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8 Save the Date Cards Perfect For a Geek Wedding

I’ve been neglecting Geek Love, but now that I’m planning my own wedding, I’m inspired to get back in and pick up where I left off.

So you’ve got the girl/boy, you’ve got the ring, and you’ve got the pictures to prove it’s all real. What’s next? Besides needing a shitload of money, I mean. Save the dates! Even though I think save the dates are kind of stupid and you should just send the invitation instead (unless people need to plan to travel, I suppose), I’ve bowed to social construct and gathered these 8 awesome save the date cards.


D20 Save the Date

For the gamers, we’ve got this D20 Save the Date. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s neat if you’re big on dice. It’s simple enough that you could remake it yourself, but you could also purchase it.

Future Save the Date

Geekvites has this awesome Back to The Future Save the Dates for purchase. They’re a little pricey but they’re great if you’ve got the money to spare for them.

HP Save the Date

Also, available on Geekvites, a Harry Potter Save the Date. It looks somewhat like the Maruader’s Map. I love it.

Comic Cover Save the Date

A user at Cheezeburger uploaded this image of a comic cover. It’s the best comic Save the Date I’ve seen. It’s loaded with geek references. My Little Pony, Star Wars, and… I don’t know what else. But lots of things.


Mario Save the Date If you grew up with Super Mario Brothers, you might appreciate this card.

 HP Decree Save the Date

And another Harry Potter card! And education decree for everyone to save the date. I’m not sure where this can be purchased but all you need is an image of a decree from the movie and some Photoshop skills to make it yourself. Why didn’t I do this?!

Game of Thrones Save the Date

You Game of Thrones fans might want to declare your intent to marry with these nifty Game of Thrones save the dates. I even love them and I’m not a GoT fan.

Comic Book Style Save the Date

I really love this comic style save the date. I might even like it better than the Harry Potter ones… don’t tell Harry Potter I said that.

Bookmark Save the Date

If you’re a big book reader, you might enjoy these bookmark save the dates. I think I actually like these better than both the Harry Potter and the comic style ones. I love to read and I love bookmarks.

Doctor Who Save the Date

And no geek list is complete without something Doctor Who related. This TARDIS poem save the date is the best of the Who cards I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

There are of course endless amounts of save the dates all over the internet, for any theme and any interest. This list could have gone on forever and ever and ever. These were just some of my favorites.

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