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Geek Love: Wedding Cakes

Okay, so you’ve got the geek, you’ve sent out your save the dates and your invites. Next on the list of importance? The cake, of course! I had about 100 cupcakes at my wedding and went home with about 80 of them. The moral of this story: People don’t care much about sweets or the fact that you spent money on food for them. But no worries. This is YOUR day. Have the cake you want. Just expect it to still be there later. If that’s the case, you might as well have an awesome cake to show off your geek interests.


Wedding Cake Daleks

Photo credit: Reddit

I can’t say I care much for the cake itself, but those Dalek toppers are awesome.


Wedding Cake TMNT

Photo credit: cakecabanabybana

Um, yes. I’ll take this cake right now. I’ll even plan a second wedding reception just to have it.


Wedding Cake Hobbit

When Geeks Wed

I’d have a THIRD wedding reception just to have this Hobbit inspired cake.


Wedding Cake Ghostbusters

Why am I just sitting here when a cake like this exists? Is it because there is no cake, only Zuul? Also, I would never eat this cake. I’d preserve it for all time.


Wedding Cake Super Mario Bros

Photo credit: Flickr

There are approximately 3,000 different Super Mario Bros cakes you can find on the internet. This is my favorite.


Wedding Cake Batman

Photo credit: Cakes by Aloma

Half Batman, half bride. Wedding cake in disguise!


Wedding Cake Legend of Zelda


Not a big Legend fan myself, but this cake is pretty amazing.


Wedding Cake Nightmare on Elm Street

I didn’t mean to include this, but I accidentally googled “Nightmare on Elm Street” when I meant to google “Nightmare before Christmas” and stumbled upon this. I’m not sure how you’d pull off a Freddy Krueger themed wedding, but this cake is pretty awesome.


Wedding Cake Harry Potter

Photo credit: Rosebud Cakes

And of course, none of my collections are complete without something Harry Potter related. I have a problem. But I can quit anytime I want. I’m not sure where you’d even begin eating this cake. I’m not sure I’d ever even want to cut it. But it’s beautiful.

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