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Gotham – S1E18 – Everyone Has a Cobblepot

Previously on Gotham, Red Hood

Gordon seeks information on Commissioner Loeb. Fish’s allegiance to the prisoners is in question. Bruce is left dealing with the aftermath of Alfred’s attack.  

Alfred Takes a Time Out:

Bruce and Alfred tell Gordon a little white lie as to who attacked Alfred. Alfred tries to make a break for it so he can find out why his best mate stabbed him. Unfortunately, his wounds will not allow that and neither will Bruce.

Selina comes to say hi and that she’s sorry about everything, which makes Bruce happy. She tries to convince him to not continue to look into the Wayne Enterprise connection and Alfred’s stabbing but Bruce isn’t one to let things go. So she offers to help, but he says he cannot risk anyone else getting hurt. She says he knows where to find her. We all know there will be another Bruce/Selina chase scene at some point, right?

Dr. Dulmacher, I Presume:

Fish wakes up and finds Dr. Dulmacher over her bed. She talks about friendship and wanting to be his right hand girl (Ewww – for all you perverts out there). He does not want to talk about that right now but would rather she eat. Oh, and he replaced her eye with another one and it’s blue.

Fish Mooney with Blue eye

Fish makes a deal with Dulmacher after being educated on how many body parts make you… you? He makes her an offer in which she will go back down to the basement and supply him with fresh body parts and if she does not… he plays Dr. Frankenstein with her body. Like he does with his previous assistant, looking like the creepy doll in Toy Story.

Fish returns to the tunnels and explains the terms of the agreement, and gives the Dr. a few prisoners as they agreed. Sorry, Fish’s prisoner friend.

Fish meets with Dulmacher again. He is pleased with her performance and welcomes her to upper management. She also gets an office with a view… a snow-covered island view in the middle of nowhere.

The Dollmaker

Commissioner is a Crook:

Arnold Flass is out! And he is now being backed by Commissioner Loeb for a major position in the GCPD. As he said, he is the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Gordon goes to visit the commissioner  – or more like confront him – about how Flass is a crook and murderer. The commissioner shows him some new information concerning Flass’ release: Bullock on tape saying he falsified evidence against Flass. Seems Loeb has a file on Bullock, which indicated he killed a mobster.

Bullock explains to Gordon that Commissioner Loeb has information on everyone one. So going after him would be suicide.

Gordon and Dent meet at a diner to make war plans for taking down Loeb. Dent introduces Gordon to Loeb’s old partner, Charley Griggs (Michael J. Burg), who points them in the direction of Xi Lu (Perry Yung), a Chinese bookie who keeps secrets. He also tells a story about Loeb killing his wife.

Gordon and Dent

Gordon and Dent find the Chinese bookie, who sends his knife-welding accountants to attack them. As they try to escape Bullock rides up and saves the day.

Gordon and Bullock question Griggs again, more convincingly this time. He points to a Falcone/Loeb partnership. Bullock thinks they are at dead-end, but Gordon has a plan… Penguin.

Penguin says he will help, but wants a favor, no questions asked. So, for five minutes with Yung’s super secret information files and a favor from Gordon, Penguin will help. Road trip!

Gordon and friends drive up to a large home and the old couple that lives there, Marge (Becky Ann Baker) and Jude (Dan Ziskie), greet them. Gordon and Bullock identify themselves as police working for Falcone and Loeb, Penguin says he is undercover. Marge wants to give the boys some cake; it is to die for… literally. Marge and Jude start shooting at the boys. Guess they don’t believe Penguin is undercover police. Gordon, Bullock, and Penguin subdue them and go hunting for whatever is in the house. As they search the attic, they find a women twirling around. It is Miriam Loeb (Nicholle Tom), Commissioner Loeb’s daughter! She does not seem to be all there upstairs.

Loebs Daughter

Gordon and Bullock question Miriam about her father. The questions turn to her hobby of killing little birds by crushing their skulls… they go crunch. Come to find out, she was the one who killed her mother with the candlestick in the hallway. And as they bring Miriam downstairs, Marge and Jude get away from Penguin, which was convenient.

Gordon goes back to Commissioner Loeb’s office with leverage. Gordon gets Loeb’s backing for president of the GCPD police association and Bullock’s murder file. Gordon gives Bullock his file and Bullock warns Gordon that Penguin will come knocking for his favor at some point.

Seems Penguin really did let Marge and Jude go, but only to kill them himself. Well, maybe not both of them. Marge kills Jude first not caring about the blissful 20 years they spent together, and thinking it would save her. But Penguin had other plans and kills Marge with the same gun she tried to kill him with at her house.

GOTHAM:  Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor, R) finds himself in a dangerous situation in the "Everyone Has A Cobblepot" episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, March 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  Also pictured:  guest star Becky Ann Baker, L.  ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Jessica Miglio/FOX

Wrapping Up:
  • Nygma finally gets what he thinks is an opening with Ms. Kringle, but she already has a new man. Nygma is not all that happy.
  • This episode was middle of the road for me. The Fish story is far-fetched and not remotely believable. This is a show about a make-believe city and Batman (or almost Batman) so I need to let that go I guess. Bruce and Alfred’s storyline went nowhere, but the Gordon, Bullock, Dent and Penguin road show was entertaining enough. With only 4 episodes left, I hope the show ends the season on a high note because if this in an indicator of what is to come, I will not be all that excited for next season.
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