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Review: Gotham Academy #3

Previously in Gotham Academy #2

Gotham Academy #3 Cover

A lot went down after Olive busted in on Pomeline and her crazy friends in the cemetery. In a nutshell:

  • Pomeline is part of a secret society called The Order of the Bat. Olive calls it a bat cult.
  • Pomeline’s might-be cult were trying to raise the spirit of Milile Jane Cobblepot, but because of Olive’s interruption, the spirt is now roaming the school and scaring the hell out of people.
  • Because the girls can’t find any connection between MJ and North Hall, they’re convinced there’s something else really haunting the sealed off hall. They decide to break in and figure out what it is.

I like the uneasy alliance between Olive and Pomeline. Through Pomeline’s interactions with Heathcliff, we see she’s not completely awful. Because Olive doesn’t know how to talk to her boyfriend either, the two have a lot more in common than they know. Pomeline even apologizes for dragging Olive’s mother into their beef, and admits to not really knowing what happened with Olive’s mom.

Olive does finally speak with Kyle, and it’s then that we learn her mother went insane and was hospitalized. There was an accident and the hospital collapsed, leaving Olive’s mother in a coma. Damn. Kyle is fine with Olive breaking his heart, but he doesn’t want Maps hurt.

Gotham Academy #3 Maps

Speaking of Maps, she’s thrilled to be brought into the action as she enlists Colton to join her, Pomeline, and Olive as they break into The North Hall. Upon entry, they find a giant hole in the floor. Next to the hole, the same symbol carved on MJ Cobblepot’s gravestone. When Pomeline accidentally drops her phone into the hole, Olive bravely reaches for it.

Unfortunately, something reaches up and grabs her.

Gotham Academy #4 Final Frame

  • I want to know about this Order of the Bat. From the cover, I thought Olive took issue with Batman.
  • Olive felt like she’d been in The North Hall before and she wasn’t alone. Is this tied to her mother going crazy?
  • The mysterious guy (demon?) is back. This time, Olive spots him in the courtyard while she and Maps are on a balcony. As she spies him through binoculars, she wonders aloud what he’s reading and he holds up the book as if he could hear her.

Gotham Academy #3 Mystery Guy

  • Score | 6.5/10Maps is still a highlight for me. Right now, she’s keeping me invested along with the mystery guy who may or may not be a vampire.
  • No cafeteria menus this issue. I missed that.
  • The school seems to know exactly what’s going on with The North Hall. I wonder if they’re containing something there.
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