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Fear the Walking Dead – S1E4 – Not Fade Away

Previously on Fear the Walking Dead, ‘The Dog’

This was one sleepy hour of television. 

It’s been nine days since we last saw the Clark, Manawa, and Salazar families. Since then, the National Guard has occupied the neighborhood, erecting electric fences to keep the dead out and the residents in. Travis jogs the neighborhood and Nick floats in the pool while Daniel Salazar peers out of the bedroom window. On the roof, Chris documents everything on his camcorder and notices something glinting in the sunlight from a window miles away.


Inside, Madison is frustrated because the power is out, her house is full of strangers, and she’s doing all of the cooking and cleaning (and junkie watching) while Travis is of little help and Liza disappears to give medical assistance to the neighbors. She fights with Travis, but Alicia puts a stop to it saying how ridiculous it is for them to argue like a normal couple when the world is anything but normal.

When Chris tries to show Travis that there are signs of life beyond the fence, Travis shuts him down. And when Madison tries to get Nick to take his meds (he says he forgot), he shuts her down cleaning he’s completely kicked his drug habit. Then he dives into the nasty-ass pool water like someone who has not kicked a drug habit.

The National Guardsman in charge, Meyers, gathers the neighborhood to read some announcements. He’s an asshole. These people are in one of twelve safe zones in the area and instead of asking pesky questions like, “When can we drink the water without boiling it?” and “Where is the medicine?,” he thinks they should just settle the hell down so he doesn’t have to shoot them. Like I said, asshole. He later asks Travis if he wouldn’t mind speaking to a neighbor, Doug, who’s having a bit of a meltdown. Travis reluctantly agrees and finds Doug rocking in his bathroom. Doug ain’t ’bout this quarantine life and doesn’t have the strength to take care of his family considering he’s scared AF. Travis gives him a half-ass pep talk that isn’t going to work in the long run. Doug does allow the military medics in to evaluate him.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Alicia brings the family’s rations back to the house and then traverses the maze in Susan’s backyard to sneak into her house. In quite possibly the most old people’s bedroom looking bedroom in the history of TV, she finds a note on the bedside table that makes her cry.

Liza finishes tending to a sick man named Hector, leaving him plenty of morphine to keep him comfortable. His wife is so grateful she sends Liza off with some soup. Nick watches from the other side of the fence and sneaks into Hector’s house. He hides under Hector’s bed, stealing the morphine IV and placing it between his toes. That’s some Black Ops level junky’ing right there. 

Chris, getting nowhere with his dad, shows Madison the video and says he believes someone is out there in need of help. Madison is also skeptical, but willing to listen more than Travis did.

Ofelia has found love in a hopeless place. She’s making out with one of the guards and in case you were thinking how sweet it is that she’s fallen in love in just nine days, it’s quickly made clear she’s using him to get meds for her mom. Unfortunately, he’s pretty much useless.

After some makeup sex in the car in the garage, Travis asks Madison why she’s acting so brand new. Before he lectures her on how she’s behaving towards her kids, she tells him he might want to pay attention to his own son, who has convinced her that there is someone out there. Oh, and she doesn’t trust the military because it’s been nine days and they’ve kept them from the rest of the world with little to no information, and something stinks worse than a city full of corpses. Their convo is cut short when Doug’s wife arrives to ask for Travis’ help in finding Doug, who took his car and bounced.

As the sun rises, Madison sits on the roof, trying to signal the possible survivors with a flashlight. She finally sees a response. Travis finds Doug’s car crashed at the fence and no signs of Doug. That raggedy-ass. While Meyers practice his golf swing, Travis begs him to send out a search party, but all’s good. Meyers claims they’ve already found Doug and taken him to a medical facility. Nothing sketchy about that at all. Then Travis tells him about what Chris saw, but Meyers insists Chris didn’t see shit. They’ve already gone house-to-house and there are no survivors out there.

Liza makes a house call to see Hector, but he’s been moved to the facility as well, and his wife is about to follow. She introduces Liza to Dr. Exner, who waits until they’re alone to call Liza out on not really being a registered nurse. But because she could really use Liza’s help, she asks her to pretend a little longer.

Madison sneaks out beyond the fence and finds signs that the world really did go to shit pretty quickly. There’s makeshift missing persons memorials and dead bodies in the street. And it DOES stink like a city full of corpses. When the military gets near, she hides under a car, right next to a dead woman with a bullet wound in her forehead.

FTWD S1E4 - Madison

Dr. Exner and Liza tend to Mrs. Salazar next, and Exner says she’ll be better cared for at the facility. Daniel insists on going, too. Outside, Exner examines Nick, who’s salty that Liza put his junkie business in the streets. Liza assures Nick and Travis that Exner, and the military, will take care of everything. Nick is alarmed to hear that Hector will be leaving, which means his morphine supply is about to dry right the hell up.

FTWD S1E4 - Exner examines Nick

Madison admits to Daniel where she’d gone, and he asks for details. She tells him about seeing bodies of people who were shot, but not infected. Daniel tells her a story of how the government in El Salvador murdered civilians and makes her promise that if he does not return from this facility, she will take care of Ofelia. He warns her to keep her son close, but I guess fuck Alicia. Speaking of Alicia, she’s back in Susan’s house giving herself a tattoo over the flower Matt drew on her arms. And tetanus. She’s giving herself tetanus.

Madison finds Nick searching through Hector’s house, looking for drugs. She beats.that.ass. Good for him. He had that shit coming from episode two. Also, he’s still wearing those old dead man’s clothes (at least the jacket). Later, Alicia comforts him in the bathroom even though he won’t tell her how he got those lumps.

Game-score-7“Want me to get mom?”

She’s the one who did this to me!

Everyone is in for a shock when Daniel is not allowed to go with his wife, Griselda. Instead, the guards have Nick’s name. Alicia warns Nick to run, but the guards hit him and grip him up. As Nick is taken away, Liza pleads with Dr. Exner. She tells Liza she’s of more use to them at the hospital and gives Liza just a few moments to decide if she’s staying or going. She goes. Of course, Madison blames Liza.

FTWD S1E4 - Nick Taken

Alicia lies in bed, reading Susan’s note, which is a suicide note left for her husband Patrick to find. As Travis sits on the roof, pondering his poor life choices, he sees and hears gunfire coming from the window in the distance.

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14 Comments on Fear the Walking Dead – S1E4 – Not Fade Away

  1. I’m a little disappointed in the show so far probably because I don’t care about the characters

  2. I loved the way this started because I originally thought before we saw Salazar looking out the window that they were doing a flashback. Tricked my ass. Also Chris talking in the background was not deep. Stop trying to make him important because no one cares.

    Fuck that military soldier. He said he will shoot them? Really? I think I heard a black man in the background say “you know he will!” I died.

    Maddie. Geez. If someone needs help, they go to the soldiers? You big dummy. You say this to look strong with Chris but you know it is bullshit because of your conversation with Travis so stop playing.

    Nick is the ultimate junkie. He took that man’s “essence” for himself. He is affectively making sure that man dies in pain!

    Maddie didn’t hit him right. Either she needed to hit him and let him know that the hitting was hurting her more than it was hurting him. Or she needed to hit him double bitchslap a la Tyrant (those who watch that show know what I am talking about).

    And damn Nick? He got taken away? This now will be one of my favorite shows because they separated the best character from the group. Daniel is going to get the rest of the group in shape. Any theories on Liza? (Of course if you didn’t already say something!)

  3. This episode was a bit of a snoozer for me. It seemed like filler for the most part. Here are a few specific thoughts on it.
    1. Travis – Fuck him. His ass is in denial, and is becoming a liability for the group. Fuck this show for making me dislike the only brown person in the main cast. He’s not black, but they have him playing the Magical Negro role and I hate it. I also hate his naked face. Black and brown men, grow some damn facial hair. You look untrustworthy otherwise.
    2. Chris – He can die with his dumb ass daddy.
    3. Maddie – I hated Maddie at first, but she’s gotten better over time. She was a dumb ass for going on a solo mission to another neighborhood tho. Especially without some kind of weapon to protect herself. I did like that “We Woke” meeting she had with Papi aka Salazar. Keep your heads up, playas!
    4. Papi/Salazar – This is my dude. I fux with this cat. I swear I saw this mutha fucka on Narcos fuckin’ cats up, Escobar Style. He moved his family to LA to live a quiet life once he got out of the game, but now shit wants to get crazy again. I love his “This is some bullshit” facial expressions and disposition. Papi ain’t about this bullshit.
    5. Nick – This boy ain’t shit. He was stealing meds from a dying man. I hope that man dies, turn, and eats Nick’s punk ass.
    6. The Military – What a bunch of penises these guys are. Them offing people seems like some Terminus type shit. That or that hospital Beth was in. They all get the side eye.
    7. Ophelia – I need this woman to stop popping her pussy for prescriptions.

  4. I fucking love this show!

    Nick: you fucking crackhead, who raised you? he hit level 100 on his junkie meter! I knew that fucker would find more ways to get himself some drugs. I’m kinda excited that he was taken away at the end, now maybe we can get some real action going since the group is now split.

    Mr. Salazar: this man is everything. I love his character, I hope nothing happens to him. I wouldn’t mind if Travis died and then Papá Salazar takes over as leader of the group.

    Speaking of Travis: he infuriates me. He can die.

    And lastly, SUSU!! My question from last week was answered; the pill bottle on the table wasn’t from Nick hijacking drugs, poor Susan killed herself because she saw a walker and said FUCK ALL THAT, BYE EVERYONE.

    Would you guys do? If you found out the world was ending, would you take Susan’s route and end it all yourself or would you try and survive?
    For myself, I would like to say I’d try to survive but honestly, I might just take myself out.

    Anyways, looking forward to the podcast! Love the show.

  5. All these fuck ass niggas could die, I’m tired of all their fuck ass ways — Except Mr. Salazar, Alicia and ironically enough, Chris.Chris is whiny but he’s paranoid and doesn’t trust anyone, which is a good trait to have in the ZA.

    I have no idea why Travis is out jogging ass jogging like he can’t get bit the fuck up, you know, cause the world is ending, but his cardio too important to stay safe. But I guess you fill your time with trivial things when you not raising your son and all. How do you believe the military over your son when you seen EMTs hoping out the Ambo with Hazmat suits and cops stocking up on water without telling the general public shit? What is his IQ?

    Liza get one compliment and she spilling all the tea? How she telling people Nick a junkie out the blue, Nick hid his track marks and everything!Then she just left her shitty ass son with his shitty ass father cause some one told her “You is smart, you is kind, you is important.” I was so sick and she only knew this lady for 8 hours and she hoping in the truck with the people that just beat the people she been staying with for 9 days. God Travis must have been a shitty husband too.

    Alicia was like really? We arguing over chores? Is that what we’re doing like the army ain’t outside telling us we can’t leave and my boyfriend ain’t dead? Oh, okay. By the way y’all really ain’t wondering how I’m doing? She this why Nick buried his sorrow in drugs.

    Madison… I like her this week, she hot and cold to me. I think her new found distrust is a good direction. I guess she one of those people who has to see it to believe it.

    Mr. S is my favorite!! Are we still trying to come up with nicknames? Is Salvador Molly fine? He knew he was volunteering for death, but he was all ready to die with his wife. He hit Madison with the “What you see out there dead bodies? It’s always dead bodies.” then he called them fools like his father. It was like when Little Kevin told Randy Lex was dead. Madison all shocked and Mr. S like what you thing they was doing?

    All and all, 1 character isn’t enough. I’m probably gonna finish the season out, but I don;t know if I’ll return for a season 2.

  6. What’s up guys, I’m here to give you your weekly reminder that this show is sooooo much better than the OG show!!

    Where do I begin?!?! I guess I’ll start with the hate to get it out the way!! Travis is the ABSOLUTE WORST!! Not only is he an ain’t shit daddy, he’s also the worlds worst post coital conversationalist!! I knew my ninja sense were tingling for a reason and every week he gives me more ammo!! The only thing I can say remotely positive is after Madison put dat nootsie on him he had to grab a drink of the brown water!!

    Next is Madison and her privilege!! Damn can’t she see when she got it good? She on that season 3 michonne shit, just suspicious when you got it made! She best enjoy dat soft mattress and occasional ac bc it’s damn sho better than that desert resort she thinks is out there!!

    Lastly is Nicky!! Got damn this ninja brings it every episode!! From him chillin poolside when the ac out, to letting his true crackheadedness show by stealing ole boys morphine on some slick shit!! He is such a train wreck and I love it!! I hope he never washed his ass bc at this point I chose to believe the only time he’s had water on his ass was in that dirty ass pool, and I ain’t even mad at him at this point!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Oh and i loved the fact that 9 days locked in the house with his wife and kids drove ole boy crazy enough to make a run for it!!

  7. I loved it! Nick aint shit ain’t never gonna be shit and his ass can die. Thank you Madison for finally whooping dat ass, that ass whooping was a long time coming. I don’t remember if it was your podcast or another one but somebody said that the reason Alicia elbowed Chris in the mouth last episode could be because Chris might have been a little pervy perv in previous visits, I did notice a very suspicious look he was giving Alicia at the end of the episode. Or maybe I just want Chris to be a perv because I can’t stand his face. Ummm how the fuck is nicks junkie ass being taken away Liza’s fault? Ugh just when I was starting to like Madison she goes and says some dumb shit like that. Liza was just trying to look out for nick because she knows he needs serious help, there was no shadiness in her telling that nurse about nick. And they better not give us another bethisode type episode next week with nick and Liza trying to escape a evil hospital. That’s my feedback, can’t wait to hear the podcast

  8. This show is so stupid. Fuck all of them except Salizar. That’s my dude right there!

    I’m ok with Ofelia doing what she gotta do for her mom.

    Liza don’t realize how dirty the government is? I’m not mad at her for ratting out Nick. Had he not stolen a sick man’s morphine, I’d have been mad about him getting hauled off. But for the moment, fuck him! That was so bottom feeder shit right there! He needed his mama to beat his ass years ago!

    So how long until Travis’ punk ass gets bit?

    Can’t wait to hear you guys discuss this one on the podcast.

  9. Even tho I went off on a lil rant last week i really liked this episode. This episode is what i liked about the first episode and my hopes for the series. I didn’t care for EP 2 & 3 because I saw it as “hey we need chaos and violence to draw the original walking dead fans”. Fuck that, they can do all that overly gore shit for season 2 and on , i wanna learn about shit prior to Rick waking up. Good shit Kirkman, don’t fuck it up again.

  10. Hey guys. I really liked this episode and how our characters were locked in the zone that I’m calling “half ass-Woodbury”.

    – Travis is too much like Rick in Season 1 & 2. I utterly hated Rick in those seasons. Travis just comes off as one of those people who know shit is suspect but his ass got too comfortable. He’s jogging, fucking his snow queen in the car and he’s army asshole’s right hand. I liked him in the first 2 episodes but he can get a Noah type death for all I care. #Fuckem

    – All I got to say about Nick… Fucking Junkie. At least Alicia’s making progress I suppose. #SoonToBeWoke

    – I bounce back and forth if I like Madison each episode. This episode she wasn’t having NONE OF IT! Maddie and Daniel/Hispanic Hershel just need to get together and that’s our killer duo.

    – I don’t know why so many people have a issue with Chris lol, he’s been more helpful then most. Told them the barber was about to burn down, saved Alicia and was the 1st to prove that the military was full of it. Leave Chris alone y’all lol.

    – I liked how the episode came back around with the person or people using the light as a signal. Poor who ever the hell they were though. Got that asses lit up 😪.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast, later 👍🏿.

  11. Do you think Ophelia really likes the soldier or is she just trying to get meds for her mom? I liked Alicia being realistic in there is no point in painting a garage when people are dying outside the fence. I guess Maddie just needs to do jobs around the house to keep mind occupied and sane. Do you guys think the guy who had a nervous breakdown and Hector are actually getting care at headquarters, or are they just being killed before they die or kill themselves s do turn in zombies? I know Mr Salazar thinks so and I’m on his team. I think what Maddie did was very stupid and irresponsible, but maybe the army should take a few reps outside the safe zone who could relay to people how serious things are and how good they really have it. I don’t think it was Liza’s intention to get Nick sent away, just to get methodone. I hope next week we get footage of the headquarters facility.

  12. Sorry Maddy cutting the gate pissed me off! Think the person doing the reflective SOS was Tobias? Travis can just go kick himself. In fact that entire family can meet their deaths. But im sure it’s going to be Maddy as the last one standing 😐

  13. hey guys (new listener) awesome recap. my thoughts for the episode were why is ophelia aka 40yr old virgin hooking up with the army dude when she could be scoping out next door with the confirmed medicine stealer junkie shes living with doing junkie runs??? also Alicia is gonna get sepsis and die cause she doesn’t want to have a shower in case the sharpie washes off from her stupid zombie boyfriend. Aunt SuSu had the right idea. And you know Maddy was just WAITING for some reason to pool all her hate on Liza and cause that ex-wife/new girlfriend drama suburban women live for. thanks love the podcast, Nina you crack me up! 🙂

  14. Hi guys love the podcast. I have questions. Why did Maddy not pick up the gun? She had no problems stealing drugs from school but wont get something that will help her defend herself. Loved the Nick beatdown! I am still very confused as to why the group is so slow to believe civilization is over as they know it. Alicia told them to stop acting like things are normal, they need to listen to that girl.

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