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Geek Item of the Week: Tortoise Cleric Mini

This week’s Geek Item might be an odd choice. I’ve recently gotten into painting miniatures. I’m doing all the pieces from the Shadows Over Camelot board game, some figures for our current D&D campaign, and other random minis. While searching for some on eBay, I found this!

Tortoise Cleric Mini

OMG, I love turtles. If you don’t know this, then you don’t know me at all. Actually, they called it a tortoise, but I’m pretty certain that’s really a turtle. But anyway, I bought it before anything could stop me. Not that anyone would have tried, but still. It comes unpainted and unassembled, but they’re easy to put together with a little super glue, and I could probably do a fairly decent paint job. I saw it in a game store after I ordered it but before it arrived, and it’s smaller than I thought but still adorable. If you’re interested in minis, you can get this one, plus a ton of other animal minis, from Dark Sword Miniatures. There’s a frog jester, a raccoon thief, a guinea pig samurai, a mouse warrior, a beaver druid, an owl mage, and many-many-many more. I’m excited to have discovered this, and you should be excited for me.

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