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See All and Know All in Game of Thrones VR Experience

With anticipation for the sixth season of Game of Thrones mounting to unbelievable heights, the show’s official Facebook page released an extended animated version of their opening credits, refitted with a 360 degree view! First reported by EW, the video was a joint collaboration between HBO, VR company Oculus and Elastic, the FX firm responsible for the iconic opener. In the 360 view, one has full sight of all the wonders of Westeros along with their rivals across the Narrow Sea.

So have fun in pausing and dragging the camera across The Wall, The Iron Islands, Braavos and everywhere in between! Perhaps you’ll see a few easter eggs if you look in the right angle. After viewing this title sequence, even Jon Snow (RIP?) would know a little something. Don’t forget… in 10 days, winter is here!


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