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Review: Gotham Academy #6

Previously in Gotham Academy #5

Gotham Academy #6 Cover

While this issue wrapped up the series’ first arc and answered some questions, it left us with a few more. And that’s okay because it was fantastic.

When we last saw Olive and friends, they were in the North Hall meeting with the escaped Arkham inmate, Killer Croc, when Batman interrupted. As the two fight, Olive’s friends take off, but she stands transfixed. This girl is not here for Batman at all. 

With the cops outside, Croc is surrounded. Olive uses her mind to ignite a bunch of fireworks in Heathcliff’s bag. Did we know she can do that? In the confusion, Croc gets away with Olive after saving her from an explosion.

Olive Escapes

This arc comes to a satisfying end, leaving plenty of questions to be answered when the series returns in June.

Alone with Olive, Croc explains her mother could be scary, but she always loved Olive and she helped him a lot when the Asylum didn’t have her hopped up on meds. The two part ways with Olive promising she’ll find him if she’s ever in trouble.

Back at the dorms, Batman approaches Olive on the rooftop. He wants the diary, but she lies and says it blew up with the fireworks. She wants nothing to do with him as he’s tied to whatever put her mother in Arkham Asylum, which he insists was the best place for her.

The next day, Pomeline and Olive give their report on Millie Jane Cobblepot, but have to leave out all the juicy details they suspect, like MJ probably isn’t buried in her grave.

The fancy lunch menu is back! On this day, it’s an all-you-can-eat pizza bar, which means Maps is too busy eating to really chat. Kyle sits at their table and tells Olive he knows it was her in the North Hall and he wants to help. Maps figures out the mysterious symbol they’ve been seeing is two inverted As for Arkham Asylum.

The group decides they’ll work together to figure out what it all means.

Pizza Club

Meanwhile, a mysterious dark-haired boy is stealing the diary from Olive’s room and he uses some interesting gadgets to make his escape. He heads to the Headmaster’s office where his father is waiting for him to take the diary. And then the Headmaster welcomes the boy, young master Damian Wayne, to Gotham Academy.

Oh. Shit.

Damian Wayne

Score | 9.5/10Overall Thoughts & Questions:
  • So, we still don’t know all the details surrounding Olive’s mother, the Asylum, and Batman’s involvement, but that’s cool because I’m sure Damian Wayne’s arrival will keep that story going. Also, Olive is seeing visions of her mother in the halls of the school. Yeah, this story isn’t over.
  • Love, love, love Detective Club or Pizza Club. Not sure what to expect with Kyle being in the know since we never really got to know him in these past six issues.
  • Oh, Maps. Someone give this girl her own series already!
  • June! Why do we have to wait until June?
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