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Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience featuring Ramin Djawadi

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Three years in the making, composer Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones and Westworld) brings the music of Game of Thrones in this live concert experience.  The two-hour, twenty plus city tour is brought to you by HBO; it includes a full orchestra, accompanied by local choirs, and 6 additional regular performers, a vocalist cellist, violinist, two percussionists and ethnic flautist. The unique stage emulates the clockwork map and a key. There are practical elements from the show that appear throughout the concert: Star of the Seven, The House of Black and White, an Iron Throne along with some well-placed pyrotechnics. Some parts of the show lag a bit, as the images that accompany the songs being performed are not particularly enthralling. Handsome and charismatic, Ramin Djawadi shows hints of comedic timing as he adds a few jokes throughout the performance.

Game of Thrones Live Experience Dracarys

Game of Thrones is known for its acting and great storytelling as well as a score that brings the emotions to the surface. The visuals that accompany the sounds of our favorite program are projected on large screens across the unique three-part stage. But the powerful music emanating from the performers and studio quality sound is what truly immerses you in the world that we love. The music was exceptional and moving throughout, but the most entrancing performance is the Light of the Seven.

There was a tinge of tone –deafness during the performance of Mhysa. The vocalist leads the choir out on to the stage as they chant in unison. A choir made of predominantly black performers from the DC area dressed in similar colored slave garb as seen in the original “Mhysa” episode. As with several episodes featuring people of color (the Dothraki, the Meereenese etc..), Game of Thrones has been in the hot-seat for their portrayal of brown people primarily as slaves and rarely as those in power. I am hoping with performances in other cities the choirs aren’t always predominantly black and it may not come across quite as tone deaf in a city like Seattle, where the choir may be predominantly white.

Game of Thrones Live Experience Dracarys

There are lots of reviews out there that will tell you this is the greatest show of 2017, and it may well be, but I am here to tell  you that this show isn’t for everyone. You are sitting and watching a large screen; it is wonderful, but if you want any additional visual stimulation you aren’t getting much from the stage. And if you like your concerts with more Beyoncé than Sade, this is not the concert for you. A small downside for the show is there won’t be any guest appearances from the cast as they are currently filming season 7.

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For most shows the best seats are on the floor. In this instance, they might be the worst; the cheaper the seat, the better the experience. The lower priced seats in the 2, 3, and 400 level will give you the best views of this 360-stage experience. While chatting with a patron who purchased VIP tickets, he revealed it was nice to be close to the stage, but he had to crane his neck during a bulk of the performance. The three screens on the stage are positioned in such a way that you must look up.

Post-show merchandise is par for the course for a show like this: $15 for magnets, $20 for mugs or unsigned poster, $40 tees etc… The VIP passes come with a few extra special items:, “silver” GoT Stein,  a lanyard indicating your house (Stark or Lannister), 16×20 copy of the music from the opening theme signed by Ramin Djawadi, a collectors edition VIP ticket as well as a Q&A with Ramin Djawadi. VIP tickets must be bought in pairs and if you are solo, you might not get a photo op with Ramin. I was lucky enough to make a friend after the show that gifted me several items from his extra VIP package. Be jealous.

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For a concert experience that tells the tale of 6 seasons of television in a two-hour performance, Djawadi and his team did an outstanding job.  It is the perfect way to whet the appetites of ravenous Game of Thrones fans while we impatiently wait for season 7. Go with friends, family, and other people who enjoy the show as much as you do; you won’t regret it.

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