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First Look: New Thor: The Dark World Trailer (UK)

I’m not sure I can string together coherent sentences after watching this trailer. I’ll try. The last (first) Thor trailer we were treated to left many underwhelmed. I liked it. THIS should quiet the worrywarts. It opens with Loki, features lots of Loki, and confirms that the movie doesn’t take place entirely in our realm. It seems everyone has no issue letting Loki know they’re not here for his shit this time.

We got more Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins, and Rene Russo kicking all kinds of ass. And we don’t get to see him, but we hear the voice of Christopher Eccleston. Exciting! And Chris Hemsworth sure knows how to make an entrance.

Thor: The Dark World premieres November 8th, 2013.


Thor the Dark World Poster

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