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Gotham – S1E10 – LoveCraft

Previously, on Gotham: “Harvey Dent

Synopsis: Bruce and Selina are on the run, as a group of unknown assailants break into Wayne Manor and attack Alfred and the kids. Selina and Bruce begin a perilous journey through Gotham in an attempt to evade the attackers. Alfred and Bullock search the city, which leads to Mooney’s place while Gordon looks for Dick LoveCraft after a tip from Harvey Dent. Oh, and be aware that there is a lot of yelling in this episode… a lot!

Gotham | LoveCraft


The Bat and the Cat go on an Adventure:
  • We begin with a lone woman, Larissa Diaz (Lesley-Ann Brandt), in a leather outfit walking around Wayne Manor. Women in black leather body suits are always a dead giveaway that they are not in distress but are rather all about causing the distress to someone else. A gardener comes up to ask if she is lost. The strange lady says “no” and proceeds to cause distress on the gardener. Then she has one of her partners “open up” the gardener so she can have some red face paint.
  • Selina gives Bruce a tutorial on balancing on stair banisters. Who knew that Catwoman helped train a young Batman? Then she gets creepy again and asks Bruce if he wants to kiss her. Not playing hard to get there, Ms. Kyle. The doorbell rings, and the mystery woman is now playing a damsel in distress as she tells Alfred that her car ran off the road and requests to come in to call for help. Well, now we know why she needed the gardener’s blood; it completed her costume. Alfred lets her in. When she sees Bruce and Selina, her demeanor quickly changes into someone Alfred does not want in the house. He proceeds to tell the kids to run, as he hits the woman in the face! The kids run and manage to get out of the house, as Alfred does his best 007 impersonation.
  • Gordon and Bullock interview Alfred about the attackers. Well, if you want to call it an interview. I call it a lot of yelling by a bunch of grown-ass men. They split up, with Gordon going to find LoveCraft and Bullock and Alfred go to beat the streets.
  • Selina and Bruce roam around the city. Selina attempts to ditch Bruce, but he was not having that and follows her as she jumps from rooftop to rooftop. She agrees to let him come with her (to be “smoke”), and they attempt to disappear into the city. They wind up at a place called The Flea, where street kids go to hang out. After Selina plays dress up with her new boy doll, they run across a familiar green face, Ivy Pepper AKA Poison Ivy. This was totally fan service because it had nothing to do with the plot at all. All it did was showcase bad child acting.
  • Selina and Bruce make their way to a fencer she used to work with named Clyde. She attempts to sell him some items she acquired from Wayne Manor but is instead taken by Clyde’s men to be given to our friendly band of attackers. The two try to escape, as Bullock, Alfred, and Gordon show up. A gunfight ensues. Bruce is captured by Diaz, and she threatens to kill him unless he tells her where his girlfriend is. Bruce refuses, and Diaz decides to let him live but leaves him with some words of advice, “never mistake bravery for good sense.”
Who is Mr. LoveCraft:
  • Gordon confronts Dent about how anyone would know about Selina being at Wayne Manor. Dent confesses to having informed a select number of sources that Gordon was investigating the Wayne murders, which would lead people to Selina if they looked hard enough. Dent informed Gordon that LoveCraft keeps a condo downtown, and he might be held up there.
  • Gordon finds LoveCraft hiding in his condo. He tells Gordon that he was not the one who put out the hit out on Selina, but it was the real people who run Gotham City. As LoveCraft attempts to show Gordon evidence to prove his case, the Wayne Manor attackers come looking for LoveCraft. As Gordon attempts to fight them off, he gets the sleeper hold put on him and falls asleep, as our mystery woman awkwardly talks dirty to him. Gordon wakes up to find LoveCraft with a GSW to the head, oh no—with his gun.

Gotham | LoveCraft

Mr. Subtle and Mr. Apparent:
  • Bullock and Alfred go and interview an acquaintance of Selina to attempt to gauge were she might have gone. Bullock wants to hit him with a phone book, but Alfred just shows him the Benjamins, and he points them in the direction of Fish Mooney.
  • Bullock and Alfred go to Mooney’s, and Alfred threatens Butch in order to see Mooney. Before things can get interesting, Mooney shows up and asks why they are there. Bullock asks for Mooney’s help, which she declines. Alfred then proceeds to sweet talk her, using words like “honor” and “compassion,” which I am sure she has never heard associated with her and offers to make some calls. Mooney’s contacts point Bullock and Alfred in the direction of a fencer named Clyde.

Gotham | LoveCraft

Wasn’t Me:
  • We find Oswald with a black bag over his head and Falcone standing over him. He asks Oswald how Maroni knew about his money stored at the armory (see Episode 1.9). Oswald, of course, is clueless but says that Maroni had nothing to do with the robbery. Oswald does attempt to point the finger at Mooney, which Falcone finds predictable. Falcone gives Oswald a chance to make things right and find out how robbed him.
  • Mooney is at Falcone’s, as he kills members of his family at the dinner table. He explains that he will find out who betrayed him and that he will be raising the family tax, so that they can build up his… I mean “their” money, as a group. No one is happy, and Mooney might be able to use this disgruntled crew to turn against Falcone.
Wrapping Up:
  • Gordon and Dent get scolded by Mayor James about the LoveCraft shooting, and as a result, Gordon gets to be the patsy. Dent knows were the edge is and is left alone. Gordon is labeled an overzealous cop and is demoted to working guard duty for “criminal nut jobs” at Arkham A
  • Selina pays a visit to Wayne Manor to see Bruce. She brings him back the items she procured because she wanted to keep things honest between them. She did keep one item, and as Bruce looks down to get a better look at it, she kisses him. Alfred comes into the room as Selina sneaks back out of a window.
  • The show ends with ominous music and Gordon walking into Arkham Asylum, beginning the next chapter in Gotham.
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