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Game of Thrones – S3E5 – Kissed By Fire

Previously on Game of Thrones “And Now His Watch Is Ended” 

For the Night is Dark

Thoros of Myr and The Brotherhood Without Banners pray before Beric Dondarrion’s fight with The Hound. When Beric pulls his sword of flames, The Hound backs up. He ain’t about that fire.

After a tense fight, The Hound kills Beric. Thoros rushes to pray over his dead body and Arya grabs a dagger and rushes The Hound. Gendry stops her as she screams for The Hound to burn in hell.

“He will, but not today.” Beric is alive! Everyone is shocked.

Later, The Brotherhood refuse to give The Hound back the gold they took from him, but they do send him on his way since he was found not guilty in the eyes of the Lord of Light.

Jon Snow Knows a Little Summin’ Summin’

Jon is questioned. He gives up the three towers along The Wall that are manned, telling the others that there are 1,000 men watching Castle Black. He has yet to prove himself to Ygritte who leads him to a cave. If he truly isn’t a crow anymore, he should have no problem breaking his chastity vow to The Night’s Watch. Once she strips down naked, Jon proves that he does know a little something… mainly, he knows about oral sex. Ygritte is pleased.

Give The Boy a Great Big Hand

Jaime and Brienne are brought to Harrenhall before Lord Bolton. He orders his men to dispose of Jaime’s hand and for Jaime to be given medical care. Brienne is released from her chains. Jaime is tended to by a maester who lost his chains after his “experiments” were deemed too extreme. Jaime refuses all offers of drugs before the rotted flesh is removed from his stump.

Tyrion Makes it Rain

Tyrion meets with Lady Olenna to discuss the upcoming wedding. It’s expensive and the crown can’t afford it. After she reminds him that the Tyrells have provided much men and provisions for the war, Lady Olenna agrees to pay for half of the wedding.

Queen of Thornes

Gendry Stays Behind

Arya is upset to learn that Gendry has decided to stay on with The Brotherhood instead of traveling with her to Robb. Gendry says The Brotherhood are like a family and he wants to belong to one. Arya says she could have been his family, but Gendry points out that Arya would always be His Lady.

Robb Betrayed – Karstark Pays the Iron Price

Karstark and a few of his men kill the two Lannister squires being held at Riverrun. Lord Karstark lost two sons to the war: one in battle alongside Robb and the other was strangled by Jaime Lannister when he was prisoner. Karstark taunts Robb saying that he doesn’t punish treason (See: Catelyn) and that he was entitled to his vengeance. Robb’s wife, mother, and uncle Edmure all advise Robb to spare Karstark’s life after he orders the men who helped him hanged. If Robb kills Lord Karstark, his men will abandon Robb in the war. Robb doesn’t listen, beheads Karstark, and that’s exactly what happens.

Dondarrion, The Man of Many Lives

Arya sits by the fire with Thoros and Beric. Thoros has brought Beric back to life six times. Beric explains that each time he comes back, he does so a little less whole. Arya wants to know if her father can be brought back, but Thoros tells her that he doesn’t think it works that way.

Stannis Has a Wife?

Stannis confesses to his wife (remember her??) that he has cheated on her with Melisandre. She’s okay with it and already knew. Whatever he does is in service of the one true God so that makes it fine. And just when you thought this scene couldn’t any crazier, she starts talking to her dead babies which are being kept in jars. Let me say that again: She has dead fetuses in jars. Then Stannis meets his daughter – yup, he has one of those, too – who has burns on half of her face. She asks about Davos, but Stannis tells her that Davos won’t be coming to visit since he’s a traitor, rotting in the dungeon.

Sexy Bath Time Confessions with Jaime Lannister

Brienne is taking a bath when Jaime comes in and joins her. At first he taunts her for failing to get him to King’s Landing in one piece and then for failing King Renly. Then he apologizes. He tells her about how the Mad King was obsessed with wildfire and had it placed all around the city during the war. When the war wasn’t going his way, Jaime urged the king to surrender, but he wouldn’t listen. He didn’t listen to Varys either. He listened to Maester Pycelle who urged the king to open the gates for Tywin Lannister’s men, who promptly sacked the city, choosing sides with Robert Baratheon. The king ordered Jaime to kill his father and burn the city. Jaime killed the king instead. Brienne wants to know why he never told anyone that. He didn’t betray the king. He saved the city. Jaime knew that no one – especially Ned Stark – would believe him.

When Jaime starts to pass out, Brienne catches him and calls for help for “The Kingslayer.”

“My name is Jaime,” he says.

Unsullied Have Names

Barristan Selmy and Ser Jorah disagree over whether or not Jorah will hurt Daenerys’ claim to the throne when they return home. Jorah tells him to stay in his lane.

Daenerys tells the Unsullied to pick a leader and throw away their slave names since they are free men. They choose Grey Worm, who chooses to keep his name.

Robb Makes a Plan

Without the Karstarks, Robb is weakened. He decides he will take Casterly Rock – something Tywin won’t expect – but to do that successfully he’ll need help from Lord Frey, the man he pissed off when he didn’t marry his daughter as promised.

Robb StarkRobb ponders his poor decisions

Littlefinger Makes a Move

Sansa and Margery discuss Sansa marrying Loras. Margery says she will make it so after her wedding. Loras beds a squire who runs back to Littlefinger and tells him of Loras’ plan to marry Sansa. When Littlefinger asks Sansa if she’s still interested in leaving with him, she says that it might be best for her safety and his if she stays. He knows then that she is hoping to marry Loras. He is seriously not happy.

The Newlywed Game

Tyrion meets with Tywin and is annoyed to find Cersei there. Tyrion wants to talk about how he saved the crown lots of money by getting the Tyrells to pay for half the wedding, but all Tywin wants to talk about is how the Tyrells are trying to stab them in the back by marrying off Sansa to Loras. He knows the Karstarks have abandoned Robb and figures it’s just a matter of time before they kill Robb. With Bran and Rickon dead (they think), and Arya presumed dead, Sansa is the only heir to Winterfell. Tywin has a new plan: Tyrion will marry Sansa. Tyrion refuses, but Twyin insists in that way that makes you realize not only do you not have a choice, you might want to shut the hell up, too. Cersei smirks, but Tywin has news for her, too. She will marry Loras. That will give them control of Highgarden. She is NOT about THAT life… again.

Cersei Lannister

But Tywin does that whole, “Yes, you will and you will shut the hell up and like it” speech and that’s the end of that.

No one pick that mic up. Tywin dropped it on purpose.

Tyrion Lannister

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

*Note: There was also a short scene in which Stannis’ daughter visits Davos in the dungeon and begins to teach him to read. 

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