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Geek Item of the Week – Ewok Scarf

It’s been winter here in Illinois for approximately 15 months (I may or may not be exaggerating; I can’t tell anymore) with no end in sight. As soon you think it’s gonna warm up, then bam! You go outside in the morning, and it’s -3 degrees again. I’ve spent most of these brutal days with no gloves and using a dish towel as a scarf. (I’m not poor; just cheap and lazy.) Besides, I don’t actually want to leave my home. I have to leave to go to work, so my employer should pay for this stuff, right? Well, they won’t of course. So it’s up to me. I found this scarf that will also serve as an earwarmer since I rarely ever remember to wear a hat when I go outside either.

Ewok Scarf

It’s an Ewok scarf! It’s handmade from acrylic yarn. It’ll sit snug on your head, with fuzzy little ears, and then wrap down around your neck. I’m all for clothes that multitask!

Check it out at AChainofEvents’ Etsy Store, where you can have it custom-made in whatever color you want for $35.

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