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Geek Item of the Week: The NeverEnding Story eReader Cover

Bastian NeverendingStory


Remember when Bastian Bux (The original one, not Jonathan Brandis or the kid from Free Willy. We’re going to pretend those never happened.) had to give the childlike princess a new name in order to save Fantasia? Well, now you can be with him all over again when it happens! When he hides from the boys in the bookstore. When he steals the book with the Auryn symbol on the cover. Just as you are sharing in his story, others could be sharing in yours… okay, I’m lying. None of this can happen. But nothing more really needs to be said about THIS!!!!



A replica of The NeverEnding Story for your NOOK, Kindle, and other assorted newfangled eReaders. I want it and I don’t even own, nor ever want to own, a NOOK. The cover is handcrafted from high quality leather and suede. It’s for sale on Etsy for $58.95. Since they’re custom made, it can take up to ten days to be shipped to you. But I’d say it’s well worth the wait.



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  1. THIS might just be the tipping point that makes me cave and go for an eReader. I have such a fear of book stores going the way of Tower Records everywhere but this…. this is NeverEnding awesome <3

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