelling “Dad!” as if his dad is gonna stop & take some time to do something about cop on cop crime in the middle of a damn riot.

    & lastly, after all the shit you done seen thus far Travis, you gonna creep up on a muthaphucka getting down on some uncooked (dog) ribs? For what?? You gonna ask him if he wants barbecue sauce or a napkin or some shit? I would have been a little curious for a half a second like “this damn dude is really in my living room gettin’ down on some (dog) ribs” but then i would have immediately came to my senses like wait, this dude is really in my living room gettin’ down on some (dog) ribs….let me get my ass back in the truck. Mr Salazar would have been like “the fuck going on in the house T?” & as i’m backing the truck out the driveway (with or without Liza & my idiot son who wanna stand in the house & watch dog eating even tho i clearly told they ass to get back to the truck), i would have been like “man, it’s a damn shame what they did to that dog”.

    At any rate, they need to correct the small stupid things they’re having the characters do & i might be able to make it with the remaining episodes. If they don’t, they ass is getting cut off just like i just did the Strain ’cause fuck that show.

    Love the podcast! Deuces.

  9. I’m enjoying by the slow deterioration of society and the rapid decent into pandemonium.

    I think it’s a trip that the druggie is the only one who’s seen a zombie movie. A part of me understands that I know what’s going on and the characters have just started to experience any of this.

    I do sometimes get impatient for them to catch on. Travis if there is any time to be pro gun it’s now and how long does a muhfucka have to keep trying to bite you before you get that is not your friend?

    “And I don’t want to hear anything about “I don’t believe in zombies” because I don’t believe in zombies, but I believe in my own two eyes, and what I saw is fucking zombies!”

  10. Why didn’t they go through the the front door …instead going through the that Pans labyrinth backyard…is their neighbor jigsaw from SAW what was that maze all about? I mean she lived next door right ? just go out the front door and say hey Travis …over hear. She saw then through the window. So the door was probably 2 feet away…..That made no sense

  11. Hey guys. Really enjoyed this episode. Felt like a combination of Night Of The Living Dead and alot of stuff from S2 of the main show. I’ve noticed a handful of similarities to Season 2 of the main show. Daniel (aka Hispanic Hershel) and Travis having petty disagreements like Rick and Hershel did in their first encounters. The son of the main character being taught how to shoot with one parent competly rejecting the idea (Lori/Travis), a group of people with differing opinions on how to deal with this new world, Daniel/Hershel having a fine ass daughter (The lucky bastard that gets paired with her 😩🙌🏿) etc etc.

    – Speaking of The Salazar family, am I the only one that thinks there’s something up with them? Too many questions surrounding them IMO. Daniel is a littttleee too woke for my taste..

    – I know people are saying that Liza is a likely one to go out by the end of this season but I think it’s 50/50 between Liza and Madison on which “wife” they want to keep. I think Liza has been one of the few people in our group to kinda understand quickly that shit is real. I want her to stay around but with FTWD getting more episodes next season I’m not sure how filming / scheduling with OITNB will work out.

    – The plane crashing is clearly a early reference to that one hour episode that was talked about where they will introduce a new character for Season 2.

    – I’m curious to see how long the military last and how they fall in this universe. That’s something all zombie TV shows/movies tend to skip over and I’m curious to see how it’s handled here.

    – That shot of the lights going out in the city looked really cool.

    – Madison and her family are assholes. At times likable assholes but assholes nonetheless. How is Nick the one talking about “let’s leave Travis” when Travis was the only one who even gave shit about his “I see dead people” story. Ungrateful ass junkie who’s still in dead man’s clothes while being IN HIS OWN HOUSE. Chris saved Alicia’s privileged ass (btw; who’s bright idea was it to put a mini maze plantation in the backyard?) and gets clocked in the nose with no apology in sight. Liza offers to help secure the house more and Madison basically says “BITCH HE MINE!”. And Liza’s like “damn bitch, take it easy. You the one with Si Ying in your backyard” #Assholes.

    – Last, love how Travis’ truck wasn’t even touched! They asses must know about Travis Fucking Manawa….. Eh, doesn’t sound as good “Rick Fucking Grimes” but it’s close.

    Can’t wait till next week and I’ll start leaving more feedback on other shows non WD since you guys review a few other shows I watch. Later ✌🏿️.

  12. A missed opportunity was to have the asian dude turn into a Super Saiyan after Susan Ming died. Eh anyway this show is boring and sucks like The Walking Dead does. Season one was the best one because they stuck to the comics but they’ve whored out this franchise and made it complete shit. Kirkman can eat a jar of dicks. I’ll watch a good show like GOT that’s worth an hour of my time.

  13. First of all, why did it take Madison, Nick, and Alicia about 15 seconds to go TO the neighbors’ house through the backyard labyrinth, but a minute and a half to come back through it? WTF was that thing, anyway?

    Second: Madison: “If I ever get like that, take care of me so Travis doesn’t have to.” Liza: “Wait right here, bitch – I’ll take care of it now!” I mean, seriously?

  14. Despite everything that happened in this episode, I felt like this was one of the weakest so far.
    Maddie and Travis’s behavior was beyond confusing with both of them still marveling over the dead as if they hadn’t faced walkers before.
    Even Nick dropped the ball a few times, although his saving grace was finally telling Alicia the truth. Yet, I might be able to forgive leaving the house in order to find weapons, but leaving the door open? They deserved to lose someone and in what I thought was the strongest scene
    of the episode, Maddie finally seemed to somewhat understand that. Asking Lisa to take her out was great but didn’t make the impact it should have because Maddie failed to kill Susu.
    The scene with she and Travis with the hammer was lame. Maddie had already killed a friend, what was one more? I nearly felt bad for laughing when Patrick came home completely unaware of the zombie apocalypse.
    Salazar doubtlessly noticed the selective amnesia going on because he was in no mood to play peacekeeper with Travis and co as they fought with each other over dead people. At the beginning of the episode I thought Salazar was pretty harsh but by the end of the episode, after endless repetitions of “they’re sick”, I was with the old G. It doesn’t matter what’s wrong, they’re trying to kill you.
    I hope Salazar remembers that when his wifey turns. I also hope that someone knocks out Nick before he gets shot by the twitchy fingered soldiers. I can’t be the only one who thinks those soldiers are too eager to ask about infection.

  15. I like this show and especially watching how civilization went to hell. But they have to speed this shit up or theyre going to lose a ninja. Im glad alicia is in the know With Her Fine Ass. I can replace matt dead ass bae

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