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Fear the Walking Dead – S1E6 – The Good Man

Previously on Fear the Walking Dead, ‘Cobalt’

The Dip Out

Los Angeles is a dark, walker-infested, city on fire. And those 2,000 walkers are still pressing against the chained doors at the stadium.

Travis and Madison inform the kids they’re leaving, but first they’ll stop to get Liza and Nick. Daniel thinks Adams has told them all he knows so maybe it’s time to kill him. Travis disagrees and Adams convinces them that they’ll need him once they’re inside the compound. Against his better judgement, Daniel agrees.

Adams pleads his case once he’s alone with Travis. He’s convinced Daniel will kill him eventually, and he offers to tell Travis where to go once inside if Travis will let him go.

Outside, Madison feels bad about ditching out on the neighbors, but Ofelia? Not so much. Her behavior at the gate last episode may have been an act, but she clearly meant what she said about the neighbors not doing anything when their families were taken.

They leave the subdivision, passing neighbors sitting down to dinner without a clue. They don’t even close the damn gate behind them.

Evac Imminent

At the facility, Exner radios for confirmation of their evacuation. She lists the number of ill and the personnel. Andrews Air Force Base has room and the extraction teams are on their way. Liza wonders what this means for her family. Exner wonders who is considered family. Travis and Chris or everyone? Uneasy having to choose, Liza eventually says she just wants to stop for Travis and Chris.

Daniel comes strolling up to the north gate of the facility and when guards threaten to shoot him, he suggests they save their ammo for the 2,000 walkers turning the corner.

Oh, Daniel. 

Daniel returns to the parking garage on the other side, where everyone else is waiting. He learns Travis let Adams go. “It was the right thing to do,” Madison says.

Daniel warns it might bite them in the ass and then looks disgusted with the group of pussies he got stuck with in the zombie apocalypse. They leave Chris and Alicia with the cars.

Inside, Nick is suffering from RJS (Restless Junkie Syndrome). Strand suggests he imagine a needle in his arm and take a damn seat. They’re chatting about Nick’s neighborhood when the gunfire from outside seems to be making its way inside. Strand searches his pockets for the key, but Nick has it.

Slick junkie skills.


Now that the compound is compromised, the evac helicopters are like, “Hold on. Let’s assess the situation.” Then they assess their asses right up out of there. Exner advises the medical staff, including Liza, to run. She’ll remain to take care of the patients.

Travis, Daniel, Madison, and Ofelia sneak inside the compound as the walkers storm the gate. Daniel says they’ll worry about how they’ll escape once the walkers are inside when they get to that point.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

For some dumb reason, Alicia and Chris get out of the car to chat, but end up rushing back inside when they hear someone approaching. It’s a trio of soldiers looking for a ride. They rough Chris up and make sexually suggestive comments and gestures towards Alicia because, for some reason, every man in the military is a piece of shit on this show. Then they take the keys to the car.

Strand and Nick exit their cage with Strand refusing to help anyone else. Helping those strangers does not help them. Strand’s mission is to obtain a ride and then head for Abigail. Nick is all, “Who dat?”

Liza uses her ID card to get to the evac point where soldiers are leaving. The gates finally give and Liza  watches as the soldiers get attacked. One bitten man is denied entry to a helicopter, so he runs into the rotating blades.

Jesus wept.

She runs back inside with other soldiers as the gates give out completely.

Fear The Walking Dead

Nick and Strand find Melvin, the guard Strand bribed, being eaten. Strand gets his cufflinks back, but tells the dying man he can keep the watch. When other walkers arrive, Strand grabs a gun and they run for it. Unfortunately, Melvin was his ride. The two get trapped in a corridor with walkers approaching. The door in front of them is locked.

FTWD S1E6 - Strand and Nick

Madison and crew arrive on the other side and Nick tells his mother to leave when they can’t get the door open.

FTWD S1E6 - Nick and Madison

Thankfully, Liza arrives and uses her key card to get the door open. After a fight with a few walkers in the kitchen, Daniel asks Liza about his wife and she has to tell him and Ofelia that Griselda didn’t make it and there’s “nothing left to see.”

When they find Exner, she tells them how to get out, but warns there’s nowhere to go and refuses to leave with them. Madison is like, “Oh, well.”

Once they get outside, it’s daylight, and they find the smoking remains of the dead patients. Ofelia cries because she knows her mother is in that pile.

FTWD S1E6 - Ofelia and Daniel

At the parking garage, there’s a moment of panic when they can’t find the car or the kids, and despite Daniel’s warnings to keep their voices down, Madison and Travis begin to call out for the kids, who were just chilling in the stairwell.

Happy ending! Everyone made it!

Not so fast. 

Adams appears with a gun and points it at Salazar. Everyone, including Ofelia, tries to talk him down but he shoots her anyway. Travis attacks and takes out six episodes of passive behavior on Adams’ face.

Poor Shawn Hatosy.

At Strand’s urging, they all head to his house on the water and it’s pretty damn nice. While everyone gets comfortable, Strand begins to pack. He shows Nick his yacht on the water, introducing him to Abigail.

Liza explains to Daniel how to treat Ofelia’s wound, but she’s going to be okay. She then hugs Chris and tells him she loves him. Liza heads outside and Madison follows, finding her on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Liza has been bitten and wants Madison to kill her. Madison hesitates, but Liza insists there’s no other way. Travis appears and also believes medicine may help her, but Liza has seen too much. She knows it’s the end for her. She makes Travis promise to protect Chris, and then he shoots her.

As Chris cries over his mother’s body, Madison holds a crying Travis on the beach.

FTWD S1E6 - Madison and Travis

Overall Thoughts: 

  • This series had serious potential, but didn’t live up to it. Whether or not you thought or wanted this show to be about how society fell, that’s not what they gave us. What we got was the limited perspective of a handful of people who spent the majority of the season together. Once it was clear we weren’t going to be privy to information unless one of those characters was there to witness it, we became as clueless as they were. That’s particularly frustrating because when it comes to the future, we know everything. Our lens to view the right now is filthy.
    • How did the city fall so quickly? No idea. Shit got real in a nine-day time span that happened off-screen and between episodes.
    • What was the point of the people signaling for help from the window? I guess we’re supposed to believe that the military executed them, which is believable since every person in the military with a speaking part turned out to be a terrible person.
  • The most interesting thing I learned is that while the general public was still unaware of what was happening, medical personnel had protocol in place to deal with patients who die so that they didn’t come back as walkers, and a protocol in place if they did come back. I only know this from an article about the pilot, which learned it from AMC’s Story Sync. Everything else actually shown to us within the episodes was either things we already knew or things we’d already assumed, both from watching The Walking Dead.
  • I said last week that this series was a power outage away from being just like The Walking Dead. Well, this week, the power is out all over Los Angeles and the characters are in pretty much the same situation as the ones on TWD… except they’re cleaner.
  • Game-score-7Too many things were based on coincidence. There was no real reason why Madison and Travis’ neighborhood was chosen to be guarded. They just happened to show up in the nick of time. Travis just so happened to take shelter in the store of a man well-versed in torture. Nick just so happened to be put in the cell with the man with a plan… and a key. And what, exactly, was Nick’s purpose going to be for Strand’s escape. He said Nick possessed skills he needed. Really, the only skill Nick had was being related to the people who just so happened to be there when they were trapped.
  • I am curious to see what ground is covered in season two, but I’m not anxious to get there. If it’s going to be just like The Walking Dead except on the west coast, that’s fine. But it’s a shame that the series, so far, doesn’t have anything new to offer.
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20 Comments on Fear the Walking Dead – S1E6 – The Good Man

  1. Shut the fuck up Shawn Hatosy, bleh. And Travis made you shut the fuck up! So fuck you AMC for not showing who this man (Travis) really was until the last episode. Travis didn’t like guns because his weapon of choice were those iron fists of his. He made Shawn Hatosy look how we feel about him! Travis the real MVP. I think we needed the Gangsta Paradise music playing when he was beating the shit out of Shawn. He has MVP status. Even Chris was looking at him in the car like who dis man Harpo. I loved it.

    Holy shit Batman, FTWD spent all their budget on those walkers! I am not complaining at all about it. It was glorious. Crackhead magic trick by Nick when pulled out the key. I see you Nick. I see you. Also, Chris just had to get out of the car to get knocked the fuck out! But that is expected of him.

    This was the best episode of the season and now I cannot wait until next season. I mean I enjoyed every last bit of this episode and I was glued to this every fucking second. 10 out of motherfucking 10! What are you all looking forward to next season? I am waiting for Nick to become the clean badass we all know he will be. I also need to know more about Strand. Overall, I am now officially hooked.

    And I guess since I made this one short, I will say that Nina I am literally watching all of the shows you are podcasting except for AHS (I can’t fuck with scary shit!). I am not mad about this but how in the hell did you do this? It is like I can’t quit adding shows you podcast and it doesn’t help that I am at a total of 37 shows I cycle through throughout the year and this isn’t counting reality tv and anime. I didn’t watch the strain, the flash, or the leftovers until your podcasts came into my subscriptions. And I said “what the hell? I guess I should watch it” and I am glad I did because I would be missing really great TV (strain is debatable). So heads up, I will be leaving feedback on every podcast!

  2. Enjoyed it tremendously-more than made up 4 the first 5 episodes/sad about Liza-I really liked her character (moreso than Madison @ times) but it figures she would be the one 2 go as she also has roles on OITNB & power. Liked brother strand & his layout by the ocean complete w/a yacht ( how are they going to get there-scene sort of reminded me of dawn of dead remake where they attempted to escape on the boat-ironically male lead was bitten & committed suicide/Liza bitten & shot by Travis/glad Salazar & his daughter made it-guess soldier boy ended up zombie dinner/wonder if doc who stayed behind committed suicide/overall an enjoyable season finale-looking forward to s2/btw any1 catch talking dead last night?

  3. This was the good episode we’d been waiting for all season! We finally got a herd of walkers and I for one was finally entertained!

    I love Strand! That’s the dude you wanna be with in the apocalypse! He’s got a boat & supplies. Good enough for me.

    How petty was Daniel letting out all the walkers like that. It got them inside but damn man. That was cold blooded. And they could have at least closed the gates to the hood. I would have at least done that. Jeez.

    I knew somebody was gonna die but I didn’t expect it to be Liza. I was really hoping on Travis but oh well. She’s the only one in that group with medical knowledge. Sheesh. Travis got woke but too little too late for me.

    Nick is functioning pretty well right now. How long will that last?

    Wtf did skinny ass Chris think he was gonna do to those soldiers? I’m ok with him trying to defend Alicia but throwing the first punch was beyond stupid, especially considering he went down in one punch.

    I love that Liza threw Madison’s words back at her. And it looks like it did break punk ass Travis!

    Yeah, there was a helluva lot of coincidence and what not. But I was finally thoroughly entertained by this show so I will be watching next season. I want to see what Strand & Daniel do. Don’t necessarily care about the rest. And will LA be napalmed?

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Thanks for doing this show this summer, despite how idiotic it got. Will you be podcasting next year?

  4. The zombies were a great distraction, but I think was way too risky for the very reason of what happened: The zombies invaded the very area our group was trying to rescue their family from. Now you got to worry about your family getting eaten instead of the guards, ie RIP Liza. You were right Nina that they weren’t going to let both wives make it to next season. I still don’t fully understand how they drove out the camp with all those walkers around. I knew they shouldnt have left the soldier with compassionate Travis. He did learn his lesson though in the end of why you cant let someone go who you have just tortured. I was surprised as hell though when Ophelia walked in the house. I thought she had taken one to the head. Next, What in the whole the hell? Why are these army guys needing a car? Not enough damn HUMVs for them to leave in? And did they see the group pull in or something because why would they even be going to the parking lot expecting to find a car there? Also, does every damn tragedy kill all the good people and spare the rapists and child molesters? I wish they would’ve shown exactly how Alicia and Chris got out of that situation. Man that was a good scene when we thought Nick and Victor were going to die! I liked how they did foreshadowing earlier when and they went through the the door and the light turned red. The suicidal doctor reminds me of the people who opted to stay in the CDC and get blown up in the first season. Ophelia baby I know you miss you’re momma but we don’t have any time for impromptu wakes. Also when they walked out on the roof I thought yay it morning but I was like oh shit the sun doesn’t hurt zombies. That’s only in the VA. I loved that Victor got his cufflinks back. Also I was like heeeeeey boo (at victor) when they had made it to his gorgeous house. Too bad that does’t matter anymore in the ZA. But why was victor packing like he going on a damn business trip. He ain’t got no t-shirts? I liked the lovely metaphor Nick have us: Junkie life=ZA life. I don’t think Chris is going to fully understand that his mother had to be shot. If Travis wants any kind of relationship with him, he should follow Liza’s advice and say that Liza shot herself. Finally, I liked that Abigail turned out to be a boat. That’s going to be really helpful in the ZA but I’m not sure how the team is going to get to it and I bet they will probably run into some unsavory characters on the open seas. I really liked the finale and I cant wait to hear the podcast.

  5. This episode was fucking great. I’m officially hooked and can’t wait for next season. I will honestly put this up against alot of the main shows stuff and feel this episode was way better then the sesson 1 finale of walking dead.

    In someway almost every character stepped up in a way that we didn’t get with Rick and crew. For the first two seasons it was the Shane, Rick and company. This show really allowed you to get a feel of every character and i appreciate that (dj khaled voice). I take back most things I’ve said about Travis, Strand is THAT NIGGAH and Daniel is just a OG. So many feels in this from being grossed out by dude decapitating himself with the plane blade to Liza revealing she’s infected, this episode had everything i wanted.

    Nina while I can understand your issues with the show because maybe it didn’t live to your expectations, i do feel you were nitpicky with some things especially the whole coincidence thing. Couldn’t that be said about most shows INCLUDING the main show? (Rick being saved by Michonne before being killed by Governor, the group for months on the road yet just so happen to find the prison). Eh, agree to disagree. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

    My original facec at the rate you gave lol:

  6. I just got home from work, and I’m about to chill and eat, so I’ll keep this short. I thought this finale was cool. I am actually interested in seeing what happens as they move forward. Still don’t really care about the characters for the most part, but there’s at least some intriguing things. I’m interested in seeing if Travis’s punk ass will stay woke now. I want to see what Papi will do now that his wife is dead and his daughter has been shot. I also wanna see what’s up with this slick talking brotha they have on the show. I like the fact he’s rich and told those white folks they can’t stay in his house. They better not kill this nigga like they did the black soldier. That was fucked up. They had the black dude be the first to get bitten and then chopped his black ass up with a a fuckin helicopter blade. The racism on this show knows no damn bounds. Smh. Anyway, looking forward to hearing the podcast. Holla!

  7. This episode was AMAZING from top to bottom. I agree with Hassan about this being better then the main show’s season 1 finale. Easily.

    A few notes:

    I feel like they wrote Travis in a similar fashion to what they did with Rick in season 4 to an extent. Trying to become and stay one way while the world around you is telling you to become something different. He redeemed himself from all the fuck boy antics of the past 3 episodes. Cliff Curtis brought some of that Training Day shit here, we just need him to grow that mustache and we’re good lol.

    Along with Travis, Strand and Daniel were the MVPs this episode. They are similar with minor differences to me. Strand comes off more of a Shane type where he has a goal and if you are messing with him reaching that goal, “fuck you, you’re done” where as Daniel will show more moral but still cut a motherfucker up if he has to. Him leading the zombies to the high school was cold blooded as fuck tho lol. Petty, petty, petty.

    That dude walking into the blade was just a crazy shot. *cue Smokey🚬 and Craig saying “DAMNNNNNNN*

    Shitty, bitch ass Andy/Shawn Hatosy shot my bae Ofelia :(. The anger that came from me.. Mannnnn.

    I like that Chris kinda stepped up… only to get knocked back down lol..but whatever. Progress y’all, progress.

    Even though I had a feeling Liza would die, her death still upset me, I didn’t feel anyone needed to die but I guess me being upset was the goal so *shrug*

    I like we are in new territory with them having access to a boat. I believe a character in season 2 (T-Dog I think) pitched going to the coast line but clearly it never happened. I believe they will stay near land because there won’t really be a show if they are at sea. (Btw, did you guys check out the special with the plane that aired during the commercials that will intro a new character in S2?)

    Changing shows real quick, I know you guys have read up to Atleast the group leaving the prison in the comics. Is there a chance you guys can do like a comparison between the show and comics or review the issues? I know your kinda hesitant since you don’t wanna be spoiled but there’s enough change that while you’ll have an idea where the show will go, it won’t be predictable. Or Atleast up read up until they kill Pete.

    Excited for season 2 and can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  8. okay here’s my copy/paste word document feedback for this week:

    HAHAHA! I loved their “fuck all y’all, I got mine” plan by fucking everyone and just leaving and leaving the gate open

    Damn papa Salazar! That hand don’t shake! Just strolling along like a nice old man and then BAM fucking walkers everywhere like they’re his best friends “you should save your ammunition” papa you so sassy

    Shawn hatosy you blegh, shady motherfucker. “theres no story here that doesn’t end with me dead” lets hope so! UGH he’s so fucking annoying, of course he was gonna try kill Salazar but in comes travis with the fucking beatdown of the CENTURY everyone standing around like “shiiiiiiiiiit, don’t fuck with him”

    Black matthew mcconaghey is still creepy to me, leaving all those people behind in his suave ass tuxedo was kinda badass in a way though. When he and nick came across those walkers it was so hilarious “IM GETTING MY CUFFLINKS BACK, BITCH” though I’m nominating “that’s unfortunate” for line of the season.

    Why does any scene with chris and Alicia feel like theres creepy sexual tension undertones? I know theyre not related but eeeuuugh. I’m glad he finally got the ass whooping he has deserved all season but they are going full game of thrones making me feel one way about a character and as soon as comeuppance rolls around I’m all feeling bad for them. Those guards must be related to shawn hatosy because BLEGH

    I’m sad liza got the bite and had to die, but I’m sadder they all didn’t die in a fire bomb cause that means season 2.

    all in all this episode was definitely the best of the season, can’t wait to hate-watch season 2 just to see what happens.

  9. Travis, that stupid hippie bastard. I didn’t think he could get any worse, but he has proven me so wrong! Did he really think letting Corporal Hatosy go was going to be a good idea? And then copped an attitude about it when El Jefe asked him why the fcuk he did that. I can’t believe this guy. Ofelia’s getting shot was absolutely his fault. That did not have to happen. And don’t think you’re woke just because you whupped Hatosy’s ass….BLEGH.

    Liza, I hate it had to be her. She must have a bigger role coming in the next OITNB season. Or maybe she’s reprising her role on Power. That actress is working, I’ll tell you that. She was SO petty when she told Madison not to let Travis do it because it would break him. Madison was equally petty to let Travis shoot her! But I bet it broke him. Backfire, Maddy!

    Chris was less of a little shit today. Bless his heart, he tried to defend Alicia. Got knocked out with one punch. I gotta say I’m SO tired of the evil military trope. My dad is a retired Colonel in the Army and he would have been livid had he seen this. It’s generally annoying.

    I can’t forget my main man Strand! That nigga put that tie back on and wrecked shop as best he could! He AND Nick were working it! And I saw Maddy with Tyreese’s hammer! Maddy better check that attitude with Strand though. You saw the mustache, Maddy. He’s cool. Chill.

    I’ll end with more annoying Travis talk. After he shot Liza, he was clearly broken but come on. Quit playing on the beach and go comfort your son who is crying over his dead mother’s body. Jesus Christ, Travis.

    Oh my bad. Hey girl!!

  10. Hi guys!! I really enjoyed listening to you cover FTWD. Honestly the only reason I watched was because I knew it would be covered by Project Fandom since I haven’t watched TWD. I plan to eventually.

    Overall I thought this season was slow to build I really really enjoyed it by the end. Especially the finale which was just awesome in every way. From the angst on the faces of the characters to the heightened tension. When Ofelia died I was so shocked cause I wasn’t sure I liked her through out the season, but I didn’t want her to die either. But if it’s Btwn her and Daniel telling camp stories im fine with it.

    I really didn’t like Hatosy this episode ,better yet I’ll call him halitosis cause that’s really what he is.

    The one thing that did annoy the hell out of me this entire episode though was that no one was locking the fucking doors is from the very first scene said the very last scene. I’m like you guys could’ve bought yourself more time if you just closed one or two doors and then you’re at this Beach house like we’ll just leave the door open like what is going on with doors in the apocalypse.

    It sucks that Liza had to die but I guess it’s going to be great for Travis character development next season. He’s probably not going to want to fuck Madison for a couple of episodes next season. Although all of Travis’s actions where acceptable for a man slowly coming to the realization that the world is ending,it didn’t stop me from hating him.

    Nick, my favorite, such a good junky in the show. I’ve never had so much fun with a junkie in a TV show in my life, which is horrible cause he has a horrible addiction but I just love it and I’m here for it. Hopefully he finds some clothes that fit and also am I the only one who thinks that regardless of when Nick gets sober he’s still going to be a really shitty person? Like he’s not a shitty person cause of the drugs, just saying.

    Another thing I’m hoping you guys can enlighten me on, but fire. Does it no longer exists do people not know how to use it because I understand that shooting a person in the brain stops them from turning but why can’t we just light motherfucker on fire and they turn to ash, ash don’t change to nothing. Like the stadium could’ve easily been taken care of with just like a well placed bomb or just an easily struck match. If I was the military I would just equip the soldiers with fire guns.

    Also wish we found out a bit more about the dude in the suit.

    Ok so that’s it, again I just want to say thank you Nina, John and Donald. I really enjoyed the many hours you guys kept me entertained. Keep up the great freaking job! ✊✊🔥🔥🔥

  11. Ok, about the plan to release thousands of zombies as a diversion, I needed to hear that discussion.

    Because from what I saw, these people were a catalyst for the ZA and got a lot of people killed.

    I don’t know why Evil Tyrese was in the cage but I’m glad he was. Dude owns being a dick.

    Travis finally grows a pair and beats the shit out that dude but I’m wondering at the how and why of this muthafucka following them to the compound, getting into the garage after the zombies horde was released, abs waiting to get revenge on Salazar.

    Anyway. Nick got deep at the end and Liza had a good end although cliched.
    Seems ever movie or show does that got bit but I’m not gonna say anything until it’s plot relevant thing.

  12. Wow what an episode, I don’t know how the walking dead is gonna follow that bc this show dropped the mic on they ass!! I would tell y’all more why this show is better but I’ll just get to my hilights

    1. Chris had a really tough episode huh? From the military giving him that one hitter quitter, to his punk ass daddy putting a hot one in his infected momma boy dats that hurt!! I mean all I can hope is by taking that L by the military it awakens Alicia inner freak gene and she can give him dem guts!! I know y’all saw the way she licked the freeze pop! They gon fuck

    2. Is strand!! This nigga a baller son!! I mean he had all them up in his wondering how many Grammys he got!! I kept waiting for Jarvis to say welcome can I help you?!? But then he went crazy bc he wants to leave that luxury! Ain’t no way in hell he could’ve got me to leave!! They got hot water and power?!?! Fuck outta here bro!! Am I wrong in thinking the yacht should only be the fall back plan?

    Anyways I know you got a lot of feedback so I’ll end it here, can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  13. Man, I’m glad I stuck around to see Travis go all Chris Partlow on Sean Hatosy’s face (blah)I was just waiting for Snoop to pop up and say “Damn we ain’t even get him to the vacant”. This episode was good, but I’m not sure it’s enough to keep me.

    I don’t feel like anything happened, I don’t feel like anyone really changed, aside from Travis facing the sum of all his bad choices and snapping. But I didn’t even care. Oh Eliza dead? Oh Well. She lost her mommy and she’s sad? Nah son, I gives no fucks. Chris and Alicia in danger? Good they need to die! Suit dude might not make it? Well, I actually cared about Suit dude. But overall I wasn’t impressed, I could’ve just waited for TWD.

  14. This was definitely the best episode of the season. Too bad the other 5 episodes left so much to be desired. I’m intrigued to see them get out to that boat, but I’m not eagerly counting down the days until the show comes back. I’m glad Travis finally did something right, unfortunately it only happened because he was the one who made the mistake of letting that asshole go in the first place. And I’m really pissed that Liza died. It should have been you, Travis. It should have been you!

  15. I just had to stop by and say these writers pulled a rope a dope on us. Got Travis beating people’s skull in and the black man has so much money his grandkids are rich! Strand and Narco Salazar are too smooth. I loved this season and can’t wait for the next one, I’ll say in advance the podcast will be great.

  16. OK IL keep this real short (I hope) Salazar aka Barber Papi gotta kill Travis. Why cuz if he had followed Barber Papi’s orders soldier boy wouldn’t have been able to shoot Ophelia.
    Barber Papi’s plan was good in theory not execution.
    I hate Strand but I literally thought “Go west? Negro you gotta yatch or something? Lol and behold he does. So…how did he know? I’m interested in his story even though I hate him or at least don’t trust him.
    The kids….gotta die.
    Poor Liza. Shout out to the doctor that told her to go though.
    So in the last scene I really wanted Maddie to ruin the moment like “Soooo I still get to shoot her right? She DID ask. *under her breath* Throw my words in my face heffa”
    But that’s my petty showing out.

  17. Hey! Who knew Travis was ambidextrous? Most of us guys have one dominant hand and the other we call it the “Stranger”. Travis switched with no problems!

  18. Man some of y’all need to chill with the Travis hate. I mean really, not everyone is going to automatically adapt to a crisis the way you would or the way you THINK you would. People respond to trauma in different ways, denial being just one. Not everyone can become a gun wielding badass over night. It took Rick until the end of season 2 to start becoming bout it bout it and even in subsequent seasons he had moments where he didn’t want his guns or to kill. It took Carl almost being raped and the group almost being eaten by cannibal for Rick to finally give zero fucks. Travis will learn to adapt and evolve in this situation. They’re only 12 days into the ZA.

    The show I general was just OK. It really should have been called TWD Los Angeles because by skipping 9 days, and refusing to deal with the origins or spread of the disease they really didn’t show us anything we haven’t seen on the orginial ( and far better) show.
    Just my two cents and thanks for the podcasts guys!!

  19. I will keep this short. I loved it! I was on the edge of my seat for 3/4 of the episode and I have hope for season 2. RIP Liza.
    Love the podcast 💋😀

  20. I really liked this finale! I loved the long aerial shots through the city in all of it’s apocalyptic splendor and they way the brought us back full circle to the concrete river channel. When the camera pulls up as they drive under the clogged freeways and then head for the ocean – that was fantastic shot.

    I wasn’t sure about Daniel’s stadium walker plan. They were going to get out pretty soon anyway though.

    I had a feeling Liza was pulling a Bob. Her struggle with that walker in the kitchen went on a little too long for it not to have gotten her. I’ll miss her, I’m not gonna lie, I cried.

    The “Travis is a pacifist because he is a violent maniac” when unleashed theory paid off big time (poor Shawn Hatosy Blech)
    A little heavy handed but I’ll take it.

    The ending shot of Travis with the waves washing over him in his exquisite agony though was too over the top and eh…, a bit cliche’ and corny but I still really loved this episode and this series over all 🙂

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