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Full-Body Set Photo of The Winter Soldier

Marvel’s follow-up to 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger isn’t due to hit theaters until 2014–with Thor: The Dark World releasing in the mean time–but today’s world won’t let Captain America: The Winter Soldier be filmed without several set photos leaking out of the Cleveland, Ohio, set and onto the internet.

Winter Soldier close-up

We’ve previously seen the above photo of the sequel’s villain Winter Soldier, but fans of the character surely notice his left arm is way too covered up for us to see whether or not the film captured the bionic arm well. Considering the railway bandit mask he’s been given, you don’t know what to expect to see when he removes that jacket.

Well, then we got a bit of a look at the upper half of the arm, and it looks fantastic:


Winter Soldier’s bionic arm is his most recognizable feature, for obvious reasons, so it’s very satisfying to see it captured in such accurate detail, including the signature red star of communism right smack in the middle. How well they’ve managed to translate the very hokey concept from page to screen almost makes up for the mask change.

Now, Redditor PMdude has shared the first look at Winter Soldier’s full-body character design, complete with bionic arm exposed:

Winter Soldier full-body

This may be Sebastian Stan, or it may be his stunt double; I’m not sure.

It looks even cooler! Okay, the arm definitely makes up for the mask. I am so looking forward to this movie, and it’s entirely because of the Winter Soldier storyline. Don’t get me wrong; I like Captain America and felt the first film was done very well, but anyone who knows about the Winter Soldier storyline knows just how good it is.

Following the events of The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier sees Steve Rogers continuing his work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) as his “man out of time” struggles continue. Things are confused even further when Winter Soldier, a new threat, arrives and is revealed to be more familiar than is first known. Yeah, everyone knows who it is, but it seems–especially with the mask change–Marvel is going to play the character’s identity as a reveal. The film hits theaters April 4, 2014. Before then, Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World drops the hammer on the box office November 8, 2013. Stick with Project Fandom to get all the up-to-date news on Marvel’s Phase 2.

Source: The Plain Dealer and Redditor PMdude

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