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Geek In Review: Spider-Woman’s Ass

GIR Spider Woman Butt

This Geek In Review: 

  • 00:00 – Intro & John and Nina just had birthdays
  • 04:10 – 2014 ProFannys & 2014 Emmys
  • 08:00 – Norman Reedus stars as key character in the next Silent Hill game
  • 17:45 – Spider-Woman #1’s variant cover by Milo Manara stirs up controversy / sexualizing female comic book characters
  • 36:28 – What We’re Reading, including how much John spends on comic books / What We’re Watching: Black Jesus

Show Notes:

Norman Reedus in the Silent Hills playable trailer:

You can read Nina’s piece on the Spider-Woman cover here. 
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