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Fear the Walking Dead – S2E5 – Captive

Previously on Fear the Walking Dead, “Blood in the Streets”

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Dear Diary, 

I tended to the wounds of our captured assailant, though I really wanted to let him die. Ofelia was hovering nearby as if she could read my mind. Perhaps she could read the bloodlust in my eyes instead. Still, it doesn’t matter. He will be dead sooner or later. We just need him alive long enough to trade him for Alicia and Travis.

I left Chris to guard our prisoner, but before I went, I noticed something in Chris’ eyes. Something I’m all too familiar with.

Eh. I’m not mad at him.


FTWD S2E5 - Chris

Dear Diary, 

Jack is the worst. This ship is the worst. Connor’s the worst. And that pregnant bitch. Don’t even get me started.

Connor made me a steak and I was all, “I’m vegan. Duh.” But I was starving so I ate a bit of it when he left the room. Then Preggo comes and takes my steak. Bitch!

I have no idea what they’ve done with Travis. They gave me a job tracking other ships so I now I see how they choose who to go after. I wasn’t special at all. Just stupid enough to fall for Jack’s tricks. He keeps apologizing and saying how great it’s going to be with me and I’m just waiting for the right moment to shank his ass and take off.

Holy crap. The Abigail is back and there’s no way they dropped my family off on the mainland first.

Diary, is Alicia gonna have to choke a bitch? I think so.


FTWD - S2E5 - Alicia

Dear Diary,

I’m locked up in a cell. Not sure where Alicia is. I have no idea if Madison and the others are alive or dead.

To make matters worse, guess who showed up? Alex. The girl from the boat. And she is pissed. She’s doing that pinched face thing Madison always does when she’s about to yell at me. Alex blames me for cutting her loose, but I’m not the one who did it! She says she wouldn’t have been pulled along if it wasn’t for me, but the alternative was her being LEFT BEHIND. I was trying to be nice!

I’m not going to argue though. She’s also doing that hissing and talking through her teeth thing Madison does right before she hits me.


FTWD S2E5 - Travis

Dear Diary,

Chris done shot that guy, y’all. I spoke to him right before he did it and he was feeling bad because he didn’t immediately shoot when they first got here, and I was all, “Dude, you were going to shoot a pregnant woman? I wouldn’t have. No one would have shot a pregnant woman.”

But now? Yooooo, I’m thinking the little psychopath might have shot her!

He said he did it cause the guy was going to turn, but no one is buying that. He did that shit ’cause he wanted to. Mom is going to lose her shit.


FTWD S2E5 - Madison Exchange

Dear Diary,

I have to do every-fucking-thing myself.

First, I had to tell Strand to just concentrate on defrosting and not dying, and let me take the Abigail to get my family back. Luis said we had to leave them behind or we wouldn’t get into Mexico. I was like, “You don’t even go here, Luis!”

I made a deal with that Connor asshole to give him back his brother for Travis and Alicia. And Chris killed the brother! He asked, “Did I just mess everything up?”

I wanted to say, “Yes. Yes, you did, you fool.” But I didn’t because the little psychopath was still holding the gun.

Daniel had a great idea that we could just put a pillowcase over the brother’s head after he turned. It worked! By the time Connor pulled the hood off, I had Travis and Connor was walker food. But where was Alicia?

I look up and see her chit-chatting with that boy Jack. Girl, if you don’t get your ass in this boat.


FTWD S2E5 - Boat Getaway

Captain’s Log – Day 14

Are you listening, God? It’s me, Strand.

Please let Connor kill all of these people so Luis and I can head off to Mexico.


Fear the Walking Dead S2E5 = 7.8/10
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    Plot - 7.5/10
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    Dialogue - 7.5/10
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    Action - 7.5/10
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