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Gotham – S1E17 – Red Hood

Previously on Gotham, ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’


Following several bank robberies, Gordon and Bullock investigate the new gang calling themselves the Red Hood gang. Selina Kyle continues to bond with Barbara, kind of, and Fish Mooney tries to reclaim her position in the underworld but loses something in the end.

The Red Hood is Born…Ha Ha Ha!
  • The Gotham Bank gets robbed by a very flamboyant man in a red hood, whose real name is Gus Floyd (Michael Goldsmith). One half blind guard attempts to take out the hooded man but pulled all six of his shots to everyone’s disbelief, including the hood. As the real cops close in, the red hood makes it rain with the bank’s money to help them escape.
  • Bullock and Gordon interview some bank employees about the robbers. One of the employees thought the man in the red hood was nice by giving some of the money back to the people. She called him Robin Hood.
  • Gordon and Bullock review surveillance video and find that the robbers cased and tested the security of the bank a week prior. One of the robbers was wearing a shirt with the logo “Kleg’s Auto.”
  • At “Kleg’s Auto,” the crew is counting their money and arguing about if the hood is good luck or not. One of the men, Destro (Jonny Coyne), gets tired of hearing Gus go on and on about whoever wears the hood should lead the “Red Hood Gang” and shoots him. But after taking the hood away from dead Gus, he decides the hood is a good idea!
  • Gordon and Bullock show up at Kleg’s Auto and find Gus’ body in the refrigerator. Bullock surmises that the Red Hood Gang is no more but wait, isn’t that the red hood taking down another bank? He is not as flashy as the previous hood but looks like the patrons are still expecting a little bit more of that bank money. So, lets make it rain!
  • An eye witness shows up and is willing to identify the man in the hood… if they dismiss some parking tickets.
  • Bullock and Gordon discover a person of intrest through Gus’ known associates. They pull in Destro and put him in a lineup of tall skinny guys to show to their witness. I wonder how legal that is? But instead of arresting Destro, they decide to let him go and let him lead them to the entire gang.
  • Destro goes back home from a night of drinking and finds one of the gang members looking for the hood. He needs it to impress his girlfriend and he is willing to kill to get it. He shoots Destro and takes the hood. As Bullock and Gordon come in and question the wounded former hood, they find out that he is a baker, yes you heard me right he bakes bread, and the robberies were due to him being rejected for business loans.
  • And then there were three! The gang is about to hit its last bank. But just as they were about to go a robbing, GCPD comes rolling up. Guns start blazing and the last three are getting shot as the bullets blow past the guy wearing the hood. Then as he thinks he is invincible, he gets a bullet in the gut. Guess he is not super powered after all.
  • After the shoot out, Gordon gets a call which has him rushing to a hospital for some unknown reason. Wonder what that is all about?


Old Faces
  • Alfred gets a visit from an old friend, Reginald “Reggie” Paine (David O’Hara). Reggie is down on his luck and decided to look Alfred up to see if he could help him. He tells Alfred his story as Bruce comes in and invites him to stay a few days.
  • Reggie decides he can help Bruce with his fighting and becomes his human punching bag. Was it me or did it seem like Reggie kind of enjoyed getting hit in the face? Alfred was not too keen on Bruce veering from their fighting curriculum and asks Bruce to hit the showers. Alfred then tells Reggie that he is a better person for knowing Bruce and that they need to keep the past in the past.

Alfred and Reggie

  • Bruce bonds with the old guys with a bottle of wine… or two. War stories ensue. Bad memories creep into the conversation as Alfred and Reggie exchange looks. Seems like both men are having a hard time dealing with what seems to be many faces they have killed in their pasts.
  • Alfred catches Reggie robbing the Wayne’s and gets stabbed by his old friend.
  • Gordon arrives at the hospital to a crying Bruce. Alfred is alive, but looks to be in bad shape.
  • We see Reggie briefing the Wayne Enterprises board. Guess his visit was an information operation, with him briefing the board on Bruce’s investigation. Reggie tells the board that now is the time to move against Bruce right before he gets paid.
Fish Parts for Sale
  • Fish is being taken upstairs to see the person who runs the prison. Upstairs seems to look a lot like a mental institution. This is a stark difference between this and  downstairs where it literally looks like they are in a cave. She is shown to a room were a man tells her to sit down.
  • Fish asks the man behind the desk if he owns the facility. He says he runs the facility but that the “Doctor” owns it. Fish decides she does not like talking to individuals not at the top and begins to leave but is stopped when he tells her the Doctor has expressly authorized him to see to her demands. And the first one is the Doctor’s name…Dr. Dulmacher (Colm Feore) (or The Dollmaker). He then tells her to go freshen up in his private bathroom and then they can talk further.
  • Fish is all nice and clean but the talk does not go as she had hoped. They decide to sell her eyes and put her back in the basement. Fish has other ideas as she grabs a spoon and ruins a perfectly nice pair of brown/green eyes. I must say… I did not SEE that one coming.

Fish Takes Her Eye

Wrapping Up:
  • Penguin is having some issues with his alcohol supply. Seems Maroni is in charge of that and he does not like Oswald all that much. So Butch is going to try to educate Penguin.
  • Penguin then gets schooled again when Butch uses a more tempered approach to acquiring liquor for the club instead of Oswald’s way of guns blazing.  As the liquor comes in they toast to of all people Fish. “Maybe it is not our friends, but our enemies who define us?”

Penguin and Butch

  • Barbara starts to warm up to the girls, Ivy and Selina, and wants to play dress up.
  • Guess the GCPD believes in leaving evidence unsecured because a kid sees the red hood on the ground and he puts it on with finger guns blazing.
  • Again, another good episode. It had some surprises like Fish taking out her own eye and stomping on it and Reggie being a Wayne Enterprises operative. Also, the undertones of the future leader of the Red Hood Gang were a wink to the comic fans, especially since they introduced the character last week.

Barbara and Selina

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