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Fear the Walking Dead – S2E2 – We All Fall Down

Previously on Fear the Walking Dead, ‘Monster’

Dear Diary,

We spent a bit of time trying to stay ahead of the boat that’s most definitely following us. I’m pretty sure Strand thinks this is all my fault by the way he keeps saying, “Alicia, this is all your fault.”

It looks as though Nick’s ocean swim where he almost got killed was actually a good thing. He snagged the boat’s logbook and we learned that San Diego is also pretty fucked. Not sure where we’re headed long term, but we’re currently headed for an island reserve so we can hide from whoever is chasing us… who’s probably Jack. I hope it’s Jack and I hope it’s for a good reason like, he wants to be with me. Not for a bad reason like he’s going to kill us all and steal all of our shit.


P.S. I wonder if Jack is thinking about me right now.

P.P.S. I’m going to put in some earbuds and listen to music while I explore this neighborhood all alone. That seems like a super fun and smart thing to do.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Dear Diary,

We’ve docked at the reserve, but if Strand thinks I’m going to leave him alone on “his” boat, he’s crazy. He will not leave us STRANDed. Heh. See what I did there, diary?

My open hostility and offensive questions yielded nothing so I was forced to wait until he was otherwise occupied to go digging through his personal belongings. And guess what I found?

Maps! On a boat! Why would he need maps? I also found a semi-automatic weapon, but for some reason I am most concerned about these maps.

I’ll keep you posted.


FTWD - S2E2 - Ofelia

Dear Diary, 

I’m so glad I spotted that light in the window. This nice family has offered us shelter for awhile. The place is pretty secure, fenced off from the shore. Melissa, the wife, is sweet. She asked me questions about my work as a counselor and it made me miss my old life. She was particularly interested in how I was able to care for my students like they were my own children.

And I was like, “Woah, lady! What? You gonna ask me to take your kids? We just met! Hahahaha Hahaha Ha Ha!”

Then she looked like she was going to cry. Super weird.


FTWD S2E2 - Madison and Travis

Dear Diary,

I am so in over my head. I don’t know what the fuck is going on. This guy, George, is like some kind of survivalist nut. He said damn near half the country is gone. That can’t be right.

At least things around here are quiet. I thought I’d take an opportunity to check in on Chris, but he doesn’t want to be bothered. The only thing that seems to give him any comfort is killing the dead ones at the fence with that kid Seth.

Thankfully he has at least one person to talk to. Lord knows it won’t be me.

Gotta go. Madison wants to talk to me about some new plan she has.


FTWD S2E2 - Chris

Dear Diary,

Weeeeeee! This place is dope. Speaking of which, this family has a mad stash. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The two little kids in this house love me. Probably cause I’m walking around looking like someone’s kind grandpa.

FTWD - S2E2 - Nick and Harry

Anyway, I’m hanging out with them playing Barbies and G.I. Joe and whatnot, and Harry – he’s the little boy – is all, “We have super pills!”

And I was all, “Whaaaat?”

And he was all, “Yeah! My daddy says these pills will keep us together as a family. They’re magic.”

And I was all, “Slow down, little dude. Back up to the part where your dad tells you where he keeps these pills.”

He didn’t know, but that didn’t stop me. I went snooping and found it in like, four seconds flat. What can I say? I know my stash spots.

FTWD - Nick - S2E2

But check it: It wasn’t anything cool like oxy, meth, valium, heroin, krokodil, cocaine, PCP, crack, Alprozolam, Scopolamine, GHB, codeine, steroids, Adderall, Katmine, LSD, shrooms, Tylenol, opium, or bath salts.

Trust me. I checked. Twice.

Nah, it was like real, honest-to-God poison. And I low-key was going to try it, but…

I went to tell my mom and Travis, and it turns out Melissa had already asked my mom if we could take her little kids with us because George was seriously ready to go all Jonestown up in this bitch. I guess she said fuck Seth cause he wasn’t invited.



Captain’s Log, Day Five


Salazar is straight up questioning me on my own damn boat. I mean, even if it wasn’t my boat, it is now, right? Does he know how to navigate this bitch? I bet not. He finally leaves me alone long enough for me to handle some private business.

Just when I was starting to feel good about things – we lost the boat that was following us – everyone comes hauling ass back to the Abigail carrying some kid.

I was like, you leave these white folks alone for five minutes and they multiply!

Madison is yelling about how the parents and the little sister are dead and now we gotta take this little boy with us and I was like, the hell you say! I don’t care if it is the zombie apocalypse. I am a black man in America. I cannot be absconding with some little white boy! The only way this could be more inappropriate is if I was a black man alone in the apocalypse with two little white girls and a white baby.

Not today, White Satan!

But then that shit just figured itself out cause the big brother showed up with a rifle and everyone else was like, “Let us take him. And you too. It’s what’s best!”

And I was like, “Look. Y’all can all pound sand. Literally.”

And you know it was all Madison’s idea and poor Travis was standing there with this look on his face like, “But when we first got together we agreed no more kids.”

They finally let him leave with his little brother and we sailed off just as the older boy had to shoot his undead mother. Between this and the mess with Chris and his mom, I feel like this is some kind of pattern beginning in this strange new world. Like, I bet in other parts of the country, like Georgia and Virginia, other little boys are either killing their moms, watching their moms die, or having to put their moms down after they become undead. I don’t know why. Just a feeling I got.


FTWD S2E2 - Strand

Fear the Walking Dead S2E2 = 6.3/10
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  1. Excellent review. I may just let a couple of episodes pile up on my DVR.

  2. Love the diary format!
    The group should’ve gone to Catalina Island–the bison herd would’ve meant buffalo burgers for everyone, instead of crazy survivalists. And maybe even some no longer overpriced artisanal candied apples!

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