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FIRST LOOK: Thor: The Dark World Trailer

We were promised our first look at the Thor sequel, and we certainly got it.

Maybe I’ve been too recently spoiled by the absolute awesome that we got last week with the Man of Steel andStar Trek Into Darkness trailers, but my reaction to this one is decidedly “meh”. Really, though, this is just a terrible trailer. It just is. Admittedly, it’s just a teaser, and the nature is to not show too much, but we really only get glimpses of things that aren’t all that great (with Anthony Hopkins’ Odin delivering narration reminiscent of Kevin Costner/Russell Crowe in the Man of Steel trailers) I can guarantee you, right now, that this movie will be much, much better than this trailer (even complete with Thor’s Darth Vader “Nooooo!”)

I thought maybe this was just a problem with Thor and the fact that it’s so much more supernatural, so I checked the trailer for the first film, but that trailer is good. This trailer certainly looks as though The Dark World will be tackling the fantastical nature of the Thor story much more seriously (and in-depth) than the first film, but that won’t be to the film’s detriment at all. What I really think my problem is with this trailer is that it’s advertising a November release, when Thor: The Dark World is going to be a summer movie; the only reason it’s releasing in November is because Marvel’s slate is so jam-packed with Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That’s not a complaint; it’s an embarrassment of riches. Hopefully, the next trailer will sell the film and not the release date, and then I’m sure that will be a great trailer.

Two important things we see (on top of Chris Hemsworth still rocking the hell out of that Thor look) in this trailer, though, are: 1. the fact that Natalie Portman’s Jane is kidnapped; that shit is put right on Front Street, and I like that it is; that tells me that the actual act of her becoming kidnapped won’t be a huge part of the movie. 2. Thor and Loki are teaming up, and that is excellent. What makes it even better is the fact that, when Thor asks for Loki’s help, Loki turns into Jeremy Renner in The Town, and he’s just like “Whose car we takin’?”. That’s what you want from the Thor/Loki relationship: uneasy camaraderie. I’m hoping that scene takes place fairly early on in the film, so we can spend a sizable chunk of our time watching them play off of each other, because that will make for movie gold.


Thor: The Dark World

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