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Geek Item of the Week – Valentine’s Day Gifts

So, you’re in love with a geek, eh? Well, we all know it’ll take more than a box of chocolates or a stuffed teddy bear to please one of us on Valentine’s Day. I’ve gathered together a few items for your consideration for your loved one.

And if you’re in love with someone who’s not a geek… well, I guess that’s one way to live your life, but I can’t help you.

Valentine’s Day Tribble

Geek Item of the Week | Valentine's Day Tribble

This pink tribble was featured in an episode of the animated Star Trek series. This particular tribble is equipped with a red-heart headband. As all tribbles must, it purrs and vibrates in respond to your touch or sound. Grab it on Think Geek, even if just for yourself before they’re gone.

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

Geek Item of the Week | Lightsaber candlestick

If you’re planning on cooking your sweetie a romantic dinner – or ordering Chinese like me and my beau are planning on doing – you’ll need a candle. Try this Lightsaber candlestick from Think Geek. It looks pretty cool.

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

Geek Item of the Week | 8-bit Flowers

Real flowers just wither and die, or get eaten by the cat, so why not get a flower that can live forever, such as this 8-bit bouquet. It can be hung, or stood on a desk, and it doesn’t need to be watered. I kind of want one myself. Grab one at Think Geek today.

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  1. My house would be burned down with the light saber candle holders. Between us and the children we would not be able to resist the force.

    I LOVE the 8bit flowers! I am pretty sure I need those.

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