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Gotham – S1E13 – Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Previously on Gotham, ‘What the Little Bird Told Him’


When the key witness in a homicide ends up dead while being held for questioning by the police, Gordon suspects that it’s an inside job and looks to an old friend for information. Gordon’s return to the police force promised twists and turns, but the depths to which our valiant detective sunk in the name of justice is shocking.


Death, Drugs and the Mob:

  • Gordon and Bullock are called to a crime scene in which the narcotics unit has special interest, in particular a certain Detective Arnold Flass (Dash Mihok). Gordon being his usual detailed and nosy self finds a hidden compartment in the victim’s shoe heel where little blue packets of drugs were hidden.
  • Gordon and Bullock are told there is a witness to the murder named Mr. Winkler (Willie Carpenter). He seems reluctant at first, but agrees to come down to the station to work with a sketch artist to identify the murderer.
  • While Winkler is waiting for the sketch artist he is stabbed in the back with an ice pick by an unknown perpetrator.

Dead Witness

  • Gordon, angered at the fact that his witness has been murdered, starts to question the “thin blue line” with no success. He asks Bullock for help and he reluctantly gives him the name of a guy who points to another guy named Detective Derek Delaware (Niko Nicotera). Gordon finds Delaware attempting to leave the station. Gordon puts a stop to that and attempts to arrest him.
  • Captain Essen stops the arrest of Delaware and tells Gordon and Bullock that they are off the case. IA will be running the case from here on out. She explains to Gordon that the Commissioner wants IA running the case and that Delaware is involved in an ongoing drug investigation in which Flass is the lead investigator.
  • Bullock tells Gordon that some of the drug stash houses around the city are run by cops. He then proceeds to tell him to back off; all it will do is cause more trouble for him. Now we all know Jim Gordon is not about that life and letting things go is not going to happen. So they hit a drug stash house that has already been cleaned out by Delaware, who waves a freshly signed warrant to seize all items form the premises. Too late, Jimbo.
  • Back at GCPD, Winkler’s murder is ruled a suicide which is strange since the guy was stabbed in the back!
  • Frustrated, Gordon goes to a place I don’t think he ever thought he would go. He asks Penguin for help, and he quickly offers him anything he needs. Gordon specifically says that no one is to be hurt. Riiight!
  • Oswald’s goon finds Delaware and with the use of some extra ordinary interrogation techniques involving his wife in a bathtub, he is able to get the name of the murderer and the murder weapon.
  • Gordon is given a box with the murder weapon and the name of the man who killed Winkler: Flass! Did not see that coming did we? Gordon then confronts Flass, and after a speech to onlooking cops about duty and honor Captain Essen moves through the crowd and puts Flass under arrest. Well done, but at what cost to Gordon?

Real Loyalty:

  • Now we find Fish Mooney being wheeled into a warehouse where she meets a guy named Bob (Michael Eklund), Hi, Bob! Bob will be making life difficult for Mooney for awhile.
  • Meanwhile, Butch is being transported in a van to places unknown, but manages to escape. Before he leaves, he questions one of his captors. And the question of the day is: Where is Fish?
  • Bob is “tickling” Mooney in awful ways when Butch comes to her rescue. And after busting her out she has one thing on her mind: kill Penguin!
  • Fish and ButchZsasz and his girls find Bob all busted up and asking for help. You know Bob is asking the wrong person there. Bye, Bob!
  • Thrilled that all is right with the world, Oswald starts to drink, and drink, and drink. Fun times! But the party is stopped as Mooney enters the room.
  • So we have Penguin kissing Fish’s feet literally asking for forgiveness when Zsasz and his ladies come into the room. Fish escapes but Butch is captured helping her get to safety. Now Butch gets to be a play thing for Zsasz and his girls.

All Lies!:

  • Bruce is looking for Selina on the streets of Gotham. He runs into Ivy, who for $20, offers to get a message to Selina telling her that he has been looking for her.
  • Selina visits Bruce, who gives her a present. It’s a snow globe. She is excited until Bruce offers her a place to stay with him in his big warm house. She takes it as a slight and tells him that he needs to back off, and she gives him back the snow globe. Guess she has issues with living in big opulent mansions. Well, we know that it’s really about her attachment issues and she pushes anyone away who might want to get close to her.
  • She decides to tell him that she wants nothing more to do with him and to make matters worse, she says she lied about seeing who killed his parents.
  • Later, Bruce is upset and sitting over a broken snow globe. Alfred asks if he was going to continue to mope or should he get the broom. Bruce picks himself up and tells him to get the broom.

Selina and the Snow Globe

Wrapping Up:

  • At the end of the episode, Bullock sends Fish off with a kiss and tells her never to come back. Mooney tells him not only will she be back, she will be looking for blood.
  • Also, Delaware pleads with Gordon to keep his family out of all of the cop murdering business. Sounds like Penguin did not follow through with the no one gets hurt request from Gordon. This new arrangement between Gordon and Oswald cannot end well for Gordon. The look in Gordon’s eye seems like he sold a little bit of himself to the devil which is never a good thing.

Gordon and Penguin

  • Nygma is still attempting to get Ms. Kringle to notice him. He gives her a card with a poem in it. She at first was nauseated, which is her usual response, but after reading the card, she thought the card was “thoughtful.” She was also apologetic for another GCPD employee finding the card and reading it to other people and making fun of Nygma. He is happy as he surgically removes the onions from his take out but before he can make a comment, Ms. Kringle tells him not to speak as she makes a quick exit from his office. So, you are saying there is a chance?

This was another very good episode. Among the highlights, the show runners allowing for Mooney’s exile. I applaud Gotham’s decision to force Fish to deal with real consequences for her actions against Falcone rather than rush through a hurried “punishment” before returning to the overacting which she does so well. The other nice item in the show also included Fish. The relationship between Butch and Mooney is great. You don’t really know where the loyalty comes from, but for some reason Butch loves his Fish and she really appreciates all that her Butch does for her.

Keep it up, Gotham!


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