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Futurama Cancelled… Again…

Comedy Central announced today that it will not be renewing our beloved Futurama for another season, and the world collectively cried.



This is a sad day for all of us, but it’s not the end; it’s never the end! Was it the end when Fox shat the bed on airing the show? Was it the end when the Planet Express ship flew into the wild green yonder? Was it the end when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Of course not! This is just the beginning of another not ending.

There are a few options; first, Netflix (or Amazon, or Hulu, etc) could save the show. Personally, I think that would be fun on a bun, and Netflix is really the perfect fit. They’ve already saved Arrested Development (another Fox mistake), why not Zoidberg? Second, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen could start a Kickstarter campaign. Honestly, I like Veronica Mars, and their Kickstarter campaign proved that show has quite a devoted following… but Futurama would blow that campaign out of the water; the Futurama following would make Joe Carroll blush. I mean, seriously. You want to see $10 million come out of nowhere? Give Futurama fans a chance to save the show; that’s all we wanted for 4 long years. We tried everything short of seance (okay, that may have even happened once or seventeen times). The point: Futurama is scheduled to end, but it could be saved… again. If there’s one thing Futurama fans have, it’s hope; we’re 40% hope! When they ask, “Do you give up?”, We answer, “No I’m doesn’t!”

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