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Fear the Walking Dead – S2E4 – Blood in the Streets

Previously on Fear the Walking Dead, “Ouroboros”

Dear Diary,

Strand once told me that my fearlessness and focus made me valuable, but I’m starting to think he only kept me around because I’m the only one crazy enough to follow him without question. He was all, “Swim to shore in the middle of the night to hook up with my homeboy” and I was like, “Breast stroke or backstroke?”

But it’s cool ’cause I’m like a super spy or some shit. I got to shore, hunted down one of the dead ones and covered myself in his guts. That’s pretty much my favorite thing to do now.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

I finally met up with Luis in some swanky subdivision also named Abigail. Luis is pretty cool. He has this badass car, but he made me wash off the blood and guts before I got in it. I was like, “Man, you can’t drive the car to Mexico, so why do you care if it gets dirty?”

He was not amused.

Anyway, I got some news clothes at least. I hope Ofelia likes them.


Dear Diary,

O.M.G. These crazy people came aboard the Abigail and they have guns. They shot at Strand as he tried to get away on a life raft. I think he might be dead. One of them, this pregnant chick, hit my mom so hard she passed out. Then they made me help tie the others up.

But I’m burying the lede.

Jack came for me!

I knew he would! I just wish he wasn’t so… you know, fucking crazy. Cause now I’m almost definitely going to have to kill his ass. He says he has the ear to the guy in charge, Connor. Well, I’m gonna make sure I have Jack’s ear.


P.S. Where the hell is Nick?

FTWD S2E4 - Strand in Water

Dear Diary,

Shit just got so real.

Alicia’s little pen pal and his friends came aboard our boat. Reed, the main asshole, made me wire the boat since Strand took off with the keys. He didn’t think I could do it. Why does everyone doubt me, diary? I mean, how do you expect anyone to do a good job when you’re hovering over them with a gun and low expectations? I’m sick of people treating me like a chump. I am not a chump! I’ll look for an opportunity to prove myself during all of this.


Dear Diary,

I knew Alicia’s loose lips would sink our ship. Ofelia would never.

I have to sit tied up while these punks put guns in our faces and threaten our lives. If anything happens to Ofelia I will feed Alicia to the sharks. Speaking of sharks, Strand ran like a coward. I hope they killed him, and when he comes back, I want to find him so I can kill him again. Slowly.

I’ve not yet decided which one of these thugs I will kill first. But I know how I will do it. What I did to that Army asshole *blech* will look like a deep tissue massage when I’m done with these fools.

Truth be told, diary, I miss the feeling of slicing into flesh. The rush you get when the blood blossoms from beneath the skin smelling of metal and promise. I cannot wait. When I’m through, they’ll know why I was called El Pelador back in El Salvador.


Dear Diary,

They have fucked with the wrong boat. I had just gotten Travis to listen to me and stop whining about Mexico when this shit happened.

I tried distracting the pregnant bitch who hit me by making her think her baby might die inside of her and turn into one of those monsters. Ofelia even chimed in to help – didn’t know she had it in her – but all it did was make the girl even angrier. Still, it allowed Daniel to loosen his ties unnoticed.

When their boss got here, they took Alicia and Travis. Now I just want my baby back. I thought something had already happened to Nick, but he showed up with one of Strand’s friends, Luis. And right on time too, because Luis showed up putting bullets in heads! I don’t even care where Nick was. He could have been smoking up half the Pacific. Doesn’t matter. He’s the real MVP.


FTWD S2E4 - Luis and Nick

Captain’s Log, Day 13

I hate these people.

So much.

I just want to get back to Thomas. Now I’m drifting in the ocean, probably going to die.

An unsuccessful con turned out to be the best con of my life because it led me to Thomas Abigail. And he was right. I shouldn’t have gone to California with the outbreak getting so bad. I pray I get to see him again so I can tell him I was wrong.

How am I going to get out of this one though? Even if Madison and the others manage to fight off our attackers, what are the odds they’d come looking for me? This is what Daniel has been wanting all along. My boat without me on it. And Madison did say she’d kill me. I am so screwed. I should have just left them where I found them.

Oh, wait. I think someone’s coming.

Well, I’ll be damned.


FTWD - S2E4 - Strand and Madison

Fear the Walking Dead S2E4 = 8.5/10
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